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I will tell you why.

Most of us have daily activities; Activities that are enough to make us extremely busy to the point of not checking up on our partners. Ordinarily, it is usually most preferable for lovebirds to receive text messages during the day. However, what makes it more fun is sending good night love SMS to the one you love.

What if we are both busy, too busy to check up. So you will just let your day slide without checking up on your man or woman?

I’ll then say NO.

Sending good night messages to form part of the daily love text messages you should send to him or her. You do not need to wait until the end of the week before passing the love messages across to your partner.

Infact research has shown that the evenings are the perfect time for sending sweet love SMS to show that care which is a reflection of that fact that he or she had been on your mind during the day.

I chatted with my friend Sandra about the impact good night love messages and love SMS plays in our love life, especially when it comes to deepening love and fostering better relationships, and she complained that about the timing for sending love messages and said she would be tired from the day’s activities.

Tired? That’s a problem and I quite agree with her!

Most of us are actually too tired of the work of the day to send love messages to our loved ones. Yes, I understand and trust me, this post is meant for you.

You are at the right post.

I have beautifully crafted out 100 creative good night love SMS that you can pick at your leisure for the man and woman of your dreams.

I did right yea? Less stress for you!

Have you seen my collection of amazing messages?

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Enjoy as you read through the very best of Good Night love SMS for him or her:


A good night love SMS will do just fine. All you need to do is find your perfect moment before your lover sleeps and voila, you are good to go!

1 It’s big, it’s fuzzy

I hope your pillow is as warm as I am

Goodnight My Love

2 Close your eyes sweetheart, and you will find me in your dreams

Hugging you tight and bringing you closer to me

Good Night Baby

3 Anytime the rain falls on me at night

I always feel it like they are your wet kisses on my body

Sending me in rickets of sensual massages and

Making me fall in orgasmic pleasure that I’d crave for over and over again

Good Night Sugar Baby

4 No matter the distance between us, always know you are always in my mind and you remain ever in my thoughts. Good Night My love

5 Every time I am with you, I feel a new wave of love and togetherness forever. I wish our nights remain as perfect as ever. Good Night Boo

6 Have a wonderful night sweetheart, I pray you have beautiful dreams of me, of us together in our own world. Good Night Man

7 Always remember this night, that my prayer is that all the angels in heaven guard you against all the evils of the night. Your protection is my resurrection. Rest well Baby

8 No matter how far you are from me baby, remember I long for you and wish you a safe night rest every day. I love you my moon and sunshine!

9 Remember I miss you in the night and in the mornings, but my mornings are better anyway, so I pray to God to keep alive always till the mornings. Good night my love

10 You are the light in my darkness, and your light shines day and night. Good Night My love. I love you forever


All I want for this night is some good night messages and good night love SMS for my love. If this is what you feel too, then go ahead and send him or her amazing goodnight love SMS and good night messages that are needed:

11 Now that it is time to close your eyes, I have a lot of questions for you but I will keep it for another time. Just know that I will never leave you. Good Night My Love

12 No matter where you go or where you are, just know that my love will never leave you. Good Night Angel

13 Always know that I will never be far from your side. Now that it’s time to sleep, go to bed and let our lullaby be your sleeping pill. Good Night My Love

14 Do you want me to rock you to sleep? Come on, pick up that phone and give me a call right away, I will be there in a jiffy. Good Night my Love, Have a beautiful and lovely night rest

15 Now that it is time to sleep and dream about how amazing our lives will be, always know that your love will be a part of me. I love you my Angel, Good Night my love.

16 Good Night my perfect one, I wish you enjoyable dreams as you sleep tight, my one and only. I can’t wait for tomorrow where the shining brightness of the sun will bring your ray of love to me and your love message becomes the perfection in my inadequacies

17 Just in case you cannot sleep this night and you are scared, you know what you’ll do? Close your eyes and think of the last kiss we shared, my memories will pop up, keeping the watch over you. I love you my special one.

18 Good Night my sweetheart, May God keep you and hold you tight while we are apart. Although you are far from me, your love remains forever in my heart. Sleep tight my love

19 I love you because you love me. I found love in you because our hearts is knotted and locked together in musical harmony. Good Night my love.

20 Your smile has removed all the pain in my heart. Always know that my heart and love belongs to you, and I will stay with you today and forever. Goodnight my forever.

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