Are you a student? Then check out these amazing end of year prayers for students I’ve got for you in here. You go through them and your life will never remain the same again!

1. End of year prayers for students

Dear God, we thank you for another school year, for families, friends, colleagues, and parents, we thank you for the love we have shown ourselves and we pray that help us into the new year. Give us the vision to walk in you and perfect all our ways today and forever. Amen.

2. End of the year prayer for parents

Dear God, we lift our parents into your hands. Support and be with them throughout the year. Provide for them oh Lord so they can provide for us. Make them richer every day and replenish them in multiple ways. Amen

3. End of the year prayer for teachers

We commit our teachers into your hand God. Please give them the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to teach us. Grant them the grace to see many more years on earth. Amen.

4. End of year prayer for school helpers

The school helpers make the school convenient and livable for everyone. Support them oh Lord. We pray for strength for them to continue to help us in every way, please give them the grace to see the next year. Amen.

5. End of the year prayer for colleagues

We pray for our fellow students oh Lord. Be with them, shine your light on their paths. Let them be a living testimony of your mercies and goodness. Let 2018 be their year of unlimited success. Amen.

6. End of year prayer for success

We know the year comes with its stress and readings, please give us the grace to remember all that we have read in the past year. Let us be successful in class and in the school, let our names be written in gold. Amen.

7. Let your blessings follow us wherever we go today. Keep us safe and renew our strength in you Lord, so that the new year can start in glory and strength. Let us be filled with sound health and energy, so that we can head back to school to begin our learning process yet again. Amen.

8. Let your blessings enter into the new year with us so we may continue to bask in the full effect of your glory. Amen.

9. Give is the will to love our friends the way we love ourselves. Let us love in love with one another in this new year. Amen.

10. Give us the spirit to forgive dear God. Thank you for this and many more. Amen.

End of the year prayers to usher in 2019

11. It is another year. Many things are expected of us from people around us. It is best for us to be able to show something tangible. This is the reason why I am using this opportunity to send this prayer which I specially prepared for you. May the blessing of the Lord continue to shower upon you now and forever; happy new year.

12. We are happy that this year has already come to an end. I pray that whatever is needed to celebrate it shall be easy for us to get. Happy new year to those who are important in our life; we really appreciate the work of God in our life and of yours.

13. Thank God 365 days is passed with lots of achievements, sound health, and life. Many have died, but many of us are still alive by the grace of God. It worth being thankful for. Happy New Year may we celebrate more of it in good health and lasting happiness.

14. Perceive the fragrance of this New Year; it is a grace from the Lord to His people. You can’t be a devoted person and never gain a good fortune from the Lord. May this year bring lots of joy and happiness you never expected in this world. I wish you all the best now and forever.

15. I wish you all the best in this precious year, may the New Year favor you beyond your expectations and make you feel comfortable with yourself and family. The Lord shall protect you now and forever. I ask the Lord prevent your entire family members from a sudden death this year.

16. May the New Year become an endless joy upon you. I pray that every single hindrance that hinders your way to success shall be destroyed with ultimate totality. I wish you one of the most interesting years ahead. The year shall bring lots of smile on your cheeks. Happy New Year.

17. Thank you Lord for everything you have done in our life; you brought us joy and happiness, you achieved our entire dreams for us. We are here to praise you with all our heart. We seek your protection from all evils and ask for your complete favor in our life. Happy New Year to everyone alive today.

18. Today is a precious day. This is because everyone is happy, children are overwhelmed with joy. A soul that is alive today should give thank to Almighty for allowing him to live up to this wonderful day in time. Happy New Year to the loveliest my dear brother.

19. Wishing you a year with lots of happiness. A year that will bring endless joy to you. You are the most interesting person I have seen, have an awesome New Year. May your home be filled with love and passion that will last forever. Have one of the most joyful day moments ever.

20. I ask the Lord to bless you with endless love. A love that will not end again. Joys that will always exist on your mind and will make you fill comfortable for the rest of your life. Thank you, dear father, may you always be happy in your life, now and forever.

21. I am using this opportunity to pray to the Lord bless you with endless joy and make you a great person among those that are close to you. I pray that the Lord should protect you against all evils that may penetrate into your life without your knowledge, may the Lord always be with you for the rest of your life.

22. Thank you for always been there for me when I need you most, I pray that the kind of success that will not end again shall always follow you until the end of time. God will listen to you in this year and provide your entire needs without any compromise.

23. I love you beyond what you can figure out, that is the reason why I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to be the one to give birth to your children. I pray that the Lord should always protect you against all evils and make you a sound member of your generation.

24. As we enter this New Year, may the Lord that has no rival bring fortunes to your home, uplift and guide you to the way of your success. This new chapter of this year shall leave you not without a reason to thank God forever. You are simply the most beautiful gift in my life.

25. May the Lord continue to put a smile on your face; your happiness will never find an ending, you shall be blessed with lots of joy and happiness. You will not find any reason to cry. Your home shall not turn into a graveyard and the love shall continue to protect your interest. Happy New Year.

26. You are a great man, a lovely person and the most wonderful person that I have ever seen in my life; I ask the Lord to bless you and achieve your heart desires for you. You are the most precious one my eyes have seen ever. I will always love you for the rest of my life.

27. Thank you for the support you showed to me. Without you, I wonder how to manage my life; this is the reason why I am sending you these prayers: may the Lord make this year a new breakthrough for you; I pray that the Lord shall continue to love you and draw you close to Him.

28. You are the most wonderful friend I have seen before; for this reason, I am praying that the Lord should purify your heart and bless you with lots of fortunes you never expected. I pray that the Lord should continue to bless you with rest of mind. Have one of the most valuable years ahead.

29. I just want to wish you a year with lots of happiness that have no end. I beseech the Lord to always put a smile on your face and make you one of the most beloved people to humanity. Your success will have no comparison among your friends as you look up to 2019.

30. You will always be free of worries. Anything that will bring sadness to your heart will never in any way come to your life; your fortune will never end and the wealth you acquired will not vanish in your present until you depart from this world. Have one of the most awesome New Year ahead.

31. This 2019 shall mark the beginning of your success. You shall always find peace in your heart and everything you ever wanted in your life will not in any way escape you. You shall never be frustrated in anything you lay your hands. I pray that your success will continue to protect you.

32. I ask the Lord to build a home for you in heaven that will be bigger than the one on earth, your fortune will continue to grow that no one will reach you in terms of success from among your colleagues. You shall be celebrated beyond your imagination. I just want to say, happy New Year.

33. I love you and it is the reason why I am always happy to spend the night praying for you. You shall be promoted in this wonderful year. New opportunity, new joy, new achievement shall come to your life. You shall be blessed beyond your expectations. Thank you.

34. You are a nice person. May the precious things that come with every New Year descend in your home to bring endless joy for you; you will always find happiness in your heart and nothing will block your way to great success in life. Have one of the most beautiful moments this new year.

35. New Year, new joy, new happiness and a new opportunity for the one I cherish with all my heart. I pray that the Lord should grant you every single thing you desire. I wish you all the best now and forever. I ask the Lord to protect you against every single thing that will hinder your progress in life. Have a wonderful year ahead.

36. The joy I have in my heart about you will continue to grow without ending and your dreams shall be achieved easier this year than every other year past. The peace of heart shall overflow in you, making you look younger than ever. I just want to say happy New Year.

37. Happy New Year to the most blessed woman in my life, may your eyes see lots of good things this year that will make you happy. I pray that everything you need will be right before you. You shall not be put to shame, your enemies will see you this year and amaze.

38. Happy New Year to a precious gift in my life, your new days in this new year shall come with lots of grace from God, and you shall have no reason to cry. You will find everything you desire easy to achieve. Life with enjoy my dear brother, may the Lord always be with you.

39. It is another year, I pray for new opportunities for you, I ask the Lord to always protect you against the odds of life, you are simply the most loving man in my life. I love to see your face every day because it brings endless joy to me. This is the reason why I want the Lord to bless you with good wealth, health and long life.

40. May the Lord guide you against any evil force you know or don’t know about. You walking and sitting shall be enveloped in the protection of the Lord, you shall not live to regret your existence and happiness shall find you all the way to your doorsteps. Happy New Year.

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End of the Year Prayers to usher lover in 2019

41. This is the reason why I am always happy. Your presence in my life. You have been the one that always put a smile on my face since the day we met. May the Lord Almighty, put a smile on your face too, make you feel the joy of this life and also guide you into His blessed Kingdom in the last Day.

42. You are simply the most beautiful lady in the midst of a billion groups of ladies, your star alone I see whenever I raise my head to look at the sky. I pray that the Lord should spare your life for us and make us dwell in each other until the end of time. Happy New Year.

43. With you, my life is complete, and it is the reason why I cannot live without you. Don’t you know that I may die without you by my side? It really matters that the Lord blesses you abundantly so that you can show more love to me; I just want to say happy New Year.

44. May the Lord protect you against all evil eyes that may wish your downfall; you shall not fall but remain firm for the rest of your life. I love you. This is the reason why I always want to be by your side, so we can always play together. I wish you all the best this year.

45. Thank you for caring for me when I need you the most. I never expected this kind of love from you. I will always be the one to make you smile. I will always breathe you because you are the air around my life. I pray that your dreams be achievable for you starting from this moment on.

46. Lord, thank you for the gift of a righteous wife. May she live long with me and make me proud beyond my expectations. Lord, cause us to love and support each other until we finally achieve our various purposes in life. Baby, I just want to say happy New Year.

47. Wishing you a year of grace that will put lots of smiles on your face. You are indeed a great leader, may your skills never end and your abilities never get outdated. Happy New Year.

48. You are a superhero in my life, this is the reason why I am begging God to bless you with abundant wealth and health to live in this world in the fullest mode.

49. Thank you for being a good lover, you are special, may the Lord count you among the luckiest people in this world and hereafter. Happy New Year.

50. You are my heartbeat. Your presence in my life gives me more energy to live in this world as I wanted. I pray for success and prosperity in your job. Happy New Year.

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