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I had called sick from home that morning due to the fact that I feigned an imaginary malaria just for me to go hang with my friends at the Elebu Area in Ibadan. Jide just recently bought the Sony PS3 game and needed me to be his player on the bet he intended to hold with his very rich friends. I recently started service year in Ibadan back then.

A quick recap: I used to be the champion in Bodkem Hostel back in my days at FUTA. I’m sure all my FUTA friends that I played the PS with can still relate with how I pound them mercilessly when I handle the Joystick. Tunde wanted to bet on me, as the champion that I was and guess what the stake was on. 50 grand! And 20 percent was my cut if I could cart home the money! WoW! 20 percent for nothing, all I needed to do was just play and win, infact my money was not even part of the whole Bet money. He was using my skills for their ‘outside betting’

After I called OgaFisayo; my Oga then, I proceeded to Elebu in the Oluyole Area. Jide’s continuous calls to my phone almost got me irritated! I screamed into the phone as I picked his call.

‘Dee, where you now’? Boys don full ground oh! Na you we dey wait, no dull oh abeg!

I responded in my almost pissed state;

‘Guy Calm down nah, I don almost reach, I dey  on top Bike’

Jide responded;

Wagbayi Baba, Do quick abeg! We dey wait!

There was a bottle of Kasapreko around the corner and the 1.5 litre Coca-cola bottle to mix. The boys had already downed one because I saw an empty bottle in the corner of the 2 bed room apartment. My eyes quickly darted around the room, and I did a quick count of the numbers.

6 boys and 1 babe! My eyes quickly settled on the girl, as she chatted off her BB, and giggled uncontrollably. I said Hi to everyone, shook their hands and then her hand too. Such succulent hands and such beautiful face.

‘Oga, settle in sharp, na you we been dey wait for’

I flogged them all, and the extra motivation was the babe by the corner who was cheered me on like she had known me for a long time. I learned she wasn’t going out with any of my friends, like she was a friend of the family. Hehe! I liked her already. After I collected my 20 percent reward, I proceeded to meet Bae in the corner. We exchanged numbers and I promised to call her and probably hang out sometime.

After one week of call exchange and loads of gist on the phone. I told her I liked her already and that we should go on a date! Ask me for the location for the date?

My brother’s bachelor pad!

Who said I couldn’t host a babe in my bro’s bachelor pad. We had everything to host a lady on a first date. Or should I say I was dumb? I invited her over and while we were in the process of the ‘toasting’ and all that. She already nodded her head and told me she liked me already. I moved close to her to hold her hands, told her how deep the connection I felt and how I wanted her to be my girlfriend. She placed her fingers on my lips and told me not to spell it out! She knew what I wanted and she liked me already.

Let’s give it a trial! Dee

No sooner had she mentioned that, than my brother Seun walked in!

‘Hian, Bros..It’s not yet close time at work now? What happen?

See, Oga! I just took the day off! He replied

I welcomed him, and was about to introduce my new found boo when he exclaimed in his bedroom voice. ‘Lookey, who do we have here!’ He extended his hands,

Hi my name is  Funmi, I’m Dee’s brother! Proud owner of this pad.

He threw a quick look in my direction for some reaction. I was indifferent though, since I did not know what went through his mind! I thought all he did was flirt. Alas, I was in for a shocker!
Hellurr,  my beau replied! Nice to meet you!

Oh is that nothing last forever by Sidney Sheldon you are reading? I have read the book like 5 times. Interesting read Funmi said and chuckled. This is my seventh time actually! She replied.

Good Lord! I was now a cast aside, My brother had not even dropped his laptop bag before he moved close to bae!
You know what? I actually have a library in one of the rooms here and I have about 30 Sidney’s books in there. You might want to take a peek.

That moment I knew something was brewing. Why did it not occur to me to show Bukky around. I was engrossed in what I wanted than what she would have liked! My brother led her into the library, and the rest is history! My brother leveraged Sidney Sheldon to ‘snatch’ my girl from me. My beautiful ‘Bukky’

He finished me off with Sidney Sheldon and drew my girlfriend away from me. Till today, we still laugh over the incident and he makes fun of me. Telling me I was still a learner then!

Or wait guys? Was it my fault.? Can’t my brother just advise me based on his experience? Should he have rocked my babe?

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  • Reply
    September 7, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    Lol… Your fault ke? She was looking for the highest bidder!… You obviously had nothing to excite her. Go ask yoruba demons. Lol

    • Reply
      September 7, 2016 at 9:58 pm

      But she said yes to me!…Yaaaa Mean Swizy!

    • Reply
      September 7, 2016 at 11:31 pm

      If she liked you like she claimed, why would she be swept away in seconds. That your brother sef…ehn?

  • Reply
    September 9, 2016 at 8:21 am

    Wait!!! Do you mean he’s ur blood bro? Well, shes gonna leave him also. Sori ehn

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