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Remember the first post? generated a lot of buzz, if you have not read that, You can join here first to be a part of those who loved what Deedee went through.


Can I help your situation? She said. Still staring into those deep dark eyes, I completely missed what she said.

‘Tseew’ her hiss loud and embarrassing that I had to move a step back to clear my thoughts. ‘Erm, please it’s the soulmate hair cream, I was looking for. I smiled sheepishly.

I heard you mention it and I thought to ask if you actually saw it around. 

‘Don’t mind them joor’ she bemused, they bought something and could not line it up the shelf, stressing their customers out. See en? Just turn to your left; count 1,2,3 shelves and peep under, the box of soulmate is sitting there. Relieved, I thanked her and quickly rushed to pick it up before Mom’s wahala of Deedee got home late starts.

After paying for my groceries, I stepped out and was about jumping on a motor bike when I heard someone scream behind me, ‘Were you able to get it?’ I looked back and it was my pretty shopper friend smiling and waving at me. ‘Yes I did’ Thanks. I was about to get on the motorcycle before I realized that she hadn’t gotten a yellow Taxi to take her home, and realized I hadn’t asked for her name, I went back to her.

Sorry I did not bother to ask for your name, I’m Dee. ‘Sandra’ she said. I live at Ondo Road, Is that where you are headed?

She responded in the affirmative, and since my house was not that far from there, I concluded that I would follow her to strike up more convo. I ended up following Sandra to her home with my loads of groceries and that how our friendship started.

Sandra happened to be a Pre-degree student of FUTA, who was about to write her second semester exams. She came home for treatment after falling sick due to exam fever. Funny! From getting to know ourselves, and since I planned to read all over for JAMB, we would go to the state library since she said she did not want to go to school due to the ’boys’ harassing her. She preferred somewhere neutral.

That was how we became close, did everything together, ate from the same plate, solved past questions. Sandra was particularly impressed that I started to read through her handouts for my exams which helped me work on my almost failed mathematical abilities.

While we  headed home one night, I popped the question

Sandra, how will you feel if both of us were closer than this.

A cynical smile flickered across her face as she asked

‘What do you mean Deedee?’

I like the fact that you are smart, caring and very upbeat, and I wouldn’t mind taking this to the next level with you. Since I am picking FUTA as my first choice then, it would be a perfect tonic for our friendship, we will just continue from here and then see how it goes.

In my usual charismatic self, I said.

She sighed and smacked my head, saying

‘I thought you were never going to ask me out’.

How old are you, she asked me, 18 I replied (I obviously looked and sound older than my age anyway). She just lit up and say, oya..I’ll be your girlfriend, but don’t let anyone know yet.

Let’s make it a secret affair. Secret of no secret. Failed Jamb or pass UME. I  got myself a new girlfriend after Desola, my old school crush.

Our relationship was a whirlwind romance. We only go to the library to read and study, nothing more except for books and books. The first time I entered into a school that would now be my University, FUTA. Sandra invited me, I met her friends and we had fun. The first time I was welcomed into the world of passionate romance.

As passionate and deep our romance was, my relationship with Sandra ended as soon as it started. Sandra wanted me to sleep with her in her menses! As if that was not enough, she wanted me to keep sneaking out my father’s house late at night to join her at night parties in FUTA! Come on! Who does that? Not only that, Sandra taught me a lot of dangerous things that even till now when I relay the story to my girlfriends, they would scream ‘Dee”. You were Child abuse oh! I loved Sandra, at least. That was the feeling then, but she had to leave, I was too young for her old gimmicks!

Lady 3– Titi ( My Yoruba Babe – MEE 102)

I passed my second attempt at JAMB, or should I say I got lucky? No I passed, and I wriggled though the first semester of my first year at the University. It wasn’t easy, carrying the Mechanical Engineering Board, to run from Akindeko Hostel down to the 5000 capacity auditorium, Tuesday evenings. I was mad and tired of the run down when there was no bus and trekked back to the hostel late in the evening.

That particular evening, we had to draw some equipment beyond the normal hour we were supposed to. The lecturer had to leave us in the hall to conclude the class work and submit to Class Governor. You dare not take it home as an assignment. Na serious soup you dey!

I was among the last persons left in the hall at 6:30. Guvvie waited patiently. Oh lawd! I sweated continuously as I struggled with that mechanical drawing. I said ‘God damn it’ in my anger at not getting the right angle of elevation. I did not know my soft whimper was loud enough for another person to re-echo the word.

‘God damn it’!

Shocked, I looked at the direction that voice came from and our eyes met and locked. The look of frustration on my face matching hers.

I bursted out in a dry laughter and asked if she was done. “Done ke”, and I’m still here!!…..She replied!

I sighed and continued to draw, I eventually I got my angle and I was almost done, and screamed, Thank God, only for me to get a nudge on my shoulder, ‘please how did you get that angle, I’ve been on it for like 45 minutes.

I took out time to submit my work to Guvviie, and took her board from her, gladly assisted her get that angle.

Funny enough, some stuff I battled with, for hours was easy to conclude on her board! Done and submitted, it was time to continue my long trek to Akindeko!

Guess who joined me on my trek down to my hostel! My new friend…Titi!

Apparently, Titi was a 200 level undergraduate who had a carry over in Mech 102!…….So my journey to having a new girlfriend commenced!

To be continued next week!

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