Don’t Be An “Accidental Side Chick”

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Guess Who? It’s Instagram Love Doctor, Joro Olumofin dropping nuggets of wisdom on being an accident side chick. Read on:

This Journal Is Inspired By An Incident That Happened To A Female Friend Of Mine. She’s been happily dating a guy for 9 months and to her shock, she ran into this guy, her “So-Called Boyfriend” at a friend’s church with his wife and 3 sons all wearing matching colors attending a thanksgiving service. She’s been emotionally drained and most importantly asking herself ‘how did this happen to her?’ Because she didn’t know he was married.

Ladies don’t be a Sheep in a World full of Wolves. This being said, when you meet a guy who has taken an interest in you, don’t go into that relationship on “face validity” alone. Do a proper research on him, what a Psychologist would call “Construct Validity” I.e thorough search, bring out your inner FBI and CIA, don’t bother if you look like a stalker, you’re looking out for yourself. Google his name, check your mutual friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any social media. Ask these mutual friends about him, his past relationships, etc you’ll be surprised what you may find out. And for those who didn’t do any research on their man and are dating him already, here are some red flags to look out for to know if he’s married or has another Girlfriend.

  • Any guy who continuously doesn’t answer his phone or reply messages past 9pm.
  • Any guy who has the perfect excuse for you not meeting his friends or family members for a long period of time
  • Any guy who never wants to go anywhere public like a mall, cinema, beach etc. always private bars or guest house
  • Any guy who tries to replace time spent with you with gifts and money
  • Any guy who doesn’t update pictures on Whatsapp or any social media “too coded guys” ( you can’t know what they are up to
  • Any guy who disappears on his Birthday or Valentine’s Day in the name of a business trip.
  • All these are red flags you should look out for.

Ladies, you don’t want to have an imaginary boyfriend or be with someone who has a family somewhere. The most important factor here is TIME. You don’t want to lose years or months of your life in an imaginary relationship that won’t bare any fruits.

This post drew a lot of reactions on Instagram. Men and ladies all had a thing to say. Check the comments out:

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    My inner FBI self de try sha, but some guys are correct CIA.. Their own na die


  • luchiworld88

    In nigeria, there are professional liars , with PHD in chop and clean mouth technology


  • chinwendu_caius

    Uncle Joro🙌🙌


  • onuohaikechukwu

    My brother, they can’t catch us, because we condition them to see what we want them to see,this ladies,all they want is free expensive gift,and bank alerts,they are emotionally unstable that they need us to constantly remind them that they are beautifully made all the time, which is no biggie, it is very easy to influence them with physical things including cash,and who told you they don’t see the signs, yes they do, but we make them so weak, that all that is left of them is to flow with the tide, though some do find out,but the strong feelings they have developed from the reaction of our physical influence is so deep like a habit that has defined you, and the only way to free them is to stop those actions, you see the power still lies in us,that is why you hear them say I have falling in love with a married man,confused because they can’t differentiate between love and feelings, love is action,it requires you to think b4 you act, feeling is a reaction to someone else’s action towards you,it doesn’t give you time to think, you react to impulse,it dies when the action stops,so long as there are so many reactive minded women,that are emotionally dependent,we are still in control.


  • babycakesvanessa__

    Too long 😭 only read the first part ☹️💔


  • nonsma_lyon

    Joro tbh sometimes all these doesn’t count… Most of these girls want they r/lships private


  • jewelriesdeal

    @fadizy yes oooo🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • oladapoogunmodede

    @alibras257@joroolumofin At the expense of another person’s emotions??? Stuff like this have wrecked some women emotionally…. I will rather men be open to whoever they choose to scope. You and I know girls will still rush married guys… Not all ladies will.


  • iamdupedollar

    @hadehola_ah Osheey Aquarius baby


  • eldorado_bby

    You must have sense if you choose to be wit me… I don’t like what I hate 😂


  • whurahorla

    Perfecto 👌


  • lilian_austin_

    Thanks joro for this


  • sylviachineze

    Unless u don’t fully invest in ur relationships or love dey blind you. If u are dating a married man u will know..


  • madiva_scent

    Smelling good is good business😊😊😊
    Walk into that room smelling great and get your deals done 👌👌
    Order for your perfume oils from us today 😘


  • isi_ihenyen

    @joroolumofin well written. This could work for those living in Lagos. But for babes in Port Harcourt, only number 5 is a red flag. PH is where the real Yoruba demons live. All the Yoruba guys here are single and the aforementioned wouldn’t be red flags save for number 5, even some have 2 whatsapp lines 🙄🙄. You can even live with them in their apartment and meet family members and even talk with some over the phone. They take you to the mall and any other public place. You spend their birthdays and valentine with them. If they have 2 whatsapp lines, sorry, you won’t trace number 5 unless you decide to check their phones.


  • im_idologbe

    Thanks for this 🙏


  • folayins

    @olvmiposi 😂😂😂😂


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  • joyceteiye

    @joro, I m around Gwarinpa in case you check in…


  • zoedracks

    Bless up


  • cadillac_ivy

    👀 👀


  • tilllie_twinkles

    Number 5 👌😂


  • bellarukkz

    @joroolumofin Thank you 💟


  • doveymall

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  • hadehola_ah

    @iamdupedollar u re wcm fellow Aquarius


  • real_iphie

    And also a guy who does not take u to his house, but always lodges u in a hotel.


  • kandiekikugan

    This almost happened to me in 2012. Thank God I decided to chat with a mutual friend whom I met him through (on Facebook) the girl told me he was married with kids. When I confronted him, he first denied then cooked up stories that she was just a baby mama. The best way to get into a good relationship is through match making from trustworthy family or friends or old friends whom you can trace their backgrounds Nigeria don bad o


  • rosyemmanuels

    Chia and to think these men has daughters. One thing is sure what you sew you will reap and your offspring can never be left out even if you manage to get away with it .always treat ppl the way if it was you in there shoes would want to be treated.


  • sam_bode_kellman

    @funmiii_lade u really into this right?


  • rosyemmanuels

    One thing is sure the signs will always be there from his attitude and the way he anwers call at odd ours.if he like he should not be on social media if a guy has a skeleton up his sleeve you will know if you really want to know.


  • jot_collections

    Hehehehehehe 🙄


  • princesspelumi1

    @olvmiposi 😂😂😂😂😂


  • stephanie.ezeani

    True Joro!!!!!


  • iamshafau

    Uhmmmm…. 💏


  • princesspelumi1

    @emma_nuel_lah 😂😂😂😂


  • idong__ee

    Haha! Thats men for you. Bro😂 For me, i gave up on them, long time ago. Nowadays i use them the way i 💜👏👏. Na wetin fit them be that.


  • _iamprettygold



  • obiokoluchi

    those who have ears let them hear



  • ayodeji_ceo

    Hahaha! Nigerians are smart now and it swings both ways. If a lady doesn’t want you to know you won’t and if a man doesn’t want you to find out.


  • obiokoluchi

    those who have ears let them hear


  • ayodeji_ceo

    I did all these and trust me, I am still very much of a big learner. Women are terrible and very smart. It’s hard to get a cute lady with good character that is loyal.


  • lariahil

    @olvmiposi 🤣🤣


  • mimi_k_collection_

    Ok ooh 😮


  • ayodeji_ceo

    @thehairculture_ loool! What if someone falls in love with you?


  • ayodeji_ceo

    @oomotilewa oh his mother? How beautiful


  • myhealthandi

    @joroolumofin do you know I’ve heard of a guy who wasn’t guilty of all these highlighted red flags and more and until his death that it was revealed he had 2 homes…. 2wives and kids from each home. The first wife till date just can’t fathom it and unfortunately can’t get answers as to how he was able to pull it off.. So na only who God help jare with you men….


  • myhealthandi

    @fadizy 👌👌👌


  • callmeapeke



  • realestedogirl

    Na God go save person from some men


  • thehairculture_

    @ayodeji_ceo if he’s not the one for me, God will scatter it


  • ceentia_

    What if he is always dre when needed???


  • amytreasure04

    Thanks for this priceless piece, God bless u more@joroolumofin


  • ice___queen20

    @sandy_nene you’re right tho


  • ronnkky

    Some people still have PHD in Pretense.


  • ice___queen20

    Some of we girls do see this signs and still stay,and be hoping he will change one day. So majority of we girls are the cause of problem, take it or leave it


  • rejoiceamaihe

    This is so true


  • obiokoluchi

    uncle joro y u dey waste ur energy. some pple’s ears do not function😁😂😂😂😂 side chicks dat give birth to side babies😂 that’s all they will ever be. some ladies dnt know how it feels to be owners and not subscribers😂😂😂


  • rejoiceamaihe

    This is so true


  • i_n_n_j

    Even if a guy takes you to meet his ancestors, it still doesn’t mean you’re a major shareholder. If I don’t have money for cinema, wetin man go do? Man’s don’t wanna wash plate in wakkis😂. Biko Joro rapu m this afternoon, aguu ji m


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  • malkia_thamani

    @molon23 yessssss😯😚😚


  • ruin_the_gram

    I never update my WhatsApp or any other social media, I don’t go out at all, I don’t take calls after 9pm cos I’m playing video games with friends or smoking or sleeping…you might as well conclude I’m married



  • ikeudolisa

    Ojoro there are still some girls here that likes the side chic position. As far as the goodies are coming in.


  • iranwoe

    @thehairculture_ Importanter Prayer 🙏🙏


  • yes_im__omiho

    @qualityent90 fact 💯💯💯💯


  • memphisdmenance

    What about side guys na


  • funmiii_lade

    @olabusoyebanwo 😂😂😂😂


  • funmiii_lade

    @lyrically_dope goals baby 👅


  • funmiii_lade

    @olawummy_92 my dear guys are scum I once had a similar experience and it’s crazy


  • funmiii_lade

    @sandy_nene when money is involved..we women can do and undo😂😂….


  • sandy_nene

    @funmiii_lade exactly 😅😅 money controls


  • layi.s

    Were ni bobo Joro yi oh 😂


  • funmiii_lade

    @sheilababy4real money over feelings my sister😂😂😂


  • siddeeyone

    No 5 is just plain dumb😁😂… But then what do I know? I’m not the psychologist.


  • funmiii_lade

    @emma_nuel_lah I swear were ni everybody😢


  • funmiii_lade

    @ikeudolisa walahi…if money constant ehn no shaking😂😂


  • funmiii_lade

    @ruin_the_gram plus you’ve not uploaded any damn thing on your page


  • funmiii_lade

    @ice___queen20 my dear once money is constant you fucking ignore a lot of things😢…ladies can go through a hell lot bcos of money


  • ruin_the_gram

    @funmiii_lade yeah but I can happily share my pics privately


  • funmiii_lade

    @ruin_the_gram I’m waiting😂


  • thehairculture_

    @iranwoe as in ehn 😂


  • ice___queen20

    @funmiii_lade that’s why it’s good for a lady to make her own money. Very necessary.


  • bae_pwerry

    Gos bless u @joroolumofin ,,u just opened my eyes


  • agathag2

    😂😂😂som wil stil take u out on dates….e.g dey stay in ikorodu, bt takes u out in ikeja…


  • certified_mohyeen

    @qualityent90 this is d main issue 💯


  • tim_timmy123

    Joro are you kidding us or you are just trying to be funny? You are advising people that have already set their minds on dating married men. Abeg e do pls.


  • chomypretty

    @ruin_the_gram you’re a suspect 🤣🤣


  • ruin_the_gram

    @chomypretty 😂😂😂 unfortunately I don’t socialise with this account…just to keep up with world events…only a dunce that would entertain dm convos with accounts like this.


  • lyrically_dope

    @funmiii_lade but Las Las i know ur kidding Sha


  • ikeudolisa

    @funmiii_lade i appreciate you honesty. No mind some pretenders and hypocrites wey full this place. But make you know say money no go always dey constant. But you self go feel as the money😁😁 dey come.


  • merrybelz

    Hmmmm. It is well.


  • ms__wunmi

    @fadizy m telling u


  • ms__wunmi

    @olvmiposi 😁😁


  • nanisucre

    So on point


  • ms__wunmi

    @monsior_hope simple as dat


  • milesmelly

    You’ve post this before or guess I have read it somewhere before


  • adetolaa2

    Joro for president!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


  • uju_glory2207

    @okwarajiaku_esther@ebony_tochi come over here guys..these tips are the real deal😲




  • simply_layo

    @olvmiposi 😀😁😂


  • bishopborrows

    Unku Joro ur number 5 point is a total bullshit…. what d heck do u mean. So if I don’t put a display picture on my WhatsApp page then I have something to hide. Where d hell did u get that from?


  • zeeyposh

    @oomotilewa 😂😂. All these names for one person. Haba


  • alibras257

    @oladapoogunmodede I knw why I said that… most of them knows from the start and they’ll still fall eventhough they know the status simply because of materials thing they get in such relationship


  • tuyefa_hg

    @xyt07 hmmm. Do you engage in this ridiculous act as well. Why are you hissing….


  • oladapoogunmodede

    @alibras257well….. Maybe sha


  • tuyefa_hg

    @olvmiposi The ones that easily talk about Marriage, saying they want to Marry me, we’ve not started dating, they are just desperate, they want enter my Brain with Marriage… And there is this particular Guy, anytime, we are discussing something, he’ll always want to talk about relationships & Marriage, but I know all these tactics, it ain’t gonna for me.


  • mjay21_



  • tuyefa_hg

    @monsior_hope Some Guys only use WhatsApp…. No face book, no Instagram or whatsoever…. They might have, but you’ll not see anything to catch them with.. .


  • lagbajuwon

    @dishoutt why did u claim u love her


  • dishoutt

    @lagbajuwon isn’t the answer obvious? 🤷‍♂️


  • rosieeffiong

    On point Sir


  • lagbajuwon

    @dishoutt its obvious and that is why i also asked that why can’t you if truly u love ur woman, its no ish for u to show her.



  • olayinkaogungbe

    Men should just stop lieing Biko.


  • dishoutt

    @lagbajuwon joro said I must update pictures not just show her a picture


  • tuyefa_hg

    @onuohaikechukwu You’re a Pro🙌…You’ve actually been doing magic on the brains on Women…Natural Magic. You’re right to some extents. Well, Love has Four Eyes, its not Blind…. its more practical not foolish


  • dapioneerink

    50% true 👌


  • lagbajuwon

    @dishoutt smh u just looking for excuse so updating her picture on ur Various Sm is now a problem, the whole gist that joro is saying is that if u love someone u will want everyone around to know the person even thru ur conversation with others when She is not there, She will be part of u in a way that u wont feel oblige to show her to ppl take more of updating her picture once a while.


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  • morolabola

    Baba niyen 🙌


  • dishoutt

    @lagbajuwon I don’t think you correctly understood what he meant by updating pictures



  • tebellz

    Anyone that will give me rest of mind that’s what I will be, both side and main chick


  • bigg_jai

    @oomotilewa . So he was deceiving his mother so she could be his sidechick ?


  • uniquekeller

    In a situation where by he is not in the same state with his family and spends all his vacation with you celebrated his birthday with you …jnshort any little time he has he is with you how can you even suspect his married cos you will be like he is always with me😥😥😥


  • uniquekeller

    @fadizy asin eh my dear loud it for ppl at the back to hear🙌🙌🙌😒😒


  • uniquekeller

    @8ttylee ah it’s used to happen to men too?😱😱😱


  • micki_slim

    I’m a young man of 25 years old, I’m very fun to be with and I know how to take care of a woman, I need someone who’s done playing for a relationship or friendship… Feel free to dm me , I’ll always talk to you … Thank you


  • uniquekeller

    @monsior_hope God bless you for this oooo…them married men have upgrade tey tey


  • ehibyson

    Reasons why I can’t commit myself into any relationship…….. Ones beaten forever shy


  • folumagnolia

    And let the church say AMEN 👏👏👏


  • itz_quinomy

    Typical Yoruba Demon! 💯


  • odira_samuel

    @olawummy_92 Are you kidding me😨😳😨😳. People get mind sha


  • hrh_sulang

    Nice One👏🏻


  • stylish_simi

    Noted 🏃


  • bosslady9400

    I just wish this girls will learn


  • iamossy

    They will not hear, they will still slide into ya DM with dear joro …..


  • dubian_porch

    I need husband must be a muslim


  • _2ndson

    *loooonnnnggg yawn. #story.


  • orangemakeovers

    Everybody is a saint on Joro 🤨🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️


  • aminatgift

    It’s really an eye opener to me. Thanks @ joroolumofin


  • phoenixesta

    God bless Joro olumofin


  • princessbyroyalty

    You don’t even know the rules,these are outdated jare🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️


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    Well said


  • sindebol

    This is serious, my experience tho😥😰


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    @joroolumofin You have said well 💋i agree 💯💯


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    @oomotilewa 😂😂😂😂


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    May thunder fire them all😈😂😁😂🤑


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    Very true 👌👌


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    Dis has to be ur best picture yet 👌👌👌


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    They don’t even lie about their marital status again nah, some unfortunate girls like them married #karmaisabitch


  • jenniekokosparks

    Can we please have a list on how to generate more income .. tired of all these things 😭😭


  • xyt07

    @tuyefa_hg I’d have given you a response but I’ll ignore since you don’t understand sarcasm


  • nchiamaka

    My fbi & CIA is always at alert 🚨


  • ___ewatomilola___

    My ex was married and I never knew,he was perfection so these things might not be detectable on time ,someone that calls till midnight


  • omoge_tii_oworry

    Now I remember some lies I got fed with 2yrs ago ………… Brother was always shopping for me and his cousins , each time he’s out of the country………….then Boom! He got one of those he called cousins pregnant ………….. later I got pics from friends that Brother got married to who he called his cousin, during semester exams that year…………. Dear Joro, some people are just programmed for cheating…….. that’s their calling in this life……. I don’t have strength for FBI or Policing of a lover….


  • diaryofacheatingnaijawife

    Lol… Number two only works for the friends part only if they are not birds of the same feather…. If they are?… Omo… Na oyo u dey


  • diaryofacheatingnaijawife

    @funmiii_lade is this to a specific inclination or could be side chic to a woman as well?


  • diaryofacheatingnaijawife

    @ruin_the_gram love ur name too… Ruin it all😂


  • funmiii_lade

    @diaryofacheatingnaijawife I could be to a woman as well my dear


  • tomi_ajoke

    Sounds true and familiar


  • olvmiposi

    @tuyefa_hg 😹🤣🤣😂😂😂 Tell him to take a covenant with you 🤣


  • berica20

    Genuine relationships are so hard these days


  • 0luwabusola

    @oomotilewa 😂 akure , my state….dont mind him fah and we aint that bad


  • yorhmie

    @joroolumofin thanks for all that you do and say….


  • kanyinsolax

    On Point 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾


  • wasberlt

    Lol me and sister just discussing this.


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  • glorichimma



  • queenesther0443

    😂😂😁 @joroolumofin all these thibgs don’t work no more. Guys will go to the beach, church, cinema, everywhere and anywhere with you. Call you and send you messages until 1am, have four different Instagram and Facebook accounts , spend every special occasion with you and you will meet their parents/friends and you won’t know they are married until they confess. I have wondered several times if it’s a Dissociative Identity Disorder something or just a spiritual matter. In this life that we are living now, all we need is the Holy spirit and we simply ask him for the spirit of discernment. What is happening these days has pass FBI and CIA things. Ladies – stay woke!


  • osavbiepatience

    @fadizy am telling u


  • farteeema

    @joroolumofin 🤣🤣🤣I doubt you’ve met most 21st century guys. It is not by this one. A devil that wants to be a devil will be a devil.


  • rita_nenye

    OK oo Father Lord na inside ur hand we dey.


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    We specialize in transforming your skin into a very exquisite and unblemished one using organic products.


  • joychisom

    Thanks Joro


  • lahrhy_1

    @tebellz can I give u a hug? Lol. You have chosen happiness.


  • thaymiet

    @tolusweetheart can u remember this number 6. I dnt know I was going to be around on my birthday 😂😂😂 lmaooo ifuknowuknow. So funny


  • faithys_kitchen

    On point


  • tebellz

    @lahrhy_1 you can happiness comes first


  • miss_social20

    All this advice na story God pls order my foot step


  • _blaq_chinese

    @uju_glory2207 Nnem I have seen it oo


  • miss_social20

    @sam_bode_kellman I just went through the profiles of d girls dat liked the comment, this re d young girls destroying families


  • joy_nwaigwe

    @olvmiposi 😂😂😂


  • hard.current

    Very interesting handout of advice. But a player is a player. And them go still scatter your dada


  • mi_lahh_

    Some FBI shii 😂😂


  • faraanana09

    @monsior_hope one can have multiple accounts and play according the to the rules of the games according to whom it is they want to deceive at the moment which is their wife or the girlfriend… Every new guy is a suspect to me ..


  • sam_bode_kellman

    @miss_social20lol… I even forgot to check them… O yea u right. 😁😁


  • officializehiuwa

    4 of those listed shit happened korokoro in my eyes, the eyes never still clear, God help us.


  • nellyubabaubelebi

    @qualityent90 I don’t think i agree on this,fine most ladies want everything already made,but the craziest lady dating someone’s husband still do finding about him knowing fully well he can’t marry her.guys have just step up their game,If we start our CIA skill you guys will start calling us stalker or desperado,so we just play stupid for peace to reign.


  • adeekotope



  • tohirat_couture

    Thank was how one white girl was asking me if I know anybody who’s name is kunle?I denied because mi o fe akoba. So there for asking about someone from mutual friends does not matter sometimes ki olorun ma so wa!


  • bukolaolowolafe

    Great advice Joro 👏


  • loveadeleye

    @oomotilewa since he’s a single father he could be a single husband too now😁😀😀


  • mikkyjk

    Uncle joro, my weekend was terrible; i got to find out my ex ( we broke up on friday) was dating someone else all along.


  • mikkyjk

    He even denied me in the presence of the other lady. I felt weak and terrible, some guys are mean, so mean


  • the_3nity



  • iam_dazzlingbeauty

    Well said. 😘


  • odeliastrong

    I did all these but I still ended up one


  • murphydollar_

    @olawummy_92 this one loud.. Some guys are very desperate


  • itz_olunifemi

    Only God can save ladies… Some parent know their son’s side chick and u will never hear it from them that he is married


  • de_to_shoes

    @olvmiposi 😄😄😄


  • de_to_shoes

    I read pipu attitude alot o….


  • deedee_donald

    @dishoutt yes sir. You must.


  • deedee_donald

    @onuohaikechukwuso proud of yourself huh?


  • brianahanotu

    Construct validity🤣, throw big English.


  • gecheez

    @monsior_hope God bless u bro


  • uncle_papz

    @olvmiposi hahahah…i dey tells you


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    @murphydollar_ that one is more than desperation. That guy is evil personified


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    @fadizy some can even call you by 12 midnight😀😀😀😀


  • murphydollar_

    @anonymouslynigerianI swear, that is very bad


  • v_veez

    @uniquekeller yes it does 🤣I heard of one. D guy didn’t know his babe is married


  • onuohaikechukwu

    @deedee_donaldAunty wetin I do now?


  • onuohaikechukwu

    @uncle_papzuncle,Heineken is my brand .


  • deedee_donald

    @onuohaikechukwuno nothing o. What do I know?


  • lexycrownofficial

    @8ttylee you are with me? He better do justice to that


  • lexycrownofficial

    Well said uncle joro, so tell them guys too, how can we avoid being an accidental boyfriend? How do we discover if the babe we call our own is busy doing bedroom service for another guy, since e no get meter, taink you.


  • wumioyin

    @dottiay Iffa give u dirty slap, u will vomit sense. Ijot 🙄🙄🙄


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    Awon players just got bursted 😆😆😆



  • cindy_bhee

    Thank you very much for this article, some men are terrible even when married,they are still looking for single girl’s life to damage,may God punished them,if only we girl can be wise enough not to fall for them.


  • dreh_frosh

    @natalicious4life 😂, that’s 21st century ladies for u


  • temiadebayo1

    Guys be smart, the list is vice versa, don’t dull, many of them ladies won’t be picking their calls once they are with u around past 9pm


  • temiadebayo1

    @onuohaikechukwu I can relate bro


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    @funmiii_lade side chick spotted. Awon senselessness is bad


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    Fall in love like a CID agent. Never fall in love blindly….gone are the days of asking IFA about


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    Fall in love but use your microscope, binoculars and google….its no longer wise to fall blindly!


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