When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend? – You and this lady have been together for a while or you met recently but you are confused on the perfect timing for making your intention known to her. You are not too sure if it’s too early or if its gonna be too late and then you shudder at the thought of popping the right words at the wrong time.

Doing something right at the wrong time would not achieve the desired result and so is the act of wooing a lady you desire for a girlfriend.

So the question comes; When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend?

There is actually no perfect time to ask a girl to be your girlfriend but you have to create that perfect moment to indicate your interest in her. We would in this piece give you guides on the perfect time to woo that lady you hold dear

When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend? – Do not confuse kindness for attraction

First, you have to be sure of one thing.

Do not confuse kindness with attraction. Just because a lady smiles at or talks to you, does not mean she wants to take your friendship to the next level, so don’t get your hopes up without good reason.

Start easy, especially in one of your play moods, just pop it up and Ask her out and if she replies, “Yes!” without hesitation. Good, plan on asking her out if the date goes well. Confidence is s*sxy, and even if she says, “No,” at least you’ll know you made an attempt.

So you have to really take your time to study her and know when to catch her attention.

It requires you being sure she really likes you romantically and see if what you see as her kindness is a green light or not.

When you are sure that the feeling is mutual. A man is like a snipper, if you haven’t locked in on your target, don’t take the shot. And when you shoot and miss the target, don’t be in a rush to shoot a rebound. Give space and wait for your prey to get in a favorable position for a clear shot again. Otherwise, you will be shooting blanks

When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend? – Be Sure She Feels Your Presence

You have been together as friends for a while now. You gist and talk together, night calls, chats and all but there should be an impression ingrained in her, it means you have to create a lasting impression on her mind. Just like making her like your presence, enjoy you being around her during the predating period.

Let her look to learn from you, engage her in meaningful conversations and show interest in her plans and interests. You can try to find out topics that interest her and you make it the focal point of your discussions. For example, if she is the type that loves fashion and style, you can begin to bring topics on new braids in town, I know that sounds less masculine but you can show your flexible information ability by talking about latest fashion trends et am. If she is the type that loves soul music, make it your temporal interest. The essence of all these is to create a kind of atmosphere where she would enjoy spending time with you…making every moment count.

Take your time to study her and conversations and topics that excites her, then talk more on them. Also, you need to let your own interests and talks align with her. It won’t be difficult for her to begin to like you and make your intending “woo” easier if you create an impression on her mind and make her feel your presence.

When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend? – Create familiarity

She has people in her life before you, those who are dear to her, her family, friends, and acquaintances. There are people she can’t trade for anything, identify these categories of people in her life and try to know them and get familiar with them.

For a lady you haven’t started dating though, it might not be advisable to start **famzing** her families and relatives since you aren’t yet an item but she would have that close friend she holds dear.

She might also have a sibling she is closest to among others. Try to be at least friendly formal to these people. But do not overact it to look as if you are impressing them. Make it look natural and without intention. Once in a while, when you take her out on a date, ask for that special friend of her and ask for her to join you both…develop mild interest in her (the friend) affairs to, talk to her and also create an impression on her. The essence of these all is stand out amongst her suitors in the eyes of people close to her.

When you finally her ask to be your girlfriend, these are the people she might likely ask for their advice and if their opinions about you are positive, there is a great chance her own response would be positive.

Before you ask a girl to be your girlfriend , make sure at least someone around her likes you.

Signs to look out for before you finally ask her to be your girlfriend?

After your actions and deeds may have prepared the way for you to finally summon the courage to tell her your mind, there are tell signs to look forward to be at least in contention for a positive response. You should be observant enough to notice these signs

(a) She responds to your messages and calls well

Look out for her enthusiasm in picking your calls and replying your messages. How does she sound on the phone when you call her, disinterested in the conversation or showing so much zeal in what you wanna tell her or what you are saying?

If she replies to your calls promptly and excitedly, it is a good sign and a green light to start with. Look out for that eagerness on her part to wanna reply your calls and chats. When you chat her online, (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media chat handles), if she is responsive to your messages and do not reply with one phrase answers, this may be the right time.

(b) In conversations, she is actively involved in you

When you are engaging in a discussion, and she is baring her minds and talking, chatting excitedly with you. It is not just her receiving questions from you and answering them but engaging you and bringing other talks to the conversation.

Look out if she is really involved in what you say and she replies you informally when you ask her questions. Does she bring out new topics herself?

Does she initiate convos with you? If YES to the above, they may be telltale signs she is into you.

Watch out for signs of interest like how she relates with your talks and her body and eye movements when you are both on a discussion.

(c) She doesn’t mind going out with you and likes being around you

When she responds to most of your date invites and goes out with you often. For example, every single week you invite her for a date and she always obliges, these are signs she is into you and maybe a time to be sure it is the right signal that your woo would get a positive response from her.

If most of her time, she spends them with you, and enjoys your company, now is the right time to put forward your feelings to her.

(d) She smiles and chuckles, look into your eyes when both of you talk together

Knowing if a lady likes you and is into you would give you more confidence in wooing her. It gives you that advantage and leverage to be composed about the whole process.

Watching out for her disposition to you in chatters and laughs is a good clue to knowing if she really likes you. So for every dry joke, every chuckle, and smile of hers after it is pointing to something; She is enjoying your talks and there is a great chance she is in tune with moments around you. Also, when she looks into your eyes when you are talking or when she is conversing, it is likely to be a sign she is really into you and that may be a very good template to know it is the right time to tell her your mind.

(e) She tries to look good when seeing you

When she is always trying to be on her best attire and all that when you are around, making sure she rocks the best outfit et al, these are signs she sees you in a respectable light and she is trying to impress you physically. It shows she is attracted to you already and wants you to be attracted in a like manner. This is a very positive indication of green light and the time to ask her out.

When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend? – Take her on a date and pop the word

There is always some perfect moment during a date. Take advantage when the moment comes.

While having a date, don’t forget the right moment. Don’t try to be too funny and forget about impressing her. Ladies are attracted to men who are confident and can blow them off their feet with sweet words and big helplessly in love expression on their faces. so don’t struggle too hard in an attempt to “wow” a lady, you might probably just make her think you are trying too hard and not telling the truth. Take a few deep breaths, think to yourself, confidently look into her eyes, and say what is in your mind.

Act nervous like you are going to collapse if she says “No”. Put up a face of sympathy a little. She would not want to let you down. Remember that popping the word does not have to be on a first date, it may even be when you take her out on a second date or on a third.

When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend? Finally

There is actually no perfect time to ask a girl to be your girlfriend but you can make use of the moment and know the signs you look out for before you make the move. But be sure you are ready for the fallouts of the wooing process so as not to be taken aback.

Also, be very sure she is not going through traumas and unfavourable situations at that time. Her state of mind is very important to be able to take in your words and for your honest intentions to be conveyed to her.

It, therefore, means your own state of mind and her own state of mind must be positive to align with the intending union.

Best of luck!

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