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Happy Monday SMS To Start Your Week

Happy Monday SMS

Happy Monday SMS: How do you start your Monday without sending Happy Monday SMS to those that you love and care about.

1. Monday is like what you liken it to be; it gives you the result of what you think in your heart. There is no pain in a day except that you form it on your mind. Always see a good thing in all days as it will make you feel the love you deserve in you. Happy Monday.

2. Making a day more beautiful is determined by the way you see it. You cannot sleep comfortably on a bed you didn’t dust well. It will always be hard for you to pick something from where you didn’t keep it. Let every day count by making sure you achieve something tangible.

3. A day wasted is like a life wasted. Remember, 20 thousand children can come into this world in a day. It is reality and it is the reason why we need to take this life as simple as we can so that our life will be easy for us to live.

4. Every single second in this world really matters. It can decide a fortune or failure for you. Don’t see negative things in Monday, it is a day that begins another moment of a new hustle that can change your life for good. Happy Monday.

5. Give me a smile on a Monday and I will give you everything I have. When you make others smile because you are happy; the world will experience a new impact that will keep many souls strong in times of hardship and misery.

6. Some people are always sad on Monday because they don’t want to go to work, but the truth is that every day comes with its favor. You will not see good thing if you close your eyes because someone else hurt you. Forget about the pain, what matters is what is coming forth.

7. Good morning, I hope you are enjoying this Monday? I hope your night was fantastic. This is my motivational line today; see good things in anything you are doing. Make sure you smile whenever you meet anyone on your way. Happy Monday my love.

8. The way forward in life is not by living in the dream of yesterday; it is determined by the effort you take today. I love my life because it is full of highly motivated people. If you want to move faster in life, make sure you sit on the shoulder of great men.

9. An impact that is self-motivated is better than the ones achieved from a second party. If you are the one that built a purpose in you, definitely you will receive double rewards—the joy of getting something done by yourself and the joy of been praised for doing it. Happy Monday.

10. Make sure you are happy with whatever you are doing. The loveliest thing that brings success to a man is the joy he derives doing what he loves doing. Have a lovely day beyond. Put a smile on your face because it makes your heart younger than you can imagine. Happy Monday love.

11. We cannot find the rest of mind thinking that a day in our life is more significant than another. If you are alive today, it is enough a reason for you to be happy. Always make good things out of nothing it shows how genius you are. Happy Monday.

12. Those who see opportunity have cleared their minds of all doubt. Some people call them the pious one. Be sincere with yourself in anything you are doing; it will push you to the realm of your success.

13. We can’t be happy nagging around. Time waits for no one, if we can shun the unnecessary things and then focus on what really matters, the world will live to remember our legacy. We will be remembered for our good job in transforming the world.

14. You should be happy that you are awake today; let this fact motivate you to do great things in life. You are the reason why things are not going on fine in your life; if you can give God the chance to come in He will. Good morning.

15. I have this wonderful message for you; it was sent to me too and it really changed my life. The message is, keep it simple in this world. The most successful people make it silently while others are roaring the next time they will see you are at the top. Good morning.

16. Have you taken your coffee this morning? Have you done some exercises to energize you for the work of the day? This is what you should think about. You may not want to worry about tomorrow while today is still at your reach.

17. The way you live today will determine how tomorrow will look. Don’t play with your future by wasting your present. The truth is that those who came before us said you will regret some actions you didn’t take when you were young.

18. Minimize the pain of tomorrow from today; if Monday does not come how then will you take care of Tuesday? Therefore, make every day the most interesting part of your life. They are brothers that drive and fly us to the point of our long-awaited success.

19. The most adoring things in the world are not the wealth we accumulated; they are the love and passion we have for ourselves and others. Nothing will accompany you to your grave but your deeds and those you called your own but yours will leave you and your good works will remain with you.

20. In anything you are doing in a day, make sure it draws you closer to God if you are a believer; if you are a nonbeliever of any religion, and make sure it purifies your heart. I urge you to implore a middle course in life; do you know what it means? It leads to a beautiful life in the end. Happy Monday.

Happy Monday SMS of Grace You Should Share

21. By faith we get things done; faith brings courage, it brings love and happiness. Faith is what makes you see well in anything you are doing. It brings joy to you and puts smile on your face. I entreat you to adopt a lifestyle that is full of confidence in yourself. Happy Monday.

22. I am not an actor or a boss but I’m happy to send this little message to you; you may find it useful. If anyone comes your way with violence, approach him with peace. If he comes with peace, approach him with mercy. The best of men is the one that is always patient.

23. Our success lies in the way we handle the situation of our life currently. We may not be able to do the right thing if we decided to live in the pain of yesterday. Let us stand up to face the new challenge that comes our way. Happy Monday my friends.

24. Calmness in doing everything will surely yield a good result. Being patient does not mean you are being careless, it means you have confidence in your belief in God and yourself. No matter how long it takes you to achieve a dream, make sure you follow the right steps.

25. With the love we have about ourselves, it is enough to be happy this Monday. Refresh your mind and redefine it for a better achievement today. Let this Monday be a shining sun all through the day. Good morning.

26. I must confess that you are a great friend. Yourself motivation approach is more than just talk. I am happy to have found you as a friend in life. I have a morning talk with you—put your trust in God and everything will come the way you desired. Good morning.

27. Happy Monday to my best friend; have you eaten? This could sound like a silly question but it really matters in motivating people that are close to our heart. Build an intuitive mind to question matters that need immediate answer. Happy Monday.

28. Getting better in life is not really attached to the amount of wealth you make; it is found in the rest of mind you have because you refused to complicate issues for yourself. Lead this life as simple as you can and you find out that every day is a blessing for mankind.

29. This is another opportunity for us to say hello to each other. How was your night? Did you have a sweet dream? What about your mom and dad, hope all is fine? I just want to be rest assured that you are all gallant this morning.

30. Great things come to us with love and joy this means; we all need these two virtues to allow good things in our life. We will find peace only when we want it. No good favor comes your way until you really want it to come. Happy Monday.

31. Happy to hear from you once again, though I really miss you all through the night the most heart touching fact now is that I am deeply in love with you like never before. Thank God for the love you shower on me too. Let this morning be a reason for your joy.

32. Those that are into goodness don’t panic for any reason. They see what others don’t see and smell what the masses could not smell. They are the leaders of this world wherever and however. Take their footsteps when life seems too hard for you.

33. If you are lost in this world like a child, there is only one thing that can help you find your way home—your determination. Let what you believe in be your number one priority in life and it will be safer when you do so. Have a wonderful day ahead.

34. Take good care of the day it belongs to you. Let the world feel your impact on the way you live your life, never forget your course it will always be remembered forever. Happy Monday.

35. Good tiding comes our way based on what we believe in ourselves. If every morning time can bring love to some people, it will bring to us too. It depends on how we view a particular day. Happy Monday to you.

36. Procrastination is a disease that should be considered a killer. Energize yourself and work in the best way to reach your success quickly. Do things in the most interesting ways you can; soon or later, you will find it easier than ever.

37. Have you ever been praised for a job well done? This is what you should pursue this morning. Make sure you make your work today better than the one of yesterday. Always find a way to make things happen when it is needed.

38. Monday is here again, what do you need to make it count? Simple answer—courage in you. Believe in the future while you build it from the present. Make your tomorrow significant by the kind of effort you put today. Happy Monday.

39. I don’t have billions in my account, but I have the heart to wish you all the best in the world. I have the time to write down words that will boost your confidence in anything you are doing. Let this world be a better place because you are there.

40. Get the best out of this day it is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss at all. Let your way be clear of doubt and understand the fact that you can always reach your goal. Don’t give up your hope in anything you do. The best way to make Monday count is to embrace it the way it is.

41. I am sending this precious message to you because I love you and also wish good thing for you in this life. Those who are ready to face challenges in the most mature way will always win with patience. Get yourself firm in knowledge about what you actually intend to achieve and soon you will achieve it.

42. Happy Monday to my lovely friend, it is not easy to spend the weekend in joy and then wakes up to continue the hustle on Monday. It takes only the brave ones to smile in such situation. Have a wonderful day ahead.

43. I am wishing my lovely brother a week with light, success, and prosperity; may you find it easy to achieve your daily goal as you planned.

44. Thank God for the opportunity of a new week to surf, and browse the beautiful things in the world. Happy Monday to the most beautiful sister in the world.

45. I am satisfied with your way of life; it gives me all the reason to thank God for the rest of my life. Happy to see you grow in love with your spouse; this motivates me to the fullest.

46. Good to hear from you this Monday, I am happy for everything you achieved for me yesterday.

47. Happy Monday, may your days always fly in a golden color; I hope you had a sweet night?

48. Good morning my best friend, you are highly recognized today been a sweet day. Happy Monday.

49. Happy Monday my dear angel, how was the night? I am happy to hear that you woke up healthy.

50. Today is Monday, a day for brightness and love, I wish you all the best ever. Thank you.

51. You can come over today for us to make the day blissful forever. Happy Monday to you.

52. Monday is a motivation for everyone; I wish you all the best now and forever. Happy Monday.

53. I am happy to be with all of you, may your faces shine with love and sign of peace of mind.

54. I just want to say thank you for making my day fantastic yesterday. Good morning and have a nice day.

55. Happy Monday to everybody, I know you may not like it but it is just a good day to start our life.

56. I actually want to say happy Monday to a cute friend; you are always on my mind. I wish you success.

57. May your effort be effortless this Monday; may you smile always for everything that comes your way.

58. Thank God for your life, you are such an interesting person, may you find peace in your heart. Happy Monday.

59. Some are always frustrated because it is Monday, but I’m pretty sure that it is their state of mind.

60. I want to say a big happy Monday to my best friend; I hope you are strong enough to go to work.

61. Take your coffee to make your Monday a sound one, it will be best if you but know. Happy Monday.

62. It is my pleasure to say happy Monday. You will always be the best guy in my life. I love you.

63. Don’t feel like Monday is bondage, it is a wonderful thing that should be appreciated forever. Happy Monday.

65. Have a precious moment with your coffee, let it overtake your stress and start a new life this Monday.

66. Monday should not be seen as a stressful day, but a day to say, happy love, happy sister and everybody.

67. Monday is a treasure that should be mined; it is one of the best days of the week. Happy Monday.

68. Forget about the stressful day or the traffic you may encounter, just be positive in all that you are doing.

69. Don’t despair about Monday; it is also a good day for you to open a new chapter of your life. Happy Monday.

70. Attack this day with happiness, laughter, love, and passion so that your mission will be fulfilled.

71. No matter how stressful today used to be, always have it in mind that it is a new day to live. Happy Monday.

72. You may not like the fact that today is Monday but never give up; persistence is one of the best things in life.

73. Don’t let the negative thoughts of others determine how you want this Monday to look. It is one of the best days.

74. Have a meticulous Monday, it is worth being celebrated too. I wish you all your heart desires this wonderful evening.

75. Good morning, it is Monday, make sure you put a smile on your face. Work hard and never show laziness.

76. Today is a day of triumph and love, make sure you don’t feel bad. Have a wonderful day ahead. Good morning.

77. Monday is a good day, it gives you more reason to want to live longer in life just believe it doesn’t argue.

78. You have a wonderful day ahead, may your new home be a castle of love and comfort for you. Good morning.

79. If you are happy about your life, it is because today is Monday and you were able to think positively about it.

80. Monday is the beginning of a new success all through the week. Embrace it and never feel despair.

81. Make sure you have one of the best moments ever. I wish you all the best in this world. Happy Monday.

82. I wish you the best of time, may your happiness last forever, you shall not be taken for granted for any reason.

83. I just want to say, happy Monday to a friend that really matters; Monday is a blessed day for those who think positive.

84. If you can believe in yourself, you can do everything. Don’t look down on yourself or ability for any reason.

85. Have one of the most precious times ever; make yourself the best by making more effort to improve in things you know how to do.

86. You need to be clear that any day of the week is for a better purpose; don’t prefer one to other.

87. Wishing you all the best this Monday. It will profit you in anything you are doing. The love of your life shall not forsake you.

88. Every single reason why you woke up early today will be easy for you; your love for humanity will not go in vain.

89. Happiness shall be your portion forever, and love you have for the truth shall not go in vain.

90. I am happy that today is Monday, may your eyes see things that will bring endless success to your doorsteps.

91. Have a wonderful evening, relax and enjoy yourself. I pray for your continued success and fortune.

92. Leisure time is sweet but to me, work time is sweeter because it combines pleasure and seriousness for those who care.

93. I just want to be happy with you this morning, after work I want you to come over for a special offer.

94. Every single reason why you are sad will be thrown into the river of no sorrow forever. Happy Monday my friend.

95. You shall not be called to answer a case you never know about. Anything that is drawing you closer to destruction shall be broken away from you.

96. I am a kind of happy this morning because I will be speaking to the best of friends. Happy Monday.

97. The best way to be happy on Mondays is to embrace them as part of our normal life.

98. I will stop being your friend until the day water runs dry, the sun no longer shines and moon no longer reflect.

99. Walking together with you is better than walking alone with all my wealth and properties. You are indeed, a good friend.

100. If I have two of your types in my life, the world will become a global village that accommodates love and selflessness.

101. I can walk alone without any aid but I can’t walk alone without you.

102. Good friends are meant for each other since the beginning of time. I love you more than you can ever think.

103. I am happy that you become part of my life; thank God I have a wonderful person like you in this world.

104. Wishing you the most beautiful moment in this world. May your days be completed with an endless smile.

105. I just want to be happy all my life and then asked God for a man and He blessed me with an angel.

106. Happy Monday to my friend, may your day be fully blessed as you wanted. I wish you the best from this moment on.

Happy Monday SMS to my love

107. Every single moment of my life is always there to make you happy. I am so much in love with you.

108. I wish you all the best in this world and pray that every single moment of your life will be filled with lots of love.

109. I wish you the best of times, may you find it easy to make things happen the way you want. Happy Monday.

110. I love you all my life and it is the truth that I can’t deny. I wish you lots of success this day.

111. Monday is meant for lovers to start a new life. Happy Monday to my sweetheart.

112. You have my heart with you because I am truly in love with you. This morning is a blessing ensure you enjoy it.

113. Monday is my best day because may are always worried about it while I take the advantage to prepare for the rest of the day.

114. I cannot explain the joy I derive whenever it is Monday; a day that opens other days for making my dream achievable.

115. People are always despairing of this day but I want you as the love of my life shun such a belief and focus on what you have to do.

116. Happy Monday to my darling, you are my happiness, the most beautiful queen in the palace of love.

Early morning Wishes on Monday Morning

117. I am wishing you a moment full of laughter, joy, happiness, grace and a wellbeing life. Happy Monday.

118. I have lots of wishes for you, my prayer is to see you excel in life every day of your life. Good morning.

119. I pray that success is yours this Monday. Your arrival in my life really changed everything about me.

120. I love you so much that I can’t tell why your thoughts never leave my heart. Happy Monday and have a graceful morning.

121. I want to wish you one of the most blissful days ahead; may you be blessed with all you ever desired.

122. There are three wishes on my mind for you; goodwill fortune and endless success. Happy Monday.


123. My heart is always as wide as the sea for you alone; I wish you understand how much I love you. Happy Monday.

124. I was incomplete when I met you but now I am complete because you show me the kind of love I have been searching for. Happy Monday.

125. Your life has changed mine; you are the kind of person that everyone should have around him. I love you.

126. There is nothing that makes me happier than the fact that I have you as a wife. Thank you for everything.

127. You make me happy anytime I see your face; you are the best lady in my life. Good morning and have this Monday great.

128. The kind of smile that emanates from your face is so powerful that I can’t resist it anytime any moment. I love you.

129. I had a dream about you which will forever last in my heart. I now realize that you are the best person for me.

130. Maybe we are meant to be and that’s why we met. I must confess that you have captured my heart with your love.

131. I will not stop wishing you a day full of success. I am always happy around you. Happy Monday.

132. Thank God for this wonderful moment in time, you are just the best person for me. I want to be yours forever. Happy Monday.

133. Everyone is busy but only a few people still carve out a moment to set a life-changing goal. Happy Monday.

134. I will always survive in as much as you are my heartbeat. I have spoken to the Lord to bless me with a life changer and He brought you to me.

135. I have always dreamed of the right person, and then suddenly you came into my world. I love you, my dear angel.

136. Precious things will always occur because this life is meant for those who truly love each other from the base of their hearts.

137. I can’t stop me thinking about you but if this Monday morning can bring you lots of joy, I will be happy all through the day.

138. I want you to have a wonderful time. I love your lips and body. You have won my heart completely.

139. I just cannot tell why everything began to be all right since the day you came into my life—this is a sign that you are one of the most beautiful treasures on the earth.

140. You are my gazelle and the most beautiful flower of a rose. You mean my life to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

141. I wish you a precious Monday morning that will bring you lots of love in this world and the hereafter.

142. I am so pleased with you and then decided to pray for your success in anything you are doing. Happy Monday.

143. Life may be a little bit boring but when you are around me, it becomes the most adorable thing my heart desires.

144. You need to live your life to the fullest, make sure you are always happy with yourself, that’s the best for you.

145. I just want to tell you to work hard, take life simple and practice whatever you preach. Happy Monday.

146. Great to have a blessed lover like you, your efforts in my life makes me happy all the time.

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