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How To Flirt With A Girl In Church

How To Flirt With A Girl In Church

How To Flirt With A Girl In Church – Flirting is fun really! Especially when you are single and searching. Imagine the winks and the get to meet processes of meeting a girl, the wry smiles and the angry or inquisitive look on the part of the lady you are flirting with.

A lot of people believe that flirting should only be done in social gathering? Parties, events, occasions and even schools. What about in church? Let’s say you meet your dream girl in church and you are first of all wondering how to approach that dream girl, you would want to flirt with her right? So that at least she gets the message.

So, who says flirting in church is wrong?

You can flirt anywhere, at anytime. All you need to is to ensure that you follow certain principles and etiquette as it relates to flirting, and you ensure that proper channels are put in place not to just flirt with random girls in church but to follow through with that ‘babe’ you are flirting on and with.

You see someone you like in church and you are single? Why still stalling? Remember, there are so many single guys in your church and before you know it, another ‘sharp’ guy will just take over your supposed territory, and sweep your prospective girlfriend off her feet.

Oh, Just before I forget.

I know flirting with a girl in church is not as easy as meeting in a social gathering/ environment. The question of:

1. Oh, I’ve got my rep to protect
2. What if she does not understand my flirtations
3. What will people say?
4. Do I need to go to my Pastor to seek for consent?

I understand if these queries come to mind, but sincerely, all these questions are not to be bothered about at all. The goal should be what is in your mind and working towards achieving should be your priority. Okay? You are single, you see a girl you like in church, and you want to flirt with her? Go ahead with it. There is nothing to lose.

But Hey!

Before you start, you need to follow basic guidelines and understand the basic principles as it relates to flirting in church. See, flirting with a lady in a social gathering may be similar with flirting with a girl in church, but really, they are different.

How to flirt with a girl in church?

1. Respect God and Church

You know you are in church right? So, first thing that should come to mind is, this is a church and not the club or a party in town. So your aim really should be to come and listen to God’s word. Flirting in church may be a tad difficult for you if the sole aim of coming to church is actually to flirt and not to worship.

It is fine if you meet the babe of your life in church. It is okay if she ‘seemingly’ looks like that girl you have ever wanted, but be careful. First things first, alright? Church is church!

2. Be Positive

What is the point of wanting to flirt with a girl in church, when you are already shrouded in doubts? I mean what is the point of wanting to flirt, when you are already thinking about being rejected. You have to weave that positive aura around you as you intend to flirt with your girl.

Whether or not she picks interest should be the least of your worries. Build up a positive mantra for yourself and push all negativity to the backyard. You are single, available and searching. That should build the confidence you require to flirt with that girl in church.

3. Ask questions

Is she single? Look at her finger. Is there any ring? How does she interact with women and men in church, especially the young, single guys.

Don’t go to check her out on social media. Hell No! I would not advise that. She’s got friends in church, check out her kinds of friends, the way she dresses. Women also exhibit single status tendencies, body languages of being single in church. check out all of these and be ready to start your flirt routine.

4. Pick a seat…

But don’t stalk!

You are wondering what I mean by this right? Hold on, I’ll explain!

When you get to church for your service. You need to first of all know where you would sit. This is because of proximity to the girl you are interested in. Although there are times when people always have a location where they sit in church. This may not be the case of your crush as she may sit wherever she deems please. If this is the case, then you need to know what time she gets to church week in week out. This will give you the advantage of sitting close to her, maybe on her pew or a pew in front or behind her.

This will definitely give you the most appropriate flirting advantage. You must be able to find a seat that provides the most angled view of your crush. Make sure she is within viewing range and that she is not sitting far away from you at all.

You don’t need to draw too much attention to what you are doing every Sunday. Remember that you are a ‘natural’, so making sure you seat close to your crush should come as natural as possible. If this is not carefully, properly and naturally done.

Your supposed girl or even the church members might feel you are a stalker, and this will completely defeat your aim in church.

5. Make eye contact

Oh La Laaa!! This is my best part yet!

Why sit close to her if you would not make eye contact? Making eye contact is very key in getting your girl noticing you. She looks in your direction anytime during the church service. Look at her and initiate eye contact!

Gbam! She noticed you!

Just before she forgets that you are existing, initiate eye contact yet again!

6. Smile

What is the essence of making eye contact when all you got is just a hard, fear ridden or blank face. It doesn’t just make any sense. Right?

When eye contact is made. SMILE!

It is important that at first glance, your lady sees your personality in your smile. Smile tells people that you are friendly. Let your body language be positive and friendly as well. You can put your body language out there in your eye contact and smile. You can even shrug in a friendly way. Your personality is very important in this scenario, and the only way your can make your personality shine is by making sure it reflects in your smile. Let your smile carry the whole weight of you wanting to flirt with her.

You’ve got good dentition? Open it, let her see how handsome you look beyond just your face!

There you have it, connection made. She will not forget that face for the rest of the service.

Makes sense?

7. Say goodbye

Remember that it does not end there. You can wave at her after service and ensure that your smile accompanies this as well. You do not need to talk to her the first time. Remember that you are trying to build a connection and a physical reaction from her part. You need to observe from a distance the first time you are trying your flirting game and you can initiate talks in subsequent flirts. This first time, say NO to vocals even when you are confident of a great response from your flirt.


8. Now Speak

Repeat this process with your flirt for about 2-3 weeks and after you have seen positive reactions from here, you can then speak to her in church. Good morning, I hope you enjoyed the sermon, how was it? See you next week are the basic intuitive words you can use for your woman in church.

You can even take it a step further and ask her ‘the see you next week?’ statement. Make sure that you look forward to seeing her in church again!

9. Ask for her number

It is a process, remember? Just the first step to make your flirt more intentional is to ask her for her number. But note that you should only do this when you have been able to establish a connection with her. Maybe, made her smile or made her realize that you are really interested in her. This is the whole reason for the flirt remember?

Asking a girl for her line, a few weeks after meeting her in church may not turn out well. So, you need to have developed the physical and emotional connection before you request for her personal deets.


10. Take it outside the church!

Now that you have flirted with your girl for a few weeks, asked for her number, then take your dating game proper outside the church.

Don’t do this via call or text. DO it in church when you see her!

She will not only see you as a serious person who is genuinely interested in her, she will also see you as very romantic and sensitive! You want to know how?

Don’t ask me, figure it out!

Now you have read it all on How to flirt with a girl in church

But remember, a flirting connection in church does not make you a bad person. Rather it establishes the fact that relationships and love can be found and built from anywhere. Just as the way friendship is built in church, relationship is built that way as well.

In fact my Pastor was a choir master and his wife a chorister when they met in church and established a physical connection. So give it a go and enjoy it.

Remember that this is not a full proof assertion that your flirting in church might lead to love or relationship eventually. It is just basically to give you heads up as regards all you need to do to flirt in church. If you are confident enough to ask your lady out on a date, then feel free and try see if it work out for you.

Have you read the post on How to approach your dream girl in church? Read it here.

All the best in YOUR FLIRT. Best luck in your search for the RIGHT WOMAN!

















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