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So many of us can recite this even in our dreams and yet can’t practice it. It is heartbreaking when the words just pass out of our mouth without making the needed impact. Why would you Just be happy saying that you can pass as someone who can forgive, when you know you are human and may not be able to?

Relationship is about two imperfect people coming together to becoming at least close to perfection. There will always be little disagreements here and there,trust me it is perfectly normal as long as you disagree to agree and make things more better for you both. It is in the best interest to disagree over some issues. If you can get mad at yourself for doing something silly or even beat yourself up mentally for going against yourself,then don’t be surprised you will get mad or angry at your spouse.

Don’t expect your romantic boyfriend not to squeeze his face in anger at one point or the other. Truth is, even while in the euphoria, you might disagree over some issues, not to mention when the euphoria is waning and you tend to remember why you started the relationship in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it is proper to get angry over silly things or to fight incessantly but I’m saying we sometimes can’t really avoid these situations.

It is important to avoid strife and bitterness during these awkward situations with your partner. It is okay to get angry but it is not okay to dwell on the feelings of anger. It is okay to disagree with your partner or even argue to trash out some things but it is wrong to allow resentment and discord. The moment you are holding back from forgiving your spouse, that same moment you are gradually losing the battle and your relationship is at great risk. Don’t ever believe people who say they can forgive but not forget. It is very surreal. You can actually forgive and forget totally. I have experienced it several times, it is just about determination.

Forgiving your partner is for you first before you consider him/her. We don’t usually realize we need the forgiveness mostly for ourselves. You are the one hurting, your spouse who did hurt you is hurting too, angry for making you sad (that’s if you are in a proper relationship) but he/she can never truly understand the extent to what his/her actions did cause. You sincerely don’t have anything to gain while holding back forgiveness from your spouse if truly you still want your relationship to continue. Resentment and friction will gradually blow out the light of your relationship.

Be wise!

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