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End Of The Year Prayer SMS, Messages, Wishes

end of the year prayer sms

Find below the end of the year prayer sms, end of the year prayer messages, amazing end of the year prayer sms, spiritual end of the year sms, end of the year quotes, end of the year wishes you need to end your year.

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End of the year prayer SMS

These end of the year prayer sms are just perfect for you:

1. In this new year, I will never lack. In this new year God will go before me. In this new year the glory of God will outshine all darkness in my life. I will be a winner in whatever I lay my hands on. I will never be a victim of danger or hurt. God will support me through my life journey. I am a conqueror.

2. When people are complaining, I will always be smiling because I know that God has got me, and he will always support me. When other despair I will be confident because my hope and faith is in God and I will never be afraid. The new year is mine for the taking. Happy new year.

3. You may actually think you are changing your calendar by moving from one year to the other, but look at it like that year where you are making a huge huge from one position to another. You are going to take that leap of faith because it is the plan of God for you. Sending my best new year wishes to you. Live in the grace of God and be the best version of you.

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4. Let your life be filled with all the loving and compassion that you can muster. Let your life be a testimony of God’s goodness. Let people see you and see God in your life. You are a testimony because God has made you so. Receive all the glory of the new year 2018. Say blessed and protected in God.

5. My prayer for you is the new year will be a year of success for you. You will be blessed beyond measure and just as you have risen from the lowest of all circumstances, you will continue to rise to surprise people because you’ve got a great God. Sending my warm new year wishes with love. Have a blast, God is with you already.

6. You will receive the blessings that is due to you in the new year. Direction from God that will never make you fall will be your portion. The peace of mind that is eternally sent will be yours. You will never fall sick this year. You will live to enjoy all the goodies of life that God has prepared for you. Take heed and believe in the word of God. You will never fail because it is tool late to fail for you.

7. I know the year was a special one for you, even this new year will be more special. God has already given you the opportunity to have a happy 2018, all you need to do is look at it and work it out. You will encounter favour wherever you go. Peace and prosperity will be yours. You will live happily for the rest of your life because that is your destiny from God. Have an amazing year ahead.

8. The new year comes with the hopes, aspirations, the energy and vigour to get it going, the belief that things are going to work well for you. The new year comes with the opportunities and the potentials for you. I pray that as you step into the new year, lines will begin to fall in beautiful places for you. You shall never lack anything good this new year. Rise and shine. Hold your own, God’s grace is on you already. Happy new year.

9. You are a gift that God has created specially, You are that one person that God has turned into a shining star. I send my new year wishes to you today that your shining star will never go dim, and that you will be a source of happiness and joy to anyone you come across. God has blessed you already. Go into the world and be the best version of yourself.

10. As we are about to end the year on an exciting note, I pray that you begin the new year on a super power note as well. The joy that God has given you will never diminish. This year will be a peaceful, exhilarating, special and prosperous year for you. Amen.

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11. Congratulations for making it into a new year. Yes we are in the new year already because I am sure we will both see the new year together. I pray that you find the joy you crave for so much entering into the new year. God will bless you so much that others will look at you and appreciate God for you. You are made to be great and your greatness will increase in the new year. Have a blast. God is with you already. Happy new year.

12. You will never have any cause to shed tears in this new year. The glory of God will always follow you wherever you go. You will encounter grace, favour and blessing. You will always outshine others because God is with you and your life will be a positive example to others. Amen.

13. As you press the log out button of this year and log into the new year, I pray that you encounter grace, blessings, success, goodness and mercies of the lord in whatever phase and situation. Just keep calm, God is with you already because you were born to be an enigma. Happy new year to you. Stay breezy.

14. Live the life of your dreams in this new year, stay positive, stay proactive and stay blessed. God will guide and direct your footsteps. That’s what he does, that’s what he will always do. My end of the year prayer for you is that you encounter goodness in every area of your life. Enjoy!

15. It is your time to shine and you will always shine. The blessings and favour of the almighty will never depart from you. Go into the year and prosper. Happy new year to you. Stay blessed.

Do you have other end of the year prayer sms, compliments of the season messages, or new year resolution quotes you want to share? Feel free to drop them, let’s pray into the new year together!

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