Diamond Jubilee: Happy Birthday Shout Out To A Rare Gem

Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations from all of us on Deedeesblog to an amazing woman and a rare gem.

An author of “Marriage is NOT a Trap” and founder of The Right Fit Marriage Academy, Modupe works with men and women to intentionally design and build for themselves healthy and long-lasting marriages.

Modupe is a Certified SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) Facilitator. A Certified Family Systems Engineering Practitioner, she works with other industry professionals to restore dignity to human relationships in marriage and family life. She is happily married in an interethnic marriage to Boniface, her husband of over 30 years.

We celebrate her today just as she celebrated herself on Facebook with these words:

It’s my 60th birthday today.

I have been alive and healthy now for 60 years.

I have had the privilege of formal education as well as informal education through interaction with other people, with books, in travel, in exposure via satellite TV and internet access.

God blessed me with rich intellectual capacity, and an ability to think deeply.

He blessed me with resilience, a capacity to stick with things and not give up so easily.

He blessed me with the knowledge of Him and His ways, and an ability to step back and look at things from His perspective.

When I woke up this morning, I spent some time to review my life in the last 60 years.

There are things about me that only God and I know.

I am who I am today because God chose to have mercy on me and made me a recipient of His grace.

He could have thrown me away in frustration and in anger. He chose not to.

Instead, He has over the years patiently worked in me and with me to become the person you know and admire.

Have I worked hard in life? Yes, I have. Yet I know many who worked as hard as me, even more than me, who don’t have the results to show for it. I know many who are smarter than me but who weren’t privileged to have the opportunities I have had.

I was born some twenty months before Nigeria got her independence.

My knowledge of my life helps me to be patient with our dear nation.

60 years is a long time in the life of a woman and of a nation.

Yet I know at 60, that I am just learning some skills which are basic. It helps me to be patient with Nigeria.

I am confident that God has a gift for me today. The election of a President that will move our nation forward.

Do I know who that President is? No.

Do I trust God and His ways? Yes.

Happy birthday to me.

From all of us at DeedeesMedia, we celebrate you Ma and we pray for long life and prosperity. Happy Diamond Jubilee. Happy Celebrations!

Adetola DeeDee
For The Team


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