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Erotic Paragraphs to Send to Your Lover

erotic paragraphs

Who says Erotic paragraphs don’t work? How about using it to up the ante in your present relationship. The erotic paragraphs I have here can make you do two things;

1 Take your relationship to the next level


2 Take your relationship to the NEXT level

I can hear you smile to say, it means the same. Yes, it truly does and that is why you really need a couple of erotic paragraphs to send to your LOVER.

Wherever he or she is, she will get fired up and start running down, hoping to get down with you. Sometimes, love and prayer messages may just not be enough than for you to send erotic paragraphs to your bae. Who will not appreciate some really freaky paragraphs for bae. You will, I’m sure!

Erotic paragraphs for Bae 1

I don’t know how to get it this done, I don’t even know how you make things like this happen. Anytime I stare at your face, I get wet and I feel my inner muscles contract and the fluid gushes out! I can’t wait to see you today darling so we can continue from where we stopped. You are my Erotica!

Erotic paragraphs for Bae 2

When you press your lips against mine, it send wave of shock and heat all over my body. I just want to get up on you and take chare of the hot situation all by myself. I want you to grab me by my waist and yank all piece of clothing off my body. I want us to get down on the kitchen floor, since that’s the only place we have not touched in our erotic lifestyle. You are my everything and that’s why I feel so free and dirty with you.

Erotic paragraphs for Bae 3

Did I grip you so firmly the last time? I wondered why you had to wail so loud; your vowels rising in an octace, as your came in torrents while your loads splashed everywhere. I miss you darling!

Erotic Paragraphs to Send to Your Lover to Turn Them On

It is quite a while I see your gorgeous shape, that precious face that makes me happy all the time. I see that being in love with a woman like you is a pleasure that has no measure. Beginning from the way you walk, I see paradise, I see that which no one is permitted to see and it is the passion your heart carries around.

Love has reached that level where it will be very difficult for me to identify the kind of person I have become. I want you to come to me, I want you to be there for me all the time. I feel like kissing you, hugging your waist and then have some play with you. Come back home and greet your husband.

Don’t you think the shape of your body is the reason why I cannot think straight anymore? I realized that anytime I set my eyes on you, I miss a step to my destination. You have this mountain-like shape that only a saint that resists.

As my wife, I am not shy to tell you that anytime I look at you, I get wet. What kind of beauty are you made of? A woman whose lips look like a strawberry, and when tasted, tastes like chocolate. I have never had a pleasure like that day we had it together. You are the sweetest wife in the world.

You have been so nice to me and my heart will always be there for you because you give me the opportunity to live healthily. You are the rose of my life, that precious smile that appears on my face. You know what, the last time I spent with you, is a kind of satisfaction that cannot be comprehended. No wonder I love to be where you are.

Do you know that sunshine is a blessing for a day, you are my sunshine for the rest of my life? I hope you are doing well where you are. Come and see me, come and get me because I belong to you. The speed at which your waist moves makes me go extra mad in love with you. I love you so much and wish to be yours all the time.

Touch my body, Caress me with your golden hand, come deep into me because I can’t wait to see my kids. I can’t forget the fact that your presence is my pleasure. I will always be there for you. If you are too lonely, call me or whisper your love in my heart, and you will just see me right before you. I am in love with a man that acts like an angel.

The deep feeling that comes from the touch of your hands is not of man but of a creature called pleasure. I realized how I feel whenever you look into my eyes. I couldn’t stop but smile all the way. You have been so nice to play with when it comes to bedtime. I love your company because it is synonymous with pleasure.

The way I think of your lips, I pray God will not hold me responsible for the sin of the heart. I must confess dear wife that I have always been thinking erotica of you. I want to come into you so you can conceive our babies. I want to come into you so that you can feel the end of me.

When I got married to you, I didn’t do it for religion or personality alone, I also did so for pleasure. The pleasure of the bedtime, the hand touches, the kisses that make people happy. I love your shape and it is the reason I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I love you so much.

Do you know that my heart will always be there for you? Well, it is a kind of funny question but it actually possible. I want to see you soon so we can hug and kiss like fishes do. I want us to be together like 1 and 2 or a and ball the days of my life. I aspire to be the first man to have the knowledge of the bed with you.

I am so glad when I realized that you are a virgin. Year, you really are amazing because I am going to be happy staying with you. I love you so much and wish to mount my mouth on you as though I will just swallow you. I don’t mind going hard on you if you don’t mind too.

I am spoiled, I accept because I realized that I cannot even move away from my eyes from your body even an inch. I need you so much so come and make me happy with your magic hand. Come and see the love of your life. Come and see me happy right before you.

I need you to know that you are my friend and best friend, you are my path to pleasure, you are my world and I will be there all the time. Loving you is one special thing that cannot be taken for granted for any reason. I love you so much.

It is because of you that I have decided to love better and smile greater. Your lovely face makes me lost in thought. I must confess that your thoughts are making me think of so many erotic things in my heart. Loving you is one of the best things in the world.

There is no time I look into your eyes, I see a reason to want to be your husband as soon as possible. I want to be the angel that brings love to your heart through sweet voice, amiable character, lovely touches, and amazing smiles.

I have come to realize that you are my best friend and the only true love of my life. You are that amazing star that makes me smile for no reason. If I can see your beauty as it is, it doesn’t violate the rule of God since you are my beloved wife. I love you.

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