Finding Mr.Right Part 3


If I had met Ola in the club or at some hangout with a few of my Jasi friends, I wouldn’t feel bad at all. I met him at a vigil one night, but who am I kidding, everyone and anyone can go to church. Initially, Ola was amazing, caring, thoughtful, and his sense of humour could make your day start on the right note. To top it, for two months Ola didn’t ask me for sex and our flow was almost like we had sex every day.

In the third month, Ola came back from one of his Abuja trips and as usual, we hung out at his exquisite apartment catching up all day on what we missed while munching on chocolates and unwrapping gifts, he was such a gentleman; so I thought…

For this particular reunion, something different happened, our kiss lasted longer, Ola wouldn’t stop at fondling my boobs, he went farther and I went with him every step of the way.

By 12am, we realized we had just had 3 rounds of sex without a condom. This was my first, I always use a condom considering my past experience with Yoruba demons, but this was Ola, my supposed Mr Right!.

I lay in bed with thoughts racing through my mind, “what If I get pregnant or worse? Does he even love me enough to marry me? Why didn’t I ask him to use a condom? Then I felt Ola’s lips on my forehead after which he asked me to sit up so he could show me something. He pulled out his draw, picked up a pack and handed it over to me with bottled water from the fridge. The pack had the name POSTPILL, I was confused, I didn’t want anything that will ruin my system, my best bet would be salt and water, at least it worked for me in the past and my Jasi friends swear by it. Ola saw the confusion on my face and took time to explain that POSTPILL was an emergency contraceptive that will help me prevent pregnancy.

The rest was history, we enjoyed each other’s company more and had sex whenever Ola was in town. But I wanted more, I had stopped being careful, I was comfortable with him and wanted to spend more time with him, in and outside the bedroom. But after 4 months, my worst fears started seeing the light; Ola’s trips took longer and yes I went by his house to check on him, but the used to be warm Aboki always says, Oga no dey.

When he was around, a kiss, hug or smile was a difficult activity to have with him and eventually, his number never rang again…

To be continued…
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