Are you a student? Then check out these amazing end of year prayers for students I’ve got for you in here. You go through them and your life will never remain the same again!

1. End of year prayers for students

Dear God, we thank you for another school year, for families, friends, colleagues and parents, we thank you for the love we have shown ourselves and we pray that help us into the new year. Give us the vision to walk in you and perfect all our ways today and forever. Amen.

2. End of the year prayer for parents

Dear God, we lift our parents into your hands. Support and be with them throughout the year. Provide for them oh Lord so they can provide for us. Make them richer everyday and replenish them in multiple ways. Amen

3. End of the year prayer for teachers

We commit our teachers into your hand God. Please give them the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to teach us. Grant them the grace to see many more years on earth. Amen.

4. End of year prayer for school helpers

The school helpers make the school convenient and livable for everyone. Support them oh Lord. We pray for strength for them to continue to help us in every way, please give them the grace to see the next year. Amen.

5. End of the year prayer for colleagues

We pray for our fellow students oh Lord. Be with them, shine your light on their paths. Let them be a living testimony of your mercies and goodness. Let 2018 be their year of unlimited success. Amen.

6. End of year prayer for success

We know the year comes with its stress and readings, please give us the grace to remember all that we have read in the past year. Let us be successful in class and in the school, let our names be written in gold. Amen.

7. Let your blessings follow us wherever we go today. Keep us safe and renew our strength in you Lord, so that the new year can start in glory and strength. Let us be filled with sound health and energy, so that we can head back to school to begin our learning process yet again. Amen.

8. Let your blessings enter into the new year with us, so we may continue to bask in the full effect of your glory. Amen.

9. Give is the will to love our friends the way we love ourselves. Let us love in love among one another in this new year. Amen.

10. Give us the spirit to forgive dear God. Thank you for this and many more. Amen.

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