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I Met My Husband In A Public Bus – Facebook Influencer

Facebook Influencer
Sex Expert and Facebook Influencer, Mo Darasayo celebrated her wedding anniversary recently, and shared how she met her husband on Facebook. The post which has since got a lot of her friends, fans and supporters talking is still generating a lot of reactions.

Check out her story below.

How we met

Facebook Influencer

I was doing my wakawaka on the 14th of November that year. It was Bestie’s birthday and I was gonna pull a surprise on her. I entered bus and this man on black shirt¬† entered right after me at the next bus stop.

In my mind, Dude is fine but in the outside of my mind this is my reaction. Let anyone not be feeling like fine man.

Then he started a conversation when I told the conductor i didn’t know where i was going. He replied ‘I know the place when we get there I’ll let you know’ osheyy Mr GPS. And he went further by asking for number.

The conductor won’t let me rest that day, saying gibberish about what i carry at my back and Uncle wouldn’t stop stealing glances. Eskis sir what are you lukinnnn?

Time to drop and Uncle didn’t ask that Conductor should gimme back my money or Dash me some money like we used to see it in Nollywood.

Bros are you sure I’m gonna pick your call laidis, why so stingy.

First call I was laughing and grinning like someone who just had her first orgasms.

Arrrghhh. Bros killed me with calls. I wasn’t his first love bhet my own love shark himmmmm. Kai, he would call and i won’t pick, sometimes pick up and be wasting his credit. But brethren I paid back all the recharge card in the other room.

First meeting after two weeks and Man was asking what we were?… Hian! How?

Bros take hanfan and blow yourself abeg Have you even toast me like bread? Affai tell you haff gree?

What are we? “We are nothing but pencils…”

The Proposal

I was frying some meat in the kitchen that day when Uncle came to beg for some. I gave him, he ate o. He asked for more. I rolled my eyes and was losing my small temper as per pe short people dey quick vex.

Uncle begged, i gave him, he now asked me to take some from his mouth. Lo and behold, a ring dropped inside my mouth. Uncle didn’t kneel down, no photographer… Nada! Is dah wan a proposal, he must re-do it.

Before I just open eyes and close I was already hanging legs. Stupid girl like me. Before I’ll say Jack Robinson Psalm haff hang.

Years down the lane, this is US.

We’re expecting more…. We hafunt complete. Nay, Twins is coming.

Letter to Husband on Our Anniversary

Dear Ayodele, Thank you for loving me and living with this kind of Woman specie. When i write about how caring you are it’s not for the gram. That’s who you truly are.

Thank you. Thank you.

And Happy Meeting Anniversary to Us

Our Story doesn’t have an end. It’s a Forever something.

It’s amazing how we met love in the strangest places. I met the one i share life with in Danfo. Yellow Danfo bus LMAO.

Say your prayers to the Family!

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