Last Sunday of The Year Quote – Do you have any quotes at all for the last Sunday of the year? Sometimes we need quotes that will drive us from one year to the other. Quotes that will be a source of motivation as we move in the new year. The last Sunday of the year should provide the perfect day and time for us to reflect on our activities of the last year. It is really that time to take an indepth review of how our year has been. I hope these quotes provide the insights and motivation you need to make your new year a banger. Have a safe and happy new year ahead.

Last Sunday of the year quote(s)

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1. Why tarry when all of the opportunities are before me. Why rest when I just have a little time to move. Why relent when all I have ever wanted was to fulfill destiny. Now is the time to re-engineer and re-invent, now is the time to recapture and reflect, now is the time to push harder and higher. The new year is mine for the taking. I am ready already!

2. When the time comes for you to shine, no one can stop it in fact. When the times comes for you to move from glory to glory, no power or force can hinder you. All you need to do is strive hard, be consistent and believe in God for everything. You are born to be a winner and a winner will you be in the new year. Happy celebrations and a prosperous new year to you.

3. Don’t wait. Keep striving, keep pushing, keep fighting. The world would not wait for you, so all you need to do is keep grinding and remembering the positives that God has proclaimed for you. The new year is here, take heed and take charge. Happy new year to you and your family.

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