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Eniola Enmae Pens Inspiring Valentine Message To Her Future Husband

valentine message

Dear FutureHusband,

It is another Valentine’s Day, a happy one I must say. Although you still aren’t here yet, but I’m much better and stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’m grateful to God for that. It only means you’d be walking in to meet a better me.

I remembered Valentine’s Day 6 years ago. Sigh, I was sick physically, mentally and spiritually, extremely depressed, and all that unconsciously travelled through my mind daily was suicide. I felt it was better to end my life, than walk out of an abusive marriage. I was afraid the world would judge me, I was afraid I will be tagged unworthy and a failure just because I couldn’t endure any longer a marriage that daily drove me closer to an early grave.

And when he walked in that evening like every Valentine’s Day and my birthday, with a medium size Supreme Ice cream, I smiled weakly and said thank you. While it was tagged a lover’s day, all I felt was sadness and hatred, oh not for him, no, but for me. I hated myself for settling, I hated myself for being too weak to make the decision to Leave.

I remembered calling an old friend and she said, Eniola why have you given up even before you’d taken any step? And I remembered answering her in tears, I don’t know how to walk away, I don’t know how to start again, I don’t know if I’d be able to stand the judgment from people… She shushed me and said, your life matters to God, to your purpose, to mum, to Ope your Babybro, to us your friends, to me, and that’s all that matter.

Looking back now I’m so grateful to her for being a friend indeed. It’s been 5 years and I’m so grateful I found the courage to walk away.

Yes indeed I had to start all over again from the scratch, yes I was mocked and ridiculed. Yes I lost some people I thought were my friends. But I have grown through it all. Where I am is definitely not where I had been.

My love, between that time and now, a lot has happened. I have built businesses, helped others built theirs, over 15 professional certifications, a Master in view, became a certified Chef, a professional writer, a fashion designer, and a badass shoe maker. I got selected as Yali Fellow, featured on Humans of Yali as one of the 8 women inspiring others with their stories on International Women’s Day, featured on several local and international platforms, I became an official Trainer at the US consulate, clothed over 500 kids every Christmas in 4 years, sent over 100 kids to school in various communities, several community driven projects, and just two days ago I was appointed the Social Media Manager for Space Generation Advisory Council, with just two Africans on the team.

I know I am definitely a better and stronger person than I have ever been, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Wait till you see my smile every morning, wait till we fulfill all our dreams while soaring high together, wait till we build business empires, wait till we raise God fearing and intelligent Children, wait till I feed you the best of cuisines (why else did you think I went to a culinary school?), wait till the world see this light that’s burning through my chest. Wait till we build a home that brings honour to our Maker, and to each other. Watch how high I will fly for you, my King.

I promise you I’ve got only my best to give. I never thought all this would ever be available to me again. But how amazing is our God who daily gives us second chances. See how the Potter broke me down and He is moulding me one day at a time.

He took everything and everywhere I’ve been and made me beautiful. He took all the pieces I didn’t need and refined me. Oh how much love I have for God, myself and for you. I can’t wait to wake up lying next to you knowing you love, honour and adore me, I can’t wait to honour and serve you, I can’t wait to pray with you, I can’t wait to weather the storm with you, I can’t wait to spend forever with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Sunshine.

My King, my lover, my sunshine, my best-friend, my naughty-mate, you already are all these and more. #EnnmaePen #Letters2MyFutureHusband #ValentineDayLetter # valentine message

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About Eniola Mae Adeniji

Ennmae is a certified Business, Relationship and Personal Development Coach. She is an industrialist and has a passion for helping small businesses grow. She specializes in Marketing Strategy Consulting, Branding, Digital Marketing and Content creation.

She coaches individuals through relationship grief and helps them through the process of healing and going on to be a better person in life, in other to attract the right people into their lives. She brings her experience in life, work and relationship to help clients shift from being and living average to being and living an extraordinary life.

You can connect with Eniola on Linkedin and Instagram.


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