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I missed work more often and when I even attended there was almost nothing to do. Things were really tough on me and I found it hard to move on. Three weeks was over and Mr Mark had left the company.

The company was under a new management and going through some technological advancement they were downsizing. In the branch I worked with, five people were fired for under productivity and irrelevance. I thought I had escaped by an airs breadth until I got to work one morning and my sack letter was waiting for me.

I wasn’t too shocked because I knew I would be a victim of that situation. The table had turned against me. I tidied my office up and was soon on my way out; discomfited and dissimulated.

I wouldn’t even dare call Mr Mark now that he’s enjoying a happy reunion with his wife. I thought of killing myself but I was too scared of death to try.

The only person that came to my mind was to call Tade. I didn’t even think about it or weigh what actions I was about to take. I just called him right away and he answered the phone.

I started crying uncontrollably on phone and I couldn’t say anything. After I got my balance I told him I wanted to come to his I told him and he asked me to come over. When I got to his house I met a lady there but I was too depressed to figure out who she was, I just burst out weeping profoundly.

He came close and held me tight. The lady felt we needed some private time and wanted to leave but Tade asked her to stay. All I kept saying was that my life was doomed. I explained briefly the piece of the whole story I could remember. I shivered and grew hot all over my body with bad fever. I didn’t know anything that was happened to me.

Tade, with the lady rushed me to a nearby clinic where I was instantly admitted. He kept coming to check up on me and I was discharged about the fourth day, back to the reality of my loss. I called Tade to thank him. I knew I had no chance with him again and the lady I saw with him must be his new found love.

I knew he was being nice to be as he would have been to anybody, he had moved on……………………..

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