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There was no point coming up with schemes or doing anything funny, I had already lost out. It was more than I could bare and didn’t know what to do with myself. As if I hadn’t seen enough, I got to work one morning and news got to me that Mr Mark had been transferred to the regional office of the company. He ought to have moved since he was promoted to a regional manager but the previous manager had fraud issues; he embezzled company’s funds and was being apprehended. I guess the issue had been resolved now and was downsizing and firing under productive staff members.

It was the turn of my branch and I had a feeling that I would be a victim. I hadn’t been efficient in discharging my duties as I should and I wasn’t contributing much to the growth of the company. Recently, I had missed work quite often. The only person I was responsible to has been transferred and I didn’t know what my fate would be. My life was crumbling and things were falling apart.

I went to his office reluctantly later in the day; he was already tidying things up. I congratulated him coldly about the news and he replied casually. Things had really changed for the worse and he now keeps me at arm’s length; the connection we used to have was no longer there. I asked him when exactly he was living; he replied that it was in three weeks’ time. I asked if as his secretary, I would move with him to the region office, he explained that as a regional manager he had a personal secretary attached to his office and there was, therefore no need to go along with a personal dawned on me that Mr, Mark was moving on, leaving me behind.

I found myself crying most of the time, at times without even knowing it. The next few days at work were like a living hell. I never believed Mr Mark could keep a strictly official relationship with me.

I wanted to ask him what happened to the plans he had for us but he wouldn’t even give me a chance. He just gave me cold shoulders. I wanted to remind him he was the first man who deflowered me and how much I had given, but I figured that would be of no use. What had happened was a result of selling myself out so cheap?

We don’t talk anymore and he doesn’t even pick my calls when I tried calling. My evenings were often so shadowy I spent most of my waking hours crying to myself and expressing the regret for the mistakes I had made in life. Everything that happened to me was entirely my fault……

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