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Deep Love Letters For Him From The Heart

deep love letters for him from the heart

Looking for some deep love letters for him from the heart? The collection below is just all you need to go on and show your love.

Deep Love letters for him from the heart

1. I look through the skies

I see rainbows

I look through people

I view shadows

Then I take a view

Straight to your face

I see a man

A future

A dream

I look into your eyes

I see passion within

For your worth to me can’t be priced

I can’t trade you for anything

You are my man

My shield

My happiness.


2. I love you is a declaration

I crave for you is a wish

I want you forever is a longing

I have you here is dream come true.


3. I was bereft

Broken with trauma

Lost hope in love

With a shattered mind

Tormented heart

In the depth of my confusion

I heard your tiny whisper

You told me all will be well

You promised to be there

You are not only here;

You made me forget the pains

Showed me a brighter life

Gave me a thousand reasons to smile

You are my hero

I adore you

I love you, darling.


4. I am Intoxicated

Drunk and wasted in love

I am not afraid

I am not scared of falling

Nor scared of losing my mind

For I lost everything and found you

I lost myself and US came

I am not afraid

I found you


5. You are the sun that illuminates my life

The moon that makes me sleep in your embrace

You are the star that glimmer so bright

In my heart

The gravity that holds me down

And make me see life in its glamour

The gentleness of your hands laid over my eyes

The warmth of your embrace

The assuring words

Are all that makes me feel brand new

I love you my king


6. In our solemn hearts

Gentle minds

We whisper

Love tangs

To the delights of our soul

We savour the moments

Of you and I

Whence we’ll be together forever

Lost in each other’s embrace

And drunk in love

Oh how my breath ruffles at the thought;

I love you my king.


7. In you I found a god

In you I see my mentor

My protector

And shield

I found a man I can lean on

A shoulder to rest

Telling him my innate fears

and troubles

Enclosed in his arms with the believe I am safe

I cherish you my king

You are one in a million.


8. In my want, I found food

In my homelessness, I found shelter

In my despair, I found hope

In my fears I found faith

And in hate, I have found love

In all, I found you

I got you

And I  would always love you.


9. All I have ever prayed for in love

Is a man that sees my weakness

and converts it to a strength

A man that knows my inadequacies and strive to improve me

A man that with him I develop in wisdom

A man that sees through my vulnerability

and naivety

A calm to my fears

A sooth to my worries

I have got that in you

You are a rare breed

A special type of man

The soul I complement

And complements me

I have you

I have the world

Thanks for making life so bright darling.


10. I see in you,

A future.

I see in you,

A life.

I see in us,

the prospects of a wonderful family

Bonded in love

And true affection

I see in you,

An awesome person

Wonderful husband

Marvelous father to our fruits

I see in you,

The ability to steer the ship

of our new home

I see in you,

The capacity to be a protector for us when we are down

A wonderful Dad

Marvelous Hubby.

I see life in you

I love you my king.


11. When I yell at you,

You take them in for love

When I get stupid,

You tolerate my foolishness

You see in me an imperfect being wanting your true affection

You cope with my excesses

And made me see a reason why I shouldn’t be that nasty girl

I love you boyfriend.


12. For the bad days,

The not-so good times

You stood by me and

When the world turns its back to my face

You were there for me

The crazy nights

The nightmare days

You stick around

When all hope seems lost

You give me reasons to smiley

I would forever worship you

You are the missing piece in my life

And now that I have you, I have the world.

I love you boy.


13. My friend, my heart

My joy and happiness

I need no bestie

When I get so feisty

For the chatters

and laughs

The nutty numbling

The gentle and loud whispers

And the gists

You are my aproko (gossip) partner

My best friend,

My soulmate

My love

My man

I love you today, now and always.


14. Loving you is thrilling

As well as terrifying

The days of Ecstacy

The moments of uncertainties

The bright days

The gloomy times

But in all these

I understand that

You and I and not just going to stay together in one summer

Nor the next winter

But all the days

The good times

The bad times

Time of laughter, a time we weep

Together we will fall and rise my king.


15. There is a desire in my heart

To always be your angel

Your friend

Your sister

Your woman

Have you wrapped in my bosom

Let you suck my frontal twins like a baby

You are indeed my baby

Your strong heart I wanna tender

Water it with love

And affection

For in me you have found a queen

And I am always at your service

Through thick, thin

Hard times, good days

I love you dear king.


16. Lie with me

Press your lips against mine

Let me feel the softness of your lips

Let me have a taste of your tongue

A feel of your saliva

Let me know what your mouth savour

Lie with me,

I want you to stroke

My hairs

Lick my chest

Fondle my twins

I want you to lie with me


Breathing inside of me

Let me know your insecurities

Hear the sound of your breath

Sleep with me

Make love to me

Sing a melody to my ears

So I know how your heart tune

Lie with me

So we can get lost in another word

Where we fulfill fantasies

Lie with me

And let’s be whole.


17. Even when things appear to fall apart

When the sky is cloudy

When situations do not get favorable

I will stand by you

In your darkest hours

Lonely nights

I would keep your company

For you have proved to worth all my sacrifices for you

You have shown me how to love

Shown me the way

But I would let you take the lead.


18. For you weren’t complete

Until you found me

For I was your missing rib

But now I am found

Your dream builder

For I wasn’t complete

Until I got you

The missing piece in my jugular

You have been found

I have been found

We have been located

And together we would always be


19. You are the reason everyday is a good day

You bring a sparkle to my heart

A tingling feeling

Just the thought of having you,

The memories of you and I

Is enough to make me always wear a smile


20. Loving you was worth the risk

For you are a risk in itself

I never regretted taking that risk

Even in mist of peril

You have shown your worth

You made a mark in my mind

A statement in my soul


21. In my deepest thoughts

Lonely hours

I have a friend to turn to

In my solemn moments

I have got a lover to cuddle away my fears

In my dark days

I ‘ve got someone who makes things bright

I have got you.


22. When my heart was in a land far-away

You came knocking

Love came knocking

Then came the very lines

That fell in beautiful faces

The melody that imprisons my mind

And oppresses my fears

In  my mind anarchy

You brought calm

I wish to go further

To appreciate all you have been

All you will be

for me, for us

But I would let this sink in your heart my love


23. They said I am stupid

Foolish for loving you

Crazy for staying by

They claimed I have been hypnotized by you

Yes, I am crazy for you

I am foolishly in love

But then, who wouldn’t be

With such a heart you have got

Who won’t be hypnotized

With your person

Your tender love and care


I’ll gladly let them know

I will willingly remain in your cage

Now and forever more


24. I want to be alone with you

Go to a far place

together with you

All about US

I want to be in a place

Where I surrender my safety with you

With you I feel safe

With you I feel renewed

I want to wake up together with you in a quiet dawn

Away from distractions

Just YOU and I

just US

With light candles

Dim lights

Oblivious of the world troubles

I want to have that peace with you.


25. You are strong

Yet meek

Hard a man

Soft with me

In all your manliness

With me you are so tender

You can be tough

Yet a perfect gentleman

I love you for everything you have been to me

Would love you for everything you will still be

Thank you my king

You didn’t lord it over me

Nor asserted your mastership

But in your selflessness

and meekness

I bow to your authority and

In your humility

and love

I embrace your leadership

For you going out to love me

as commanded in the Holy Books

has earned you my submission

You are worthy of leadership

Worth to be called my king


26. Waking up everyday to feel your touch is emotional orgasm for me

Your cuddle

Your touch so manly yet tender

Your reassuring words

The times you encourage me

The times you lovingly correct me

Anytime you are not here, I feel a void

Everywhere seems so empty

For you made the difference

I miss you.

I love you.


27. In the embrace,

I feel warm

With that forehead kiss,

I feel reassured

In your gestures, I see affection

In your leadership, I feel secure

In your mentorship, I see knowledge

In your eyes, I see pure dreams of man

I see life

A glorious future

In you, I see believe

I see the energy, determination to make a brighter life

My love, I keep seeing you.


28. There is a man for every woman

So they say.

There is a woman for every man

So I heard.

But I see you as every woman’s dream

But you do not share every woman vision

You believed in me

Stood by me

Encouraged me

Comforted me when I am down

You are an important person in my life I cannot but adore, revere and submit to your worship

You have proven time and again that there are honest and sincere men around.

I love you.


29. Among all souls, you stand out

Among all men, you stand tall

You know why?

‘Cos you are just you

And you keep being good

This is from me to you

I love you from the depth of my heart.

I am rendering a chant for you

I know all the silent times

You wished I am there by your side

Times you wish I single lullabies for you

Times I am not available

But today I want to sing a song

Rhythm to your eyes

I want to go all out to show you my love


30. How in my busy state

I can’t get my mind off you

In my mind sight, I can’t get my eyes of you

For your abode is right here in my heart

You have a place already created there

You are the landlord of my heart

The one who gets me blown away

You make the butterflies in my belly dance for joy

You are special

You are one of a kind

My king, my love.

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