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One of the places I look for inspiration to write and share real life experiences are my inbox and Nairaland.

The post of 7Alexandar got me thinking. See his post below:

I learnt two lessons from my previous relationship, but as funny as it seems, I’m not imbibing those lessons in my current relationship and I pray to God I don’t regret it.

These are,

Even while being optimistic, you have to be realistic.

Secondly, be nice, be loyal, but don’t be a fool.

In as much as I have learned a lot in my previous relationships? The last relationship I had really got to me.

I gave it all, tried hard, and worked hard.

Even though I wasn’t perfect, I knew making my relationship work is really beyond me and us all. We can only try and work really hard to make our relationship work.

Trust me, just loving a girl without showing it, will not just work for any one.

Not me, not you…not anyone!

You need to strive hard, treat her right, make sure you satisfy her desires beyond her expectations, and believe me, even if you try to satisfy her/him with all you got. He/ She may still not stay and leave.

Get my point?

Life, Love and Relationships can be so simple yet so complicated!

I was able to hand pick about 5 bants/ comments from the thread which I would share with you, here and now.

See them below:

NMreports said and I find very insightful:

That you should never ever trust a woman.

#Whether she is young.

#Whether you disvirgined her.

#Whether she seem Christlike.

The things experience has taught a man.

More importantly, I have learnt that nothing guarantees where a relationship is headed. If it ends in marriage it basically just happened. Not like you were perfect for the person. You were just with that person at the right time.

Learnt that a woman can actually make any man marry them if they are smart. We are all playing games.

After all, the only reason you are dating me is because you have not found a better option.

I have learnt that any woman can be smashed. Never leave your woman for a long time no matter how strong she seem, she can be smashed.

Learnt that all women are vulnerable.

Finally, most men think with their d**k. Yes most men. Pu**y can be very very tempting.

I see this post by GentlemanUnltd controversial, what do you think?:

Even when you want to break up, do it peacefully because you might again meet and need the person in future.


Never you trust a woman, even when they seem loving and caring, they can easily backstab and betray your love and trust for them.


Women, I mean all women have one problem or another, you can only know this when they become close to you. Its either she is facing family problem, or her past still haunt her, or she is facing financial problem, or she is facing academical problem, or she sees her period irregularly or she is always having stomach ache, or she finds it hard to love or …. just too numerous to mention.

To those ladies that intend to quote me and post trash,’ kindly know that I am not a kid in age and as at the last count I have dated 22 girls, from almost all tribes, religion, etc, so I know what I am saying,

Nigeria women are all problematic.

VivaciousVivi added hers:

  1. A cute face could hide a dark heart
  2. When you pray and you have a conscience, learn to listen to your own advice
  3. Never trust a Yoruba guy they are truly #YorubaDemons
  4. Regardless of circumstances, always try to have closure so you move on

Ryabcool had some deep insights with his post:

I learnt; Don’t try to force things. It’s pointless beating a dead horse and trying to make dead bones come to life.

Once the love is gone, just move on. Forcing it will only make you look cheap to the person you’re making all the effort for.

Secondly, love is never guaranteed. The person you can’t help but think about today, could be the person who brings out genuine hatred in you tomorrow.

FirstKing01 added to the conversation by adding this:

Date with an open mind…

Expect heartbreak at anytime..

Don’t be too clingy and expectant…

If the both of you know for sure you won’t marry, then keep your options open..

Even when the going seems you guys are gonna marry, still keep your options open until you see yourself on the altar with him/her.

Never date because you love the person…love ain’t just enough…

And the list of what i learnt in my last and other relationship is endless…

Damesilver added this as well:

Put God first before everything else.

Give up unreasonable expectation.

Be the first to do the right thing. Do not wait for the other person.

Trust in the power of intuition.

Love your partner as you love yourself.

Respect them as you would love to be respected.

Do not do anything that will later oppress them.

Do not let familiarity breeds contempt. Refuse the temptation to take your partner less than esteemed.

Always act in such a way as you would meet a new person for the first time.

Do not cloud the sense of individuality. Enhance the sense of separateness no matter how close.

Let the word of God be your priority, your guide, source of strength, and your ultimate standard of living.

Do not see your bodies only as an object to be marshalled for the purpose of sensual gratification.

The physical body must be equally respected like the soul, it must be seen as something inviolable and not to be lustfully exposed in order to entice.

It is a temple of a higher power. Keep it pure.

Be humble; be teachable and be willing to learn.

Always remember that whatever you sow you must reap. What you do for your neighbor you do in reality only for yourselves.

I could go on and on with the comments and feedback, but let me leave you guys to digest this post, and then drop your comments as well….

What did your last relationship teach you?

It is important we relay all the lessons so we all can learn. I also want to learn and continue learning. What about you?

I am waiting on your comments.

Yours In Love



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