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50 Happy Wednesday Quotes and Sayings

happy wednesday quotes

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It’s mid week already, and you need to be sure that you will meet your weekly targets; at least you should be halfway done with that. Whether you have goals or commitments to reach to at the end of the week. Today will provide you with the foresight to determine whether you are on course with that or not. I have in here amazing Happy Wednesday quotes and sayings that will make you see why you need to continue to aspire to do more. As you go through the quotes, I hope that they get you inspired to the point of having to share with family, friends and loved ones.

My aim is to be the best version of myself. What’s yours? I hope these Happy Wednesday quotes will send you the vibes you need to continue to push harder and meet set targets. Happy Wednesday to you!

25 Inspirational Happy Wednesday Quotes

1 You are stronger than you think and know. Even when you are sad and in tears, and things are not working your way. You need to be able to put yourself in order by talking to yourself and saying ‘it will be well’ and that ‘you will turn out fine’

2 Sometimes you need the self reminder of who are you and what you intend to be. When the room is too hot and choking, just get out there and take a breath in of fresh air. You are special and you know it.

3 Stop overthinking things. It destroys mental capacity and capabilities. Do not allow your situation to be ruined just because you feel you have not thought enough and then you go ahead and overthink things. You are greater than just overthinking. Take a chill pill.

4 Don’t let anything or anyone in this world bring you down. You should not be a slave to the world, rather you should work towards being a master to them all.

5 My goal in this life is not to live forever, because there is a time when I will die. My aim is to create something that will live forever. That thing will never die!

6 You will always be filled with fear if you don’t get hurt. You can never learn, if you do not make mistakes. You can never be successful if you have never had a failure story.

7 Happiness is not for someone else but you. Happiness is not tomorrow but now. Happiness is not in other people but inside you.

8 Our aim is to find the shades of grey and colour in a black and white world. have you found yours already?

9 Keep being yourself, do not let the world change you from who you are. You should never bend your standards for people.

10 You need just one friend to share the who world with. It is not the number of friends you have that matters, it is the matter that you have placed in them that’s important.

11 Tomorrow can never be fair if you do not discard the pain of yesterday.

12 You have a lot of reasons to be happy. One of them is me.

13 Forget how old you are and live the life of your dreams.

14 Our objective in this life is to live happily. The way we all go about it might be different though.

15 Do not look at past and sigh in regret. What’s in the past is in the past. Enjoy the present, and make it so amazing that tomorrow it will become the past that will be thought about.

16 Time waits for no man. There is no time to say ‘no time’.

17 This is the best time for you to live your life to the fullest. One lost chance can never be recovered again.

19 This life is just like moving a bicycle from one place to the other. You need to be balanced to progress with it.

20 Don’t take life too seriously. You will just notice that you are wasting away in the attempt to be something of value. Life is easy, take it easy.

21 Living is made by what we can obtain, but life is made through the spirit of giving. Make a life today by giving.

22 Be grateful for being alive today. The sun is up and shining bright, the air is there and you can breath it in. Be thankful for the amazing gifts.

23 Whatever you are going through right now, put a smile on your way, no matter the condition.

24 One dream can change the world. It could be your dream that change the face of everything.

25 Mistake are part of what makes us human. Learn to acknowledge the mistakes you have made today because these are areas where your life lessons will be learned.

25 witty Happy Wednesday Quotes and sayings

26 When people tell you that you are not strong enough to achieve certain set objectives. Go ahead and tell them that you can. Show them that you CAN!

27 DO you know the only way you can be a winner- It is the self believe in you that say YES, you can DO it, even when no one believes in YOU.

28 This is the day for you to be greater, stronger, braver and unstoppable. You can achieve anything if and when you put your mind to it.

29 There is the power to achieve greatness in us. It is only for us to be able to see it and bring it out. Just one little thing, just a little step, just a little push and you will be amazed at the power sitting in you.

30 When you are strong, even in the weakness, people of the world will be shocked at the amount of strength you have inside of you.

31 You don;t measure a true hero by the strength he has in his body, but by the strength he has in his heart.

32 Life has this peculiar way of testing people. Have you been tested by life already? Or it’s an ongoing process for you. When life tests you, get the hell up and test life back!

33 Breathe in your strength and exhale your weakness.

34 You were brought into this life because God knows you have the strength to live it. No frets, no complaints. Live your life!

35 They will tell you it won’t work. You need to forget whatever it is they say and believe in the one thing that will make it work. YOU!

36 Sometimes the bad things that happen to us place us in the perfect position to receive the good things that are coming to us. Good things happens to those who wait.

37 You can never know the strength you have in you until being strong is the only option left for you.

38 When the world breaks you, do not be broken. Create the strength from the broken parts and become the best version of YOU.

39 You were never moulded to be sad, ashamed or depressed. You were created to have amazing victory.

40 Do not be scared of your scars. They will always be a part of you to remind you of how you struggled to attain success.

41 Don’t pray for it to be easy. It will never will. Just pray for the strength to hold sway during difficult times. That is the real easy part in a difficult world.

42 Fight until your future is bright.

43 You must embark on that journey no one said you can’t

44 You are not an epitome of what happened to you. You are the choice you choose to make of you!

45 Worrying too much does not stop the troubles of tomorrow from coming, Worrying saps you of all the strength you need to tackle tomorrow.

46 Run as fast as you can, and climb as high as your legs deem it.

47 Your hope of tomorrow should be greater than your fear of today. That is the only way you can breakthrough.

48 Leave your weaknesses to God and he will bestow strength on you.

49 You can do all things through the power of God in your life.

50 Call on God when you are weak, he will give you the strength you need to be strong.

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