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I was at the Food fair and exhibition held at Victory Park, 206 Road, Festac Town on the 27th November and I had a lot of fun!

As usual, my growing lists of partnerships with lots of brands continued as I was part of the media partners for the fair, so I figured it would be important to only go there but also have Elektra perform some photo wonders.


Speaking with the Head of the Fair Team, I learned that the fair was brought about to display the numerous culinary activities that abound in Festac and its environs and as expected, it was an impressive turnout!

img_5683 img_5680 img_5687 img_5695

There was also free Smile Wifi to use, but I really did not enjoy the use because it was a tad slow and I needed to do some online Insta-stories and Facebook live blogging.

It later came on well late in the evening though, but then I had already sorted myself out passing across information on my timelines.

I had loads of food and chop chop to gobble down by the way. I know you guys are waiting to hear that part!

You say DeeDee is a Foodie, aye?

Maybe in my next life I would come as a Food Blogger or something, or what do you guys think?


I met some beautiful faces though, met some happy foodie Festac guys who turned out to have fun amidst all the chops and food! I was particularly enticed by the Bokotos in a vendor’s pot though.

I moved closer to have some taste, but then I realized it was not a free chop! I just stayed on my own! LOL…and took some pictures with Elektra.

img_5718 img_5720 img_5724

If DeeDee no chop, make Elektra sef chop nah! LMAO!

Oh, Lest I forget, there was a Dance and Bread Eating competition. The bread eating competition was between a ‘Lepa’ girl and an ‘Orobo’. Odds were on the ‘Orobo’ to win but guess who won? Well, your guess is actually true. LOL!

img_5813 img_5810 img_5807 img_5806

Enough of the talks abeg! I know you can’t wait to see more pictures!

Have fun with what Elektra saw:

img_5803 img_5785 img_5754 img_5751 img_5741 img_5734 img_5730 img_5721 img_5714 img_5704 img_5700 img_5698 img_5695

What do you think of these pictures? Got any feedback or comments for Dee? Please do not hesitate to drop it below.

Help me to get better with my pictures and content generally!

I am waiting on your comments and feedback!


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