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You cannot under estimate the joy associated with falling in love, getting married and living happy. The emotions could sky rocket beyond means which most times lead to the lovebirds wanting to show the world their new found love.

In most cases, lovers intending to be married and even married couples tend to display their feelings of affections on all places possible especially the social media. This has in recent times, lead to the astronomical rise in the use of social media apps like Facebook, twitter and Instagram around the world.

It is also important to note that businesses tend to take advantage of the social media for advertisement and customers engagement. This do not ignore the fact that social media is really a tool for all and sundry to be alive online, disseminate information and to foster relations with other users.

The increased use of the social media app had had positives influences on individuals, corporations, multinationals, small and medium scale businesses. So as we had positive influences there we also have negative impacts as well.

In recent times however, users no longer care anymore about what is really ethics in the use of social media that just anything goes. People display wealth, affluence and all sorts of ‘what not’ on social media ignoring the danger or impacts they may cause.

An individual may display wealth on social media, married people may display pictures, (those that are meant to be displayed and those not meant to). It has even gotten to the extent that relationships and family issues meant to be kept within the confines of the homes are now being settled on social media. This step by most people has lead to a lot of broken marriages and spotting undue limelight of what is meant to kept in confinement.

DeedeesLifestyle decided on MayDay to go to church and listen to the voice of reason. This led us to the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Youth Church AlagoMeji, Yaba where we spoke to the Youth Pastor of the church, Pastor Dare young and trendy individuals who opined from their perspective… See excerpts below:

Femi Akinwumi, a young and upcoming comedian known as McGoodnews shared his thoughts with deedeesblog:

It has not been easy oh, social media has actually broken relationships than build, because you see a married woman post half naked pictures on social media, if i’m her husband. I won’t like it at all.

Social media is a platform for you to showcase your business, but for relationships exposing certain aspects is not good for the social media.

There are some secretive things that you do not need to display on social media. You need to be wise and smart about certain aspects of your private life that should be displayed in the social media.

Savvy Fashionista, Folashade Adeshina also shared her thoughts as well:

For me social media has done more harm to marriages, because so many people tend to relate their relationships to social media and tend to create images outside. Most families are not really after the marriage itself, not looking at taking care of their husbands and wives.

I have a friend that thinks about what people think about her marriage than what she thinks of it
Is the use of social media not good in all of its entirety?

Some people see marriage as a sort of competition,this is not to put away the fact that some people make good use of the media to talk about marriages give advice and related with individuals going through issues. All Im saying is there should be a limit for marriages, because it is being used negatively and it is really destroying a lot of marriages.

I think social media has its good sides, for me I like to show certain aspects of my life on social media. However in the situation of relationships, if I have a boo who does not want to hug the limelight. It would be important for me to keep that aspect of my life on a low. I have a friend who had a cheating wife. I guess the guy felt so bad and did not know what to do than to post the wife’s nude picture on Instagram…that was the height of it. People don’t really care about celebrating you on social media. It is such eye service, people are there to make fun of you. I cant even wash my husband;s dirty clothes outside!….

Hmmmn..Penny for your thoughts?

Finally, the Pastor of the Youth Church, Pastor Dare Akinbanjo spoke with us on the use of social media:

Social media is a very good tool honestly, there are church members in the US and across the world who engage us on the social media. They ask questions, seek advice and get enlightened.

People dropping marriages issues on social media, relationship issues and washing dirty lined in public is an abuse, because what is social media. Social media is an interactive platform.

How will you take something personal and you share it when it is not something that should be shared? Of course everyone is entitled to their privacy. But there should be a boundary to the level of issues we display online. You don’t get angrywith some and paste on social media. You don’t have issues with your husband or wife and advertise it…It is an abuse, wrong and improper use of the social media.

Understand yourself, create a personal value, sell that value…people will take you for who you are!


Let me ask us a question, where are our principles and moral obligations? How come social media has now become a tool to be bastardized and misused…Well, I’d leave that to you to comment about.

You bet I won’t leave without dropping some pictures…winks! Enjoy after the cut…

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