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It took me days before I could get back on my feet and do the things i used to do.

After I got hale and hearty, I resumed work again of course without neither excitement nor enthusiasm. Mr. Mark and I got together during lunch. All I wanted to hear was how far he had gone with the divorce process.

Then something I didn’t expect started happen. He broke to me gleefully that for the first time since his wife came from her sudden travel, they talked and it wasn’t a quarrel kind of talk, they communicated like couples and reconnected.

This must be a joke or something; after losing my virginity and over five years relationship. I would have to think of a plan fast because I am not about to lose everything.

I knew he still had cared for his wife because despite all that had happened; the huge sum of money from she carted away and the insult he received from her family and his neighbour he didn’t fuss about it, neither was he going to take any action against her. The wife wasn’t signing the divorce papers and he had nothing to do about it.

I sensed all the while that something was not right.. I went back home pondering. I wonder why he found his wife relating him exciting that he we talked about it all afternoon. Things started to go bad and the ball was no longer in my cot.

Mr. Mark and his wife had started to reconcile and talk things through. I wondered what he expected to happen to me after just aborting a pregnancy for him. I couldn’t even cry.

Mr. Mark left office immediately its closing time, we hardly have lunch together and worse still he sometimes ignores my calls and gives flimsy excuses when he picks eventually. Worst still, he uploaded a picture he snapped with his son on his whatssapp messenger profile picture, this got me jealous the more; it made me regret aborting the baby for him.

I had to think of plan fast before I lost the game totally…..


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