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Is Exercise Lowering Your Testosterone Levels?


Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men. Since it decreases naturally with age or when one has a chronic illness, it is crucial to find ways to improve its production. Testosterone has numerous benefits to the body. Have you ever wondered why athletes take testostérone propionate supplements? The testosterone hormone is responsible for increasing the muscle mass and burning excess fat in the body among other things. When it comes to exercising, most men are concerned whether more of it will affect their hormone levels. This guide will highlight some important points in the issue.

Benefits of Testosterone

As mentioned in our introductory note, the hormone has a direct impact on muscle mass. Men with higher testosterone especially at puberty start to have lean and masculine muscles even without doing many exercises. It is for these reasons that athletes and fitness enthusiasts boost the hormone through diet, supplements and some exercises that promote its production.

Other benefits include an improvement in heart functionality and libido, which are equally important to all people. Therefore, people cannot afford to have lower testosterone. Those exercises that hinder its production must be avoided at all costs. So, you need to know these exercises and how to avoid them as a fitness enthusiast.

Exercises That Hinder Testosterone Production

Endurance training together with long distance running can negatively hinder the production of this crucial hormone. One study was conducted on two groups of people. One did not do any physical activities during the period, while the other engaged in endurance running exercise. At the end of the period, the surprising results showed higher testosterone levels in those who remained inactive than those who vigorously trained. The researchers realized that cortisol hormones were also affected negatively just like testosterone. They also noted that those who are 40 years and above were exposed to more risks than the younger males.

Other exercises that are prolonged for too long also have the same effect. According to studies, when the recovery period is slashed to an extremely short time, the production of testosterone is hindered. In fact, all conducted research concurs that men who do not allocate breaks in between exercises kill the production of testosterone and sooner or later will start experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.

What Is Better?

All research and advice from the experts show that men who exercise in moderation boost the production of testosterone naturally. When you are not sure how far to go, then the help of experts comes in handy. Also, there are numerous publications on what to take and what to leave. If you check thoroughly, the emphasis is on how far to go. All exercises are good for fitness, but they must be done in the right amount.

It is for this reason also that all fitness enthusiasts should allocate enough time for recovery. It is important to take advantage of the recovery methods and eat the right diet for promoting recovery. It is possible to maintain a high level of testosterone hormone by following the above highlights whether you are an active athlete or someone exercising for fitness.


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