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Do You Need a Private Investigator?

Private Investigator

Do you really need a Private Investigator? The world we live in is becoming more unsafe each decade. Now that’s understating the facts – actually the world gets more unsafe by the day. There are cruel people among us. So doing a due diligence on relationships, every sort of relationship, requires the services of an investigator. Quite a number of people haave requested from us on the need of a private investigator and we decided to share this.

It is for these reasons that we have investigators, men and women who have spent hundreds, even thousands of hours receiving training. The benefits of their specialization cuts across so many areas of our life.

Let us consider some of the very important reasons why you should engage the services of an investigator.

Spousal Infidelity

Some of the most frequent employers of private investigators are spouses who are under the suspicion that their mates are having an affair. The rising statistics of divorces attest to this. A private investigator can follow a suspected spouse around, take pictures of them, make video coverages.

They gather information about the affair and analyze it. In the end they provide proof of infidelity or none. Perhaps you feel that you that your spouse may be cheating on you. Of so, you need a private investigator.

Do you need your spouse to be investigated on the grounds of infidelity. We can surely help you with this!

Someone’s Gone missing

When someone goes missing suddenly, maybe a relative, a husband or a wife is suspected to have eloped with a lover, and those concerned need closure, they need a private investigator. Often times, family members have no idea where to begin their search. But a private investigator almost always does.

Of course, when someone is missing for more than a reasonable period, then relatives or friends ought to report the case to the nearest police station. Some have gone further to make their own arrangements, they consult with a private eye. Trained investigator knows where to begin looking, what to look for and how to approach leads. It is such an arduous undertaking that requires expertise.

Child Custody

Child custody cases are usually grueling, emotionally and physically, to say the least. Courts require compelling and admissible facts. The parent involved can definitely not go through the process of fact finding and gathering of information the way a trained investigator would do it. Sometimes it requires traveling across state lines just gather information that a parent needs.

Background Checks

And here we mean any sort of background checks from employment purposes to marriage proposals. This means that if a woman weren’t sure that the man that is proposing marriage is what they say they are, are from where they claim to be from, the services of a private investigator comes in handy.

Employers often do private checks on prospective employees. They want to know if the contents on a resume matches the real life of the intern. If you are an employer you would want to do background checks on potential employees to find out if they have criminal records or if they have ha it’s that may make them unsuitable for your establishment.

In Case of a Fraud

Fraud and embezzlement of funds are common in companies. When it happens executives often don’t know how it was done, who did and where the money has gone. Private investigators are called upon to look into the matter.

Private investigator can uncover misrepresentations by staff, dubious transactions, fictitious assets, and bad payments. They can trace offshore accounts, follow money trails and discover the perpetrators of embezzlements.

Insurance Investigation

Every year, billions of dollars is lost to false claims in insurance. This results in extra cost for everyone. Insurance companies have to employ the service ices of private investigators to check if claims are properly represented.

Insurance frauds are referred to insurance investigators by insurance adjuster or examiners. Claim investigators look into the background of claimants, witnesses, and anyone else who has made a statement regarding the case at hand, much like medical professionals or police officers. The aim is to find out if the claim is deceitful, false or inflated.

Case of Identity Theft

According to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), 17.6 million people in the US experience some form of identity theft each year. Identity theft victims lost a whopping $15.4 billion in 2014.

Not all profile on social media like facebook or Instagram are truly owned by the owners of the name. Sometimes fraudsters pick a name and assume the identify of the owner, they then use the social media accounts to defraud unsuspecting users of the media.

You may need a private investigator if you suspect that someone may have stolen your identity. It is important to hire an investigator to help you know the extent of damage.

When you are Stalked

This happens often in some countries. In the US for example, about 1.5 million people are stalked yearly. In case you feel vulnerable because someone is following you around —if you are sure that someone isn’t a private investigator— then it is time to take charge of the situation before it spirals out of control. So many crimes are committed right after a person is stalked for a period of time. It is also important to make sure that police is informed too if someone is stalking you.

Verification of documents

For one reason or the other you may feel that a document is not authentic but there is no way for you to verify this. Especially if the origin of the document is international. Cost of traveling alone is enough to discourage such a move.

Hiring an international investigator is your best solution. And there are investigators with licenses that allows them to operate in several countries. They verify passports, international documents every time.

International Employee Verification

This is for employers seeking to hire employees of foreign nationalities. This goes beyond standard background checks. This usually requires a set of special skill on the part of investigators. This international checks in order to avoid certain risks associated with foreign laws and relations. A company may have to contract international investigator to do a thorough and holistic check on employees from countries of origin different from the employers own.

Investment Scam

Thanks to the internet, investment scams are now a dime a dozen. This schemes are usually situated in countries like China, United Arab Emirates etc. Fraudulent websites, fake companies now target private individuals, and occasionally, big corporations.

Before doing business with companies both virtual and physical, companies are advised to do due diligence by having private investigators do a background check on the prospective business partner.

Dating Scam Risk

Yes even in dating you may need the services of a private investigator. The online dating industry is a booking one. If you can create a social media profile and post photos so easily, then scammers and internet criminals can too. Some have several accounts on social media for the purpose of defrauding others.

Before going ahead with a business transaction on social media, for a sizable amount of money with someone you have never met, it makes a great deal of sense to have the prospective partners investigated.

If You Need someone to be served a Subpoena

Sometimes people actively avoid being found. They deliberately get lost and stay that way. In a divorce case for instance, the spouse seeking divorce may not have the other mate’s contact anymore, or they may not know where their live. Consequently it becomes almost impossible for the court to serve that mate.

A private investigator can locate such persons. They can find new addresses used by the person, they can find property belonging to them that can be helpful in a divorce case.

You need to locate property

Also in divorce cases, people often hide the exact circumstances of their properties. Private investigators can research the current number of property they have and where the properties are located. Additionally, they can analyze mortgage information pertaining to property holdings.

They can also identify a party’s property transactions. They may also help determine the current fair market value of different types of property, including real property. If a party has filed bankruptcy, a private investigator can retrieve and analyze records related to the bankruptcy.

If one of the parties owns a business, the private investigator may analyze corporate records, assess the value of business and determine whether any business assets have been sold for below fair market value. They may help identify bank account information and foreign assets.

Collection of Evidence

In many civil cases, you may need to know more about the other side. In divorce cases, you may want to investigate whether your spouse has been unfaithful. Private investigators may conduct surveillance or review certain other information to help uncover an improper relationship. If the marriage was entered into fraudulently, a private investigator may locate marriage and divorce records and filings.

In order to research child custody cases, private investigators may talk to individuals about who is actually providing care and supervision of the children. With the advent of social media, private investigators may also look on professional social networks and other social media presence to help uncover useful information. They may also look on message boards for pertinent posts.

Private investigators may conduct surveillance in person by taking photographs of the other party and track his or her movements. In some cases, mobile or electronic surveillance may be conducted to track his or her movements.

The decision to hire a private investigator should be strongly considered if you are in any of the above situations.

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