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The Sad Love Series: Episode 1 | You Broke Me

You broke me

Hey Guys, I am starting a collection on the blog, themed Sad Love Series. It is going to run 10 episodes on Fridays, I hope you love this one! If you also have stories to share with me on the Blog, do not hesitate to share. Let us all build a community of fiction, non-fiction writers, alright? Enjoy!


Oh, that day at the Mall In Surulere, I would never forget, the day I went to see that terrible movie to take away my heartache, the day I met YOU!

I walked out of the cinema hall berating myself on how the movie hasn’t helped me clear my heart and thoughts, and then I bumped into YOU.

Staring into your Samsung S6 phone and typing away, the phone almost fell off your hands but my reflexes were up and about as I quickly grabbed the fragile phone before it dropped on the floor.

Your black hair, deep brown eyes were hard and unassuming, but nevertheless it had this spark that left me staring deeply, curiosity entrenched, inquisitiveness triggered!

I remembered that day like yesterday, you were neither smiled nor frowned, I wanted to talk to you, I was rooted to the spot.

Can I have my phone now?

Your question statement broke me out of my thoughts and I quickly handed your phone over to you.

So sorry, I muttered, and then you smiled, and swept me off my feet.

So heavenly those small pout of your lips, the beautiful dimple that made your face light up and your amazing gap teeth sent shivers down my spine!

This is it! This is her, I said in my mind!

I asked you if you were here to see that box office movie trending for the past days and you responded in the affirmative. Then I quickly told you not to bother, it wasn’t interesting as I just got out of the cinema.

You said ‘Wow’ and thanked me for informing you on time.

We talked for a while and I discovered we shared a lot in common, and that was how we started!

Remember the day I asked you out? At Hard Rock Café in Oniru? The tears in your eyes when you told me, you never expected it as you thought we would just be friends, the joy of being loved, the happiness of having someone feel you after a long time out?

It was heavenly, and I thought we were headed for the right place in LOVE!

You made me better, made me whole, you made me feel needed and excited in love. I told you about my past, the girls, and you accepted me for who I am. You told me who I was does not matter but who I am now is important to you!

You welcomed me into your world and accepted me totally. I was whole with you. Each morning I wake up to the new day with hopes and thoughts that you are there when the whole world isn’t.

Our love was just about you and me! Yes US alone, no one else.

You made me alive again, I began to smile more, trust more, laugh more. I remembered that night when I woke up from my dream with you in bed by my side. It was a terrible dream of death that I relayed everything to you.

You held my hands and told me everything would be fine and that you’ve got me as much as I’ve got you. Oh that feeling of contentment, pure joy, and satisfaction, that sense of belonging! I was so grateful!

And then it happened!

You started by not picking my calls, you failed in sending those “have a great day text”, those love messages we made a ritual to send to each other everyday were gone.

Then you stopped visiting, you were missing dates and appointments and I asked you what’s wrong but you never gave me any reasonable explanations. You only told me to understand you that you’ve got some gig going on. Foolishly, I believed you, believed in our love, and made excuses for you.

You will come back, I said.

Believed that the love between us was so strong and that it will conquer all challenges it was facing at that time! I remember those promises, that you will always be here no matter, and those promises kept me alive, made me ‘woke’, kept my belief of a true and perfect love with YOU!

You BROKE me!

I remembered that night you promised to come over to my place and I waited. Only for me to head out to Adelabu in Surulere to buy Sharwama for you since that was what you loved to eat on Friday nights, just by the club beside the Sharwama place, you walked out smiling, giggling with some guy you told me you once dated. His hands around your waist nibbling away at your ears.

The Sharwama dropped and I screamed your name.

You turned and saw me. I expected shock and anxiety, but what I saw was a smirk and mocked up face!

You introduced your ex to me and apologized for leading me on all these months, you only ‘used’ me to get over the pain he caused you! Now that he is back, there is no need hanging on to me anymore.


I felt dazed, sad and shattered. I was like a piece of trash, I felt so terrible and BROKEN! You used me Adeola! You freaking used ME!

Like a ghost I walked back home, till today I walk around like a ghost! The smell of your body in my bed lingers in my memory. You told me you would never LEAVE!


I was so close and attached to you, I told you all my fears and troubles. Did you leave me because you felt I was not strong emotionally? Or telling you everything was my greatest undoing?

You promised to STAY, but you did THIS to me, Adeola!

It’s been 7 months now, I can smile a bit but the smile comes with deep and heavy rumbles in my tummy. I thought you would come back to me, to explain that it was all a prank, but your pictures with’him’ all over social media says otherwise. Oh that pain, that numbness, that hurt.

Very different from the hurt and pain I was used to. You messed me up Adeola, made me devastated, broke me!

I thought I would be over you by 6 months, so my friends hooked me up with some girl and we went to the beach together, but your thoughts on my mind completely ruined my evening, that I broke into tears and cried like a baby. New girl asked me what was wrong but I just walked away from her to find solitude by the Atlantic.

I am trying to be Okay now, faking the happiness, trying to smile within the sadness, hanging out with friends and family, and drinking alchohol, to push away the memories of you.

I know I will be fine someday in someway, the day I dunno. But I have moved on from you, I know I will find my happiness again! The day I don’t know!


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    So sad

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