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Tayo jumped off to the shower room, admiring the ring on her finger as she cleans herself up. “Diamonds are forever” she thought to herself looking at her endowment in the reflective glass in front of her.

Her spirit was too agitated to care about making up nor maintaining the seductive looks she perfectly used in tempting an innocent man the previous night.

She wanted to run home to tell her mother about the good news when her well cultured and nurtured mind reminded her of her call of duty as a lady. She hurriedly made the bed, entered the kitchen and was so pleased the dishes had been done by him but just gave a little fight to making him feel like he had done her duty. Immediately everything was in place, she dashed out of the house with “I love you endlessly baby”.

Going home immediately might be a deal breaker, her mother knows she won’t come home that fast if she sleeps over at Dara’s place. And going to Dara’s place this early would look suspicious “I should have stayed some hours more with him” she mused to herself. After a few minute musing, she chose the better demon’s hut to go. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! “Who is it” Dara’s younger brother answered.

“Its Aunty Tayo” she responded.

He opened the door whilst Dara looking unkempt sitting scattered on the living room couch was more than surprised to see Tayo come around that early.

“What’s up girl? This one wey I dey see you early for my papa house so” she inquired.

“I’m just in the neighborhood and feel say make I see your stubborn head nah” she lied as she sat right next to her with her fingers on her lap. “I said it, the way you take dey happy yesterday, my mind tell me say something dey happen” she said as she held Tayo’s finger to admirer the little priceless band that adores her slim beautiful middle finger.

“I’m so happy for you Ore mi” as she hugged her with all the excitement in her heart. “At last, the bobo don kuma seal the deal.

But when did this happen? How did you react? As in, gimme gist joor” she pressed. She mixed some dosage of lies with tiny truth to cover up the previous night escapade and let some time pass.

She stepped into the compound and noticed unusual decorum in the house. All the cars parked, no sound from within, most windows shut.

“What could be wrong” she thought to herself, “If all cars are at home, then everybody should be home, and Mumcy never told her anything was wrong the previous night when she called her” Many thoughts she couldn’t understand nor give answers to clouded her mind as she took every step to the front door.

She knocked softly, nobody answered. Then she opened the door and saw Kehinde-her younger sister-with plugged on headset. She heaved a sigh of relief as she motioned towards the non-conscious of environment girl and gave her a tap.

“Where is everybody?” She asked. “Mumcy is upstairs, Taiwo went with Popsy to the village yesterday to see grandma, they said she is very sick” she answered.

“Why didn’t he go with any of his car then?” she asked further. “Uncle came around, so they all left in his car to the village as soon as they can because the driver wasn’t answering his calls” she said as she plugged her headset back on. Tayo left for her room and spent the remaining of the day romancing the memory of the previous night.

“I need to do this often, at least he is proposed to me now. I can tell anybody that cares to listen that am staying the night at his place” she soliloquised.

The bang on her door brought her back to life. “Uncle just called now, they are in the hospital. They had an accident and Daddy was the one driving” Kehinde said shaking.

“I’m going to inform Mom, get dressed and let’s go to the hospital” she said and went off before Tayo could ask any question. Tayo immediately called her man to inform him of the development and also to get his attention to the hospital she will text to him later. But he won’t pick up. “Oh! Doctor and duty” she muttered to herself.

Immediately she got to the living room everyone was set to go. “Where is the hospital” their confused mother asked her. She looked at Kehinde for response which she gave as expected..

At the hospital, they saw their uncle and Taiwo standing outside with little bruises. “Where is daddy? Where is daddy?” she asked Taiwo as their mother motioned to their uncle. “Daddy is okay and stable now but their is a bad news” Taiwo muttered

To be continued…

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