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From Telegram With Love: This Social Media Love Story Is Everything

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When Sheye and Dara met on The Single For Wedlock (SFW) MatchMaking platform on Telegram, no one gave them a chance to find love on social media, and yes, they DID!

In an age where there is a shift in the mentality of millennials as to whether LOVE can be found online, these lovebirds confirmed once again that YES, this is possible!

We celebrated them by having Adetola Deedee shoot their Pre-Wedding pictures where the bride went all natural. They also took time to share their love story with us.

Before we get into the love story, check out some of their pre-wedding images below:


Now, let’s get down to their Naija love story:

One evening 9 months ago, while going through my Telegram chat feed and I saw messages from him. He dropped the messages and disappeared. We both belonged to a matchmaking group, Single For Wedlock on Telegram, so he came from the group to chat me up in Private Message.

He didn’t mince words to ask if I was single or taken as he was interested in me. As a sharp girl, I decided to check him out on his profile, but truthfully, I didn’t like the picture of him that I saw.

My attraction was not immediate because at first, I did not like his person because I thought he was a bit short.

The attraction for him was immediate, even before we met physically, but it wasn’t so for me.

Speaking of Determination and Resilience

Hubby was really resilient, calm and very patient during the hellish period. I was just a bully and I tormented him so much cos I wanted him off my case, but baba remained focused.

About men on the SFW MatchMaking forum:

I only met one other person aside hubby. Our meeting was insightful and fun. We met once more and after the 2nd meeting, we mutually went our separate ways.

What I saw in my husband

I saw beyond the look and focused on the person and I can say my man is annoyingly awesome.

How was meeting your husband’s family, introduction, planning for the wedding?

Hmmmn, it was really demanding and stressful and it involved a lot of plannings, phone calls and traveling especially for hubby. In the end, it was worth it.

What advice do you have for singles who are still searching for our missing ribs

Err… from my point of view, be prayerful, draw the lines where necessary so emotions aren’t conflicted with reasoning. Above all, open your eyes and talk the talk. Discuss everything when you eventually meet the one. So for hooked and unhooked members alike, I’ll say we keep an open mind, be truthful and be prayerful while not forgetting that communication is key

Husband – Sheye had this to say about their love story

I joined SFW 3 years ago. The pairing programme back then, had me linked with some ladies, most didn’t work out based on religious and personal reasons from both parties, and also tribal reasons from one of the Igbo ladies I was paired with.

Yeah, it all started like a year and 8 months ago. I was just scrolling through the member list of SFW. I saw her, I scrolled past, I came back to her again and sent her an offline message because she wasn’t online at that time. When she eventually came online, she replied and we got talking and things started from there.

We both proposed a meeting on neutral ground since we needed to see each other at least.

To me, I was engulfed by what I saw but took my time to let the love grow.

Were there challenges in the relationship?

Yes, there were challenges because she is a temperamental person. So the moment she starts her thing, I take calmly with her so that we can resolve it amicably.

How long did you date before the proposal?

We dated for 8 months before I proposed to her.

Advise for singles

My advice for singles looking up to this is to be patient and allow the will of God to be of great paramount.

Have you heard about the SFW MatchMaking Platform?

The Dara and Sheye love story is one of the many testimonies of the Singles For Wedlock (SFW) Matchmaking Platform.

Just like other marriages from the platform, theirs was a fruitful union monitored by the administrators and conveners of the platform, with constant check-on, relationship advice and inputs with counsels to help the couples surmount challenges they may encounter when courting.

SFW popular slogan reads:

We not only help you to find the ONE, we also help you as you prepare to spend the rest of your life with that person. This mandate not only stands SFW out from other singles platform, it helps in building a society of love and affection.

The SFW platform is committed to bringing more singles over the world together with sophisticated matching and dating methods.

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