Dee’s Inbox: I think my Mother is a Lesbian

i think my mother is a lesbian

I stumbled on her Whatsapp chat with a friend of hers, and I was shocked at what I saw, I think my mother is a lesbian really.

She thought she had already locked her phone not knowing that she failed to lock it when she gave it to me to charge for her. As soon as I plugged the phone to charge, the chats dropped in from the woman we all thought to be her best friend.

Do you miss me, she asked my Mom.

My mom responded ‘Yes’ and she also said, I wish he traveled this week so we can go to that location together. What you did to me the last time was crazy. Where did you learn that from?

Remember the video you sent to me on that hangout spot in town?? It drove me crazy, as  I watched the videos behind the scene. We could check that place out as well.

Then she said, Hell No! My husband will kill me if he discovers, I went there. We can only go there whenever they are not around, and I will try out those crazy styles on YOU.

I can’t wait for us to try new styles again!

I don’t understand, I think she is either a lesbian or she is bi-sexual.

What do I do? Should I report to my dad, or discuss with my Mom?





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