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Finding your perfect match. As humans that we are who have blood and water running in us, it gets to a certain point in our lives that we begin to crave the presence of someone of the opposite sex; someone who we can’t live without, someone that we would love to spend the rest of our lives with.

Believe me, it may not be an easy venture, judging by the happenings in our environment which makes it difficult to find true and perfect love that will sweep us off our feet and on to Mars, Saturn or Venus, but it is possible.

On finding our perfect match, first, we have to understand that no one is perfect; but we can define what perfection means to us as individuals. That way, it would be easier to know when you have arrived at the destination called perfect that we embarked on.

As we are different, so are our needs and desires. Here is a list of things to do to position you strategically to finding your perfect match.

1. Know Yourself: Study yourself well enough so you’d know “who you are”, and “why you are”, then it would be easier for someone to know you. Study yourself so you’d know what makes you happy and sad, what you like and dislike

2. Where you are headed: This is simply about finding your purpose, “Why are you on earth”, “How do you hope to pursue that purpose”, “who do I need on your team as you seek to pursue and fulfill your purpose.

3. Develop yourself: While you are seeking a perfect match, I’m pretty confident that the person on the other side of the divide will be seeking a perfect match too, so get better, learn, read books and keep acquiring skills that will be useful for the relationship, when you eventually find the match..

4. Be ready to make sacrifices : Relationships are filled with occurrences that will test your ability to sacrifice. Once you are in a relationship, it’s no longer about you alone, kill the selfish mindset of ‘me’ , ‘myself’ and ‘I’.
Be ready to change your vocabulary from ‘I’ to ‘we’.

There are a lot of other areas that you will have to pay the price of sacrifice so as to reap the fruit of bliss in your relationship.

6. Be friendly: One that needs a relationship must first be friendly, because the most important part of every relationship is the friendship. Have friends, be true to yourself and your friends; and from your circle of friends choose a partner.

The search for a perfect match is the crowning effort of all of man’s hustle.

Who you have by your side is important, because it is either that help you chase and fulfil your purpose or they frustrate you out of your life plans and purpose.

Maureen Alikor, popularly known as ‘Tigress’ on her social media handles is one lady, who loves the concept of love. She is a firm believer and an advocate for better relationships and marital bliss. You can check her blog out at here¬†where she writes her tiger tales and talks about relationships.

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