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What Does God Say About Marriage & Divorce?

what does God say about divorce

So we are going to talk about this sometime and today I guess it is. With the alarming rate of divorce all over the world, and Nigeria joining in the game, it is high time we paid attention to this topic.

Societal wise, it is okay to be unhappy in a marriage and walk out anytime you want, but looking at this very closely, do we think our unhappiness worth the after effects of a divorce?

The world highest divorce rate isn’t found in the US but in Europe with Belgium have the highest rate of divorce rate at a staggering rate of 70% and US at 53%. There is freedom of everything and your life is wholly your own, they say.

So many even go from marriage to marriage, claiming to be looking for love, but can’t we get this right the very first time? Don’t everything and everyone have their downsides? As a believer, what does your Quran or Bible says?

Taking the bible for an example, Moses allowed it in the time of old because of the hardness of their hearts (Deuteronomy 24:1-4), can we now say the hearts of men is being hardened the more now or what, because the rate is definitely more alarming than ever before?

Marriage should be a lifetime relationship that should not be severed by men’s action. There are grounds where we can actually know what we are getting ourselves into – all that happens during the time of courtship should not be discarded but attention must be paid to them. There is this common saying – love with your head and not with your heart. If you are been intimidated during courtship, pushed around, disrespected, would you expect anything else in marriage. Some claim to be blinded by love, love I doubt is blind. The poverty rate in the country doesn’t make things any better, everyone is after what to eat, how to survive, and they hence do whatever it takes to have this good life even if it means hell for them.

The big picture here isn’t to stay put when everything is gone, the issue is how did you get yourself into it and how can you work around it? It is not about just you two, it is much more, much more than you can imagine, affecting more than your immediate family members but even the economy.

What does the bible say about divorce and marriage?

Malachi 2:6, God emphatically says “I hate divorce”. Matthew 19:6 made us believe they are no longer two but one. We said our vows on our wedding days, do we think there won’t be life challenges to question the vows or our stands, there would definitely be.

But the question is, should an abused married person persist even after trying all they can to make it work?


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    March 27, 2020 at 9:13 am

    Really satified with these words of encouragement. God bless your efforts as you build and seal the cracks in many homes. More Greeze to your elbow.

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