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Fastest Online Psychology Degrees

Fastest online psychology degrees

Fastest online psychology degrees: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has recorded the projected job growth for substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors to be 23% from 2016 to 2026. This has to come to play probably because of the increase in the number of people that abuse substances. This will surely call for a necessity for rehabilitation programs for drug offenders in the criminal justice system. Another factor could be that since the public is now aware of mental health issues and as social stigma reduce; more jobs are now available for those that are qualified.

In this article, you shall learn the various psychology programs that are available online, how to acquire them, their requirements and much other useful information needed to be at the safer side while applying for the program of your choice.

Note: this online psychology degree programs will prepare you to apply for higher courses in the master’s degree level.

Let talk about the various types of degrees we have in psychology and how to achieve them as follows:

Fastest Online Psychology Degrees: Associate Degree in Psychology

If you want to acquire an associate degree in psychology, you must first understand that it is an undergraduate program, and it usually takes two years to complete. The program is normally offered at community colleges, and as a student, you will be transferred to a state university for the continuation of the bachelor’s degree. One thing you should have in mind now is that, to be sincere with you; there are no much job opportunities available at the associate level. However, most of the entry-level psychology careers or professions require that you own a bachelor’s degree as a minimum certificate to begin the journey of counseling or psychology-related careers. Therefore, if you earn this certificate, it not wastes at all. An associate degree is a first step to earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It will give you a solid background in the knowledge of psychology to be deciding to go more advanced in your studies.

Despite the scarcity of job opportunity at an associate degree level, one possible option pertaining to job seeking is to become a psychiatric technician in a state mental health hospital. Depending on the province, you may still be exposed to certain job opportunities such as working as a rehabilitation worker provided that you have at least 32 credit hours studying social sciences.

Fastest Online Psychology Degrees: Bachelors Degree in Psychology

This is also an undergraduate level program in psychology. This takes a period of four years to complete. Some universities will give you the option to select between a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.). The common difference between the two options above is that B.A requires more of liberal arts general education courses while B.S requires more of science education courses.  If you are a graduate of a psychology course, there are numerous job opportunities for you. apart from being a good career to choose, it also serves as a solid basis for a student that is planning to study graduate courses, especially with the intention to become a professional counselor or therapist in the nearest future.

Research has made it clear that you will likely work in a field closely related to your degree if you study psychology related course in school.  You may be hired as a case manager, psychiatric technician, career counselors, and specialist in rehabilitation cases. You may also be employed for some jobs such as advertising, sales, marketing, teaching and childcare due to your high communication skill.

Fastest Online Psychology Degrees: Masters Degree in Psychology

A master’s degree in psychology is a Masters-level degree that will usually take you between two and three years beyond the bachelor’s degree to complete. You can equally choose between a Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) in psychology just like the option given during the bachelor’s degree.

Jobs at the master’s level are far more available compared to those at the bachelor’s degree level, this is the reason why it is one of the most popular degree options a student is advised to apply for.  some master’s programs may offer you a terminal degree, also known as end-level degree which prepares you  for the fieldwork, licensure, and practice, or sometimes may  focus on preparing you for doctoral-degree program for more advanced exposure to the field of psychology.

If you are a master’s degree holder, can find jobs in a lot of career opportunities such as mental health services, government agencies, private agencies, and business fields. It does not end there, as there are some other jobs opportunities for teaching at colleges and universities, though highly competitive and most of the time limited. There also some job titles that you can secure as a master’s degree holder and they include social services manager, drug and alcohol specialist, behavioral counselor, child protection worker, and human resources manager.

Fastest Online Psychology Degrees: Ph.D. in Psychology

As a Ph.D. in psychology or doctor of philosophy in psychology, you will spend five to seven years of graduate study to finish this course. This is because it is a degree that takes long hours of research-oriented step to accomplish however, does involve theoretical and applied training methods. You can select from different areas of specialty at the doctoral level. Normally, your choice is based on your desired career after you graduate. Sometimes, you may be interested in working in psychotherapy centers or may decide to start your own private practice; but warrant that you should earn a Ph.D. either in clinical or counseling psychology, write and pass a licensure exam before practice.

You may be the type that loves teaching, so, if you are interested in working in teaching, research, or an applied area, and then it is advisable that you should earn a Ph.D. in social, developmental courses, industrial-organizational courses, or experimental psychology courses.

Fastest Online Psychology Degrees: Doctor of Psychology

The doctor of psychology is an alternative to the traditional Ph.D. Psy.D. programs and it focuses more on the professional practice level of psychology. If you acquired a Psy.D. in clinical or counseling psychology and then successfully pass the required licensing exams; you will be qualified to diagnose and treat mental disorders, conduct psychological tests, and provide psychotherapy for both individual and group of people.

This degree course will take you approximately four to seven years to finish. However, During this time, you will receive extensive training in topics such as diagnosing mental illness, performing psychological assessments, and also in conducting clinical interferences.

As a Psy.D. student, you are required to complete a supervised practicum under several hours say 600 hours and internship in a clinical setting under the supervision of an experienced professional in the field. Your practicum period usually involves working part-time under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, while the internship is a full-time position that lasts at least one year.

After the fieldwork and internship, you can then apply for the licensing exam. If you pass, your state of residence will provide you licensure to practice.

The salary of a Psychologist in Brief

Let us talk about the salary of a psychologist. Although, the average salary of a psychologist will be based on the field and state of practice; we are going to look into these conditions together.


If you are a psychiatrist, it means you are a medical doctor that is specially trained for the treatment of mental and emotional issues or disorders. Don’t’ confuse a psychiatrist with a psychologist,  A psychiatrist doctor possess a medical degree and the ability to prescribe medications for the treatment of mental illness or an individual or a group of his or clients. If you observe very well will realize that it is similar to a medical physician, you will be allowed to perform diagnostic testing and physical examinations before and during treatment. You are not only taught to prescribe medication but also trained to observe the problems of your clients through psychotherapy techniques and then find solutions for them which will help them improve their lives style.

It should be generally known that there is no other field in psychology that pays as psychiatry profession. It has been similarly confirmed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) that from May 2012, the average yearly salary for psychiatrists is $177, 520, and this can be compared to the average wage of $85.35 per hour.

Psychiatrists that are employed in residential care facilities earn significantly more than the average, at $212,490 annually. Those employed by outpatient care centers also make even higher salaries, averaging $198,290.

The high salary may be tempting, but never should you be blinded by that because to become a psychiatrist, you will need an intensive dedication. If normally you have interest in becoming a psychiatric doctor, as soon as you receive your undergraduate degree in psychology or related science, you will be required to enroll for an accredited medical school to acquire an M.D. or D.O. degree. Besides that, you will be required to complete a four-year residency course and a minimum of three to four years of practice in the field.

Before you will be allowed to practice as psychiatrists, you must have passed an examination to gain board certification from the ‘American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology’.  Although this road to becoming a psychiatrist is a long and difficult one, you must have a deep passion for psychology and a desire to help individuals and groups with mental illnesses.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Industrial-organizational psychologists are known to work in business positions through which they can apply their expertise for the improvement of the working place. If you are an industrial-organizational psychologist, your chief duty is concerned with studying workplace behaviors as a clue to strategize how to boost productivity and efficiency among the workers. Apart from being an intuitionist for an organization, you will also involve in the training of the employee, business administration, marketing strategies, and human resources as may be assigned to you.

Sometimes, you may be the type that loves research and are more interested with statistics or business, then you can get some numbers of universities that offer a bachelor’s degree in industrial organizational psychology for entry-level for human resources positions. However, if you can apply more effort and further your education to earn a master’s degree or doctorate degree in a field of psychology, your salary will be increased per annum.

The average annual salary for industrial-organizational psychologists is $98,800, or the average wages per hour is $47.50; this is stated by BLS.

Engineering Psychologist

An engineering psychologist is more involved in the improvement of technology, machinery, and workplace environments in order to standardize human behavior. This field can be compared to the field of ergonomics, as he or she specializes in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of humans, and then adjusting systems accordingly. Engineering psychologists are one of the most important professionals in the realm of reality since they are involved in saving lives by minimizing risks for fatal errors or injuries by ensuring that safer products are produced by manufacturers.

If your career is on this field, you can begin to work in entry-level positions with your master’s degree; however, if you wish to expand your employment opportunity, you can go for doctorate degree that makes provisions for a higher salary.

It is recorded by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society that the beginner salaries for engineering psychologists are between $48,000 and $75,367.  The salaries also should be understood that they vary greatly based on the area of your employment and the number of years of your experience in the field. University staffs earn $75,150, but those in government agencies make up to $107,314. The doctoral level employment is the highest paid as they earn $179,160 per annum.

Clinical Psychologist

You will be trained and then specialized in the serious evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental and emotional disorders in people, whether individuals or group. Normally, you will be trained to with individual or in group settings with patients to provide therapeutic strategies as a treatment for the problem faced by your client. One forgets this is one of the most popular professions in psychology where job opportunity is meaty and you can find a job in the hospitals, inpatient or outpatient care centers, private practices, schools, and mental health clinics.  Depending on your state, you may be required earn a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, and then complete a supervised residency, and pass a licensing examination before you will be allowed to carry out your job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that clinical psychologists earn an average annual salary of $72, 220; this signifies that the average wages per hour are $34.72. if you are employed by the state government you will be earning  $76,390, as an outpatient care centers worker, you earn less at $67,650. If you based your practice on private practice, there is no doubt you earn an average of $80,760 per annum.

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