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I mourned for weeks and even became ill. I looked unkempt.

My whole room was in disorder and I hadn’t gone out for days I just stayed indoors, crying and brooding over the past.  My life was in shambles and I didn’t know where to start from putting the pieces together. One of those days, a neighbour had knocked my door to be sure I was fine, seeing my face she knew I wasn’t, she asked me what was going wrong and I told her I was fine.

One morning in the rut of my grief, I heard a knock on the door, I didn’t want to open assuming the person knocking to be one of my jobless neighbours who wanted to poke-nose into my matter again, I answered the door reluctantly when the knocking wouldn’t stop. It was Mrs Agnes, the elderly woman whom we worked together before I was fired; I wondered what she was doing at my house and how she got to know my house for that matter.

I welcomed her into my room which had turned upside down, disarranged because I hadn’t kept it in good order. I was really surprised to see her.

I asked her how she got to know my house; she said the receptionist described the place to her. I remembered the afternoon before Mr Marks promotion party, she came to my house after work to change her work clothes and make up for the party, we had dressed up together  and left for the party at the same time. I cleared the only seat that was in my room and asked her to seat.

I apologised to her for my room being that way that did not had time for it. I wiped away the tears that were forming in my eyes. She said she came to find out how I was faring and since she’s been hearing a lot of rumour from people, she came to find out what really was happening and offer her motherly care. I smiled. She asked about my parent, where they were.  She had so many questions and I answered as much as I could, I know there was no point hiding again, I poured everything out to her.

I told her everything I had done and everything that had happened to me. I was wailing, she hugged me affectionately, she offered me her shoulders to cry on.

She gave me her words of encouragement, told me to pick the broken pieces of my life together and start all over. Where would I start from, she said I should start from forgiving myself. If I held onto the past figuring out what could’ve, would’ve been, I won’t be able to move on. She spoke a lot and she was just like an angel sent to jeer me up. I was stirred up, I didn’t want her to leave when it was time for her to, and she came to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. I forgave myself in my heart, I forgave my boss.

I wanted to go to church on Sunday but I was still afraid of seeing Tade, I figured I had to face my fear  and go. When we saw, I summoned courage to talk to him. I apologised for everything I had done,, he told me he had  forgiven me and moved on.

The same lady I saw in his room was with him again. He introduced me to her “Adesewa, I want you to meet my wife”.

I met her and then, he gave him an invitation letter to his wedding………

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