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5 Signs Your Crush Will Never Work Out

Signs Your Crush Will Never Work Out

You probably know what a crush is and how you can recognize when you have it on someone. It is an unusual feeling that makes your heart beat faster and gives you butterflies in your stomach. This burning desire to be with someone who you find very special can quickly fill you with euphoria and tons of positive energy.

Unfortunately, the feeling is not always mutual. In this situation, the real challenge lies in recognizing that the other person is not interested in you. If you do not know how to do that, you came to the right place.

In this article, we list five common signs your crush will never work out. Learning about these red flags will help you next time you fall for someone. Here is what you should keep an eye on!

They Barely Know You

When you stumble upon your crush, and they cannot even remember your name, chances are they forgot that you exist. After your desperate tries to grab their attention did not work, you probably better do the same and forget about them.

An excellent example of this problem is having a crush on a celebrity. With a slim likelihood of meeting your favorite singer or actor, you do not have great chances to create with them a long-term relationship. In most cases, your affection for someone famous will not come to a successful conclusion.

When you notice that your crush is unaware of your existence, try to get over it. For example, many people who have fallen for a celebrity use sex robots resembling people they love to cope with their situation. If you think that buying sex toys or a sex doll is also a good solution in your case, click here.

They Are Not Available

There are many ways in which your crush can be unavailable. They might date someone else, not have the same sexual orientation as you, or not wish to start another relationship after a recent breakup. Other reasons may include emotional detachment or a long distance between them and you.

When your advances constantly get ignored, and your flirty banter does not seem to work, it can be the result of your crush’s unavailability. Remember that getting rejected does not always mean that you did something wrong. Sometimes, other factors come into play.

As soon as you notice that your love interest is unavailable, it is time to move on with your life. After all, creating a healthy relationship requires a strong connection between the partners and involvement from both parties.

They Ignore You

Usually, we are all guilty of ignoring others. We typically use this technique when we want to send a clear message that we do not wish to have anything to do with the person who is bothering us.

When your advances result in getting the silent treatment from the other side, you should let it go. Please, do not fool yourself by thinking that the other person is busy and will reply to your message as soon as possible. Sometimes, not getting any answer is the most informative answer you can get.

They Keep Their Plans for Themselves

Creating plans for the future and talking about them with our friends and family is something that we often do. It is only natural to share our vacation or weekend plans with our relatives and other important people in our lives.

If you want to spend some time with your crush on a weekend but cannot get them to share their schedule with you, it is a serious red flag. Moreover, when your questions are met with a quick change of subject or hesitant answers, it is almost a guarantee that you are not a welcome guest in their life.

Please do yourself a favor, and do not invest your time planning the future with someone who never includes you in their own plans.

They Avoid Physical Contact

Getting physically close to the other person is usually a signal that you feel comfortable in their company and are interested in them romantically. It can be showcased even by the smallest gestures like touching your crush’s hand or hitting their foot under the table.

When you want to get closer to your romantic interest and find yourself rejected, it is a clear sign that they are not interested in you. If your crush avoids physical contact with you, you are better off finding a new love interest.

The Bottom Line

Finding a perfect match for yourself may not be easy. However, now you should have an easier time finding out who shares your feelings. Correctly assuming what other people feel is a first step on the long road to a successful relationship.

Take note if others avoid getting in contact with you and keep their plans to themselves. These signs suggest they do not regard you as a romantic interest and want to keep their relations with you as they are.

Moreover, when your crush ignores your messages and is unachievable, you should forget about your visions of creating a strong relationship with them.

Make sure to stay on the lookout for red flags, do not stop searching for your perfect match, and you are bound to find the love of your life sooner or later. Good luck!

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