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What Made You Break Up With Your Ex: Nigerians Give Interesting Answers

Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry. Check out the responses made by Nigerians on Facebook to the question above.


Glory Nwodu Jealousy and 1 minute everything don burst in Wizkid’s voice… Too lazy in the oza room.

Bel LA Nigga doesn’t like morning sex 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Tanto Adebayo Olusanya She will just be demanding money like a kidnapper. She will say give me 500k I will say I have 100k she will say make it 250k I will say 120k she will say 230k last I will 150k last she will close am up to 200k….. Are we negotiating ransom aunty?

Joseph Dhale Our relationship tenure is due, 😉😂

Kevin Mikael Because I love her too much, too much of everything is a sin….😴😴😴

Chidel Peace Nigga left me nd married oyibo but that doesn’t make him my enemy

Blessing Omini He kisses like mumu, wakanda man kisses a woman’s neck for hours? U wantu bite my flesh out? Are u a vampire?

Uyaeme Godfrey Chinemerem She was the one that broke up with me oh…her reasons being that I was too nice…😔😔😔

Maria Cruz Cheta He was always giving me money and I became scared that he might be a yahoo boy so I broke up with him 🙄

Certified Ire Haryor It was distance relationship, I got no phone,,but I remember calling him with a friend phone,and I told him who’s on the line,, could you believe Bros was asking me, Hannah from where please,, eww, I said AK, he was like, Hannah? Hannah? Oh Hannah is it really you??

Me: mogbe🙆, he’s even trying to remember who Hannah is!!!mehnnn, that was how I zero my mind about him.

Sufficient Grace He was a confused lil fellow.. not knowing what he wants, jumping from Ada to Chioma from Chioma to Amadioha…

Johnson Scott DC she found someone she claims to love since I was absent and couldn’t wait for me…. love, don’t really know how to classify love after a lot of heartbreaks.

Anthony Godson Never ending disrespect and consistent nagging (violent sometimes).

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