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Shocking Attempted Rape Stories: How We Survived!

attempted rape stories

Please follow these stories and read how three ladies survived attempted rape experiences. It was not an easy feat, but then, just read:

Story 1:

I have been a victim of attempted rape, I was beaten black and blue, but I was ready to die that day than to give in to my abuser (death before dishonour).

I wanted to take the matter up officially but I was ashamed to do that, because I left work that morning to meet my abuser, not knowing what was in the cooler waiting for me, the stigma was something I know I won’t stand, so I had to let the matter die down, while my abuser walked a free man.

Bottom line is ladies don’t follow men you don’t know well, and if you know you are not ready for the outcome avoid men, avoid freebies, follow your instinct and don’t compromise your principle for anything not worth it.

Story 2:

This attempted rape incident of mine was a careless act that happened in 2006; 200 level after second semester exam.

I met a guy and it was during Xmas period just wanted to hang out in the evening, and this guy was just trying to influence me with alcohol but I was okay with a bottle. A lot of activities were happening in that arena, having my fun and forgot that they shut my hostel gate by 10pm.

It dawned on me that I was going to be stranded that night, so joined him to his place.

This guy disturbed me all night I used all delay tactics it wasn’t working (from no condom, to I was menstruating and so on)thank God he was drunk which made him weak.

In the early hours of the morning, around 3 am the next day, guy has gotten strength and was then ready for the main fight, till date I don’t know where my strength came from.

I destroyed his properties, used a wire on him, guy slapped me I lost balance, and fell and then stuck me to the ground. I still did know how I was able to get TV glass that I broke earlier and used it on him.

Neighbors came around, when I started banging at the door, while 1 came with police men. That was my saving grace that morning. I left with swollen face and the guy had to lie to the Police men that I was a prostitute, saying he had already paid for the my time and I was staring at him that day.

I denied all he said that and thankfully I had my school ID card on me and was dressed appropriately. He was made to give me money to treat my swollen face. That was an unforgettable experience for me and I learned my life lessons.

Till date I can’t stay out late night with any guy I can’t have sexual relationship with me. I thank God for the strength I discovered in me at that time.

Story 3:

It wasn’t a funny experience, in my own case I begged and begged till my abuser got infuriated the more I beg and he hit me a lot of times.

It was only once that I hit him and it took him by surprise that I did. I was afraid/ ashamed of creating scene in the place.

Do you know after everything the two of us walked out of the scene together as if nothing happened and I still couldn’t shout outside, still avoiding attention. Over inquisitiveness brought me that situation, because firstly he was a stranger, secondly I agreed to accompanied so that we could ” talk”, thirdly over confidence made me think I could handle the outcome by accepting on not sitting at the reception but accompanying him to his room and ego too played his path in the whole situation.

The interesting part of this whole scenario was that I did not follow him because of money nor desperation as against what people would have thought, but I thought I was acting polite for not turning down his request. Most of my colleagues blamed me for not accepting to be RAPED, according to them it was just a matter of minutes then he will be done, than the injury I sustained.

Can you imagine?

Do you have rape experiences you thought to share? Or you have survived rape incidences. Please feel free to drop your rape story in the comments below or better still reach out to Adetola on +2348067484109 to share!

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    Oga Bob
    January 6, 2018 at 9:07 am

    Hmmm! Seems it’s all about women alone, right? But I know men are also raped or sexually abused. Yes, we have our stories. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t want to hear about ours (men). What a selfish world!

    • Reply
      Detola Deedee
      January 6, 2018 at 9:23 am

      Dear Oga Bob

      We have a story of men being raped, and we will share soon.

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