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….I pulled myself away straight off and rushed out of his house not checking if I had left anything behind. I had not planned for any of that to happen. I was overwhelmed with guilt. I got home that night depressed and unhappy with myself. I became more determined in my resolve to keep the relationship with my boss strictly official and it was going to start the very next day at work.

I had meddled and taken this issue with levity just enough, now it’s time to take action. Action!

At work the following morning, I greeted my boss very casually, with intentional formality. He knew I was on a mission. Unlike before I ate lunch with my colleagues, this aroused suspicion and some even pulled my legs to prove how startled they were. As soon as it was closing time, I left for my house immediately. He got the message I was trying to pass across and I was glad he did. It was a triumphant feeling to eventually stand my ground and do what was right. It even afforded me some time to myself.

Later that evening, my boss sent me a text message apologizing about what had transpired between us. He must have sensed that I wasn’t going to answer the phone if he had called. The next day I continued in my determination to stay out of his way, mind my business and leave for my house it was closing time on. He called me to his office later that day and started another round of beg-pardon. His apologies were accepted but I figured I had to stick to my determination.  He professed how grateful he was for lending him a listening hear and how he was thrilled that I didn’t get angry even when he transferred his aggression on me. The hug was his way of saying thank you and he got carried away in the euphoria of the moment.

I summoned courage and voiced out that I was no longer interested in whatever was not work-related. I sensed remorse all over him. He kept pleading and pledged it was never going to happen again. He also confessed that he desired anything but a strictly professional relationship with him. He described my relationship with him as very inspiring and supportive. What could I do? He was almost on his knees begging me and since he had given his word never again to overstep his boundary, I considered it okay to continue being friends with him. I felt sorry for him; he was just a poor man going through critical marital duress. We got on well again and soon became as intimate as we were earlier, and even more.

I began to have affection for him. He was warmhearted, sensitive and mature, and then he had a great sense of humor that sweeps me off my feet. We spent a lot more time together and soon connected on a deep level. We had a lot of fun together, went out to the movies, eat in nice restaurants and often meet to talk in our special hang-out, a beautiful relaxation garden where we spent most of our evenings together at. He told me he came there with his wife when they were still in love. He didn’t complain about his wife as much a she use to. He obviously liked my company and liked his too.

One of such evening get-together, he confessed how much he wished we had met earlier, before he and  his wife met, he would have married me immediately. He reiterated that I had all the qualities he wanted in a wife, and that once his divorce is final, he would be wife-hunting  and I topped the list of his wife materials. I laughed it off but I knew he meant everything he said……..

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