I have always imagined a lot of different scenarios in my head about love finding me or me finding love.

I am a deep fantasy thinker that conjures a lot of unimaginable things.

I have imagined different scenarios on love finding me, strangest places and doing the weirdest things.

I have heard some love stories of how couples met. Unexpected and unimaginable places, unimaginable places, yet they found love just right there.

I’m a believer and I believe love will find us wherever we find ourselves. Love can even find you in your sleep! Don’t mind the ‘mystic’ blogger! LOL

On a serious note, it is a different thing to find love and finding the right love. It is not just for you to pass the moment but for you to get a life time spouse, who will be there for you through sunshine and rain.

It is about getting it right, that’s why it requires quite a lot of patience, thoughtfulness and hard work.

I know finding love could be easy right? At least when the right one finds you or you find the right one, but you still need to work to get it all right.

In the complete sense, you have got to be real with yourself, stop being conscious of the fact you are looking for your other half. Your realness will attract the right person to you.

Just do your thing, love yourself first, find something tangible to do about your purpose of finding love, you just don’t know while you are going about developing  and loving yourself, love might just find you just right there.

I believe love could be easier to find in some places than others. I have heard a lot of amazing stories about people finding love in the places and situations I listed below and I advise that you try it out:

1. Neighbourhood:

You can find love in your neighbourhood. I don’t know why some people cross out street love, I think street love is one of the most amazing romance.

You get to see each other at will, sneak up at night, know her/him better, know her/his family and friends better.

You can easily get to know someone, before falling in love, since would be easier to do your ‘feasibility’ study.

Try to consider that guy or babe you’ve been eyeing across the street or in your neighbourhood.

2. Through your friends:

I’m sure your real friends know you enough to know your kind of person. Therefore, I’m sure you can meet your true love through your friends.

I remember when my best friend met his fiancée through me. I knew his personality and just allowed for a meeting between him and my girlfriend.

There was instant chemistry and they clicked. They will be getting married pretty soon. Brother ask that friend about that sister, she might be the one for you!

3. Church/mosque:

Where else would you love to meet someone of like minds than your place of worship?

I think places of worship have recorded large number of couple meeting each other. You should try it out, get close to that brother or sister you have been eyeing.

You appear indifferent right? or you are just there, forming son or daughter of Deacon/ Pastor when you know you should try out that guy/ babe you’ve been interested in! Get your church coat on and just mingle.

4. Work place:

You have high chances of finding someone of same value as you in your work place.

You get to see them every day, know their likes/dislikes, attitude and all other important aspects of their lives through their mental and physical attitude to work.

Don’t rule out your work place as a place to find love, you might be surprised that what you are looking for in a faraway place might just be is right there in your reach.

What about uncommon places? You would be surprised love happens in unexpected places. Most unlikely places you wouldn’t expect to find love, but of which it is a likely hood.

1. NightClub:

There is this mentality that is still eating into our sub-consciousness that meeting someone in a nightclub is bad.

People club for a lot of reasons; to unwind, socialize, meet up, hang out with people, and a lot more. A lot of people usually think finding love is uncommon in clubs, but believe me, it is so usual than unusual now that people meet at clubs, fall in love and get married!

Gone are the days, where ‘finding love on the dance floor is impossible’

2. In the Public Bus:

Yippee! This is a fun way to meet your spouse. I have seen a couple who meet on public buses and are now married. Don’t be shy to check out that babe in the bus. She might be friendly or hysterical. You never can tell unless you try. It may be the best thing to happen to you!

3. Hospital:

Even as weird as this is, you can meet your dream man/woman in the hospital, no matter what you are there for. I know you are sick, but you have got to talk to that special doctor. Yea!

5. Online dating:

Surprisingly a lot of couples met online. And that’s pretty amazing, you can try that. Infact I dont know where to classify this now. Should it be Uncommon places or just the best and natural places as it is.

I’d leave you readers to be the jugde of that!


Where did you find love? Where did love find you? Where are you looking at to find love? Share with us. Let us enjoy this read!

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