Dee’s Inbox: Under Aged Girls Excite Me

under aged girls excite me

I don’t feel sexually attracted to girls in my age group because under aged girls excite me. I thought this was normal until I started crushing on my friend’s 9 year old younger sister. I had to run from the friend because seeing the sister made me want to sleep with her.

I had an history of being sexually abused by a Senior when I was in Secondary school and ever since then I haven’t been cool with girls.

A lot of girls like me though because of my physique, and throw passes at me a lot but I never really felt anything towards them. The urge to sleep with under age girls became so crazy that I resorted to masturbating on my own but this did not solve my situation.

Anytime I see a pretty girl between the age of 6 – 9 years old, I always seem to want to get down with them.

Another issue I have is that as soon as I see a girl’s boobs, even if I want to force myself to sleep with her, I just get turned off and my p*nis go limb! But when I see a young bare chested girl walking past me, it drives me crazy and makes my p*nis long and hard.

Now that masturbating is no longer enough for me, I think before I go crazy, it is better for me to start sleeping with the type of girls I like, but then I am scared, I don’t want to do things that would make it look rape. I want it to be mutual between me and the girls that I am sexually attracted to.

I am crazily into my neighbour’s 7 year old daughter and I am going to ask her out very soon. I really like her and my heart beats for her! Please help me before I go crazy! I know this is illegal but I don’t know what to do!

Under-aged girls are what I want, they make my head swoon with LOVE.


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    September 18, 2017 at 11:18 am

    That 7 years old girl ll earn you 7 years imprisonment. Best you see a doc/psychologist.

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