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The Amazing Benefits Of Eating Tiger Nuts

Benefits Of Eating Tiger Nuts

The Amazing Benefits Of Eating Tiger Nuts – If you have not been snacking on tiger nuts, drinking tiger nut milk or generally including it in your diet plan, you are missing out on one of the cheapest ways to boost your overall health.

Tiger nut, locally called “ofio” or “aya” is not a type of nut but roots; they are actually tuberous rhizomes of a sedge grass (cyperus esculentus lativum) that has been around for over 4,000 years!

Yes, it has been around for that long and it is cultivated across the world especially in temperate regions like the Middle East, Europe and in Africa but is originally from Valencia in Spain. It is a crop plant and the plant looks like grass. It is a perennial crop i.e it grows all year round and can be harvested up to two times before it dies off and the plant is about 90cm in height with the tubers growing to the size of peanuts.

People also call tiger nut earth almonds, Zulu nuts, chufa, ground almonds and some even call them edible rush. It is commonly called tiger nut because the flesh looks like tiger stripes and they taste like a blend of coconut and almond. You can find three different types of tiger nuts based on their color; there is the yellow, brown and black but in Nigeria here, the brown type of tiger nut is common. It can be eaten fresh like a snack, juiced for its milk, roasted or even boiled. They are also often dried and packaged to last longer and they can also be grounded into flour. In whatever way it may be consumed, tiger nuts have such great health benefits to the body and have become so popular because of this.

In an average serving of 100g of tiger nut, your body will be getting:

  • energy 400 kcal
  • protein 6.67 g
  • fat 23.33 g
  • carbohydrate 63.3 g
  • fiber 33 g
  • sugar 30 g
  • calcium 100 mg and
  • iron 10 mg

Tiger nuts are rich in alkaloids, flavonoids, phenolics, and tannis. They are great in regulating blood pressure, promoting a healthy digestive system and they help you look younger and stay fit because they are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. Tiger nuts are also high in fiber and low in calories so they are excellent for those who are looking to lose weight. They are also said to be very good in helping to prevent cancer, especially colon cancer because they contain a great amount of soluble glucose. They also help those with diabetes control their sugar level and they have been said to be great in preventing heart attack, Thrombosis and in activating better circulation of blood.

Tiger nuts can do all of the above and more for your body. In fact, they are actually labeled as one of the healthiest plants in the world; so amazing, it will not just work for your body but also help to boost your s*x life.

The Health Benefits Of  Eating Tiger Nuts To Your S*x Life

If you are familiar with Kayan Mata, as we have written here and here, then, it will interest you to know that tiger nut is one of the herbs the Hausas use in boosting their s*x life and it is widely used as an aphrodisiac because it is said to be very potent in helping couples enjoy a better and healthier s*x life.

1. Tiger Nut Helps In Curing Erectile Dysfunction

Where getting an erection or keeping the penis erected may happen to men occasionally due to stress, fatigue, and even one’s mindset during s*x, it becomes a serious issue when it happens very often. Of course, no man wants to be tagged a one minute man or worse, called impotent he can’t get it up. So, if you are one of those having issues with junior standing at attention when you need it to, tiger nut should be your new best friend. It may sound funny that something so serious could be tackled with something cheap like the tiger nuts but it will interest you to know that tiger nuts are commonly used in Ghana to treat erectile dysfunction.

Tiger nut is said to be very rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help to prevent plaque accumulation in the heart and to increase blood flow to the penis which in turn helps a man get hard when they need to and to stay hard even longer. If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, I advise that include tiger nut in your diet, especially tiger nut milk.

2. Tiger Nuts Are Natural Aphrodisiacs

In the northern states of Nigeria, tiger nut is used as a natural aphrodisiac to help boost physical intimacy and s*xual pleasures between couples. Anyone familiar with the Hausas knows they are crazy about their “Kunun Aya”; a special drink formulated with tiger nuts, coconut, and dates to help boost men’s libido and to boost their strength so they can more rounds than they would normally do. In fact, this special tiger nut drink is a form of “Kayan Mata” that is commonly used by the northerners and it is now widely used and recommended for everyone who wants to have a better s*x life using a natural booster that is also affordable.

To make Kunun aya, all you need is tiger nuts, a whole coconut, and dates. Soak the date in water overnight or for two days depending on how fresh it is; soaking it in water makes it more supple and softer to blend. Break your coconut and keep the coconut water too so you can add it to the mix for more flavor. Remove the kernel from your dates and cut the seeds into smaller bits. Once you have your ingredients ready, add the amount of tiger nuts you want into the blender (depending on the amount of Kunun aya you are looking to make but we advise not to do too much because it tastes better when it is fresh) with just your coconut water or just a bit of water enough to make blending easy and smooth. Blend for a while and then add your pieced coconuts and dates to the mix and blend till it is smooth. To drain the milk out, you can use cheesecloth or a new pantyhose. There you have your Kunun Aya ready to be drunk. We recommend that you drink it chilled.

Tiger nut is also said to reduce the mortality rate of the sperm which means they are great to boost a man’s sperm count and increase his chance of making babies easily. In women, tiger nuts also help them increase their estrogens and for nursing moms having issues with producing milk, you should think of drinking of tiger nut milk to produce lactose production. Overall, tiger nut is recommended for those not just looking to have a better and sweeter s*x life but for everyone looking to have a healthier lifestyle in general. It is so full of health benefits to the body that we definitely recommend you include it in your diet plan one way or another.

Innovative Ways You Can Eat Tiger Nut

The days of just chewing tiger nuts as a snack or juicing it for its milk has passed. These days, tiger nut can be used to make so many things that make consumption much more fun, especially for those who don’t like chewing the nut or drinking the milk. We have curated some of the fun, innovative ways you can add tiger nut to your diet but before then, we will be teaching you how to make your own tiger nut flour at home as most of the recipes below are made with tiger nut flour.

So to make tiger nut flour, all you need is to dehydrate the leftover pulp after making your tiger nut milk. Pre-heat your oven to about 70-80oC or 160-175oF, place your leftover pulp in a large baking tray and place in the oven. Leave in the oven for about 4 to 6 hours, stir in between hours to ensure it dries evenly and make sure it dries not browned before removing from the oven. If you don’t have an oven, you can place your leftover tiger nut pulp in a large tray and put in a sunny area in your kitchen. Of course, this will take longer than the over to dry but it gets the job nonetheless. Once your pulp is dry, put in a food processor and pulse till it is powdered.

Making your tiger nut at home with leftover pulp has fewer carbs than store bought tiger nut as it is majorly all fiber. In a teaspoon of a homemade tiger nut, you get less than 1g of net carbs as against the 3g of net carbs found in store-bought tiger nut flour and that is because most of the carbs have been “milked” while making the tiger nut milk. However, store-bought tiger nut flour are also healthy, they are of finer texture (the ones made at home are more gritty) and distinctively sweeter than the ones made at home. Tiger nut is a fine replacement for almond flour and an even better replacement for regular wheat flour for those looking to eat healthier or are on a ketogenic diet plan.

Now that you can make your own homemade tiger nut milk and flour at home, you can make consuming tiger nut more fun by:

  1. Making Tiger Nut Pancakes: almost everyone loves pancakes and the healthier way to eat your pancakes is to use tiger nut flour and it comes out looking just as “gorgeous and tasty” as regular pancakes made with wheat flour. It filled with such high fiber and a perfect “kick” to start your day perfectly.
  2. Making Tiger Nut Cookies: for those of us who love something to snack on from time to time and are looking for more healthy options, the tiger nut cookies are a perfect replacement for your store-bought heavy carb-laden cookies. You can use tiger nut flour, ghee, olive oil and maple syrup in place of the usual wheat flour, butter, and refined sugar.
  3. Making Tiger Nut Oil: using an expeller press, you make tiger nut oil that is rich in Vitamin E. This amazing oil can be used in cooking as well in making some great DIY vitamin E enriched skin care recipes.
  4. Making Tiger Nut Bread: using a mix of tiger nut flour, ground flax seed, stevia, coconut oil, eggs, apple cider vinegar, baking soda and sea salt, you can make your own gluten-free tiger nut bread.
  5. Making Tiger Nut Butter: you can make tiger butter by blending presoaked tiger nut with coconut oil, salt, vanilla extract, protein powder (any flavor of your choice) and liquid stevia until it is creamy. While blending, keep adding more coconut to wet the mixture. Scrape down the sides of the blender and keep blending till you get a proper paste consistency. Once the desired paste is gotten, store in a glass jar in the fridge. Tiger nut butter is yummy and can be used in place of peanut butter.
  6. Making Tiger Nut Ice Cream: with an ice cream maker, you are on your way to enjoying tiger nuts in an even interesting way. After making your Kunun Aya (you can add a teaspoon of vanilla essence for more burst of flavor in your mouth), place the milk in the ice cream maker and let it run till it is firm. Once it has solidified, you can serve as you desire; like that or you can spice it up with chocolate syrup, sugar sprinkles or candy of your choice.
  7. Making Tiger Nut Salad: for tiger nut salad, you can use a mixture of red onions, green springs, crumbled blue cheese, blueberries and tiger nuts but make sure your tiger nut has been soaked for up to 12 hours. The tiger nut salad can be eaten like that but you can make it more fun by adding a special dressing made from honey, Brazilian nut oil, apple cider vinegar and mushroom powder. For salad lovers, we have heard this is definitely a must try as it is so yummy.

You can also enjoy tiger nut by making a tiger nut trail mix with raw tiger nuts, sesame seeds, raisins and cranberries drizzled with tiger nut oil seasoned oil with salt, cayenne pepper and paprika. The trail mix is a perfect way to switch up snacking on tiger nut. You can also make tiger nut pudding and add tiger nut milk to your shakes. With all the various innovative ways to eat tiger nut, boosting your s*x life using this amazing root to boost your s*x life and overall health just got more fun. You can be sure to get anyone to eat tiger nut with these recipes.

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