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The thought of Mr Mark still in love with his wife flashed through my mind and scared me to death. All I hoped for was the divorce happening very quickly and there was Mr Mark jittering over a woman that had been cruel to him; a woman that had carted away their savings and abandoned him didn’t deserve to be treated with any respect or consideration.

I went to the guest room to put my bits and pieces together and made my leave.

When Mr Mark came around shortly before I left, I asked him what was going on. he replied that he was yet to find out but all he knew was that I had to leave without delay while he figured what was going on. I went back to my house, at sea. I awaited his call all through the night but it never came. I could hardly sleep.

Thousands of thoughts struggled for attention in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking what was happening at Mr Marks place. I wondered what led to the wife’s sudden arrival; what explanation she would have to give and how Mr Mark was going to react it.

I was curious about how he would handle the whole situation. I wished the wife finding another woman with Mark would make her very angry and trigger the divorce. All I cared about was the divorce I pondered on how Mark would feel having his wife disappear on him with his son and appearing all of a sudden. They had lost touch for months and he had gone through different accusations and troubles especially from her family.

I slept off in the pool of my dilemma.

The next morning was a Sunday. I couldn’t dare going to church, Tade would around and it would be very awkward to see him again. I didn’t stop feeling guilty about how I broke his heart.

I was definitely not ready to face the situation that so I stopped going to church. I couldn’t wait to get to work the following week. I was curious about Mr Mark and his perplexity and especially about his plans to finalise the divorce.

He arrived at work really late the next morning, when it was almost in time for lunch. I waited for a few more minutes before entering his office. When I eventually went to his office, he was busy talking to someone on the phone. It was a long conversation, but from what I overheard I figured he was speaking to the lawyer.

I asked him what was happening almost immediately after he dropped the call. He responded casually deliberately leaving out important details; he didn’t say a word about his “just arrived” wife. This really bothered me but my fears were allayed when he explained he was making progress with the divorce. I sighed with relief, hoping that everything would work out fine and soon.

A few days later, I fell very ill. I had a serious fever and had to visit a nearby clinic almost immediately. I was advised to take a pregnancy test after I explained the symptoms I had to them.

Pregnancy test?

I didn’t bother me at first until it dawned on me that I have had unprotected sex severally with Mr, mark. Fear gripped my heart as I took the test.

What would I do with pregnancy for a soon-to-be divorcee………………..


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