Five Female Green Lights You’re not Paying Attention to on Facebook – Most women don’t take responsibility for their joy and pain so it is not surprising they hardly want to take for their pleasure or even curiosity. So don’t be surprised if in your lifetime, not even a single girl slides into your DM or walks up to you as a guy to ask you out. But if they really want you, trust them to be giving you hints aka green lights until you pick up or they become distracted. These are some of the clues they may drop ranging from subtle to obvious

1. Adding on Messenger when You’re not even on their Friend List

This is classic clandestine move of the discreet. It is the standard for the babes that don’t fancy drama or that have probably been checking you out for a while. Sadly, you might not get any further hint once the messenger request is sent. Women are over calculative. None will ever go and click your name, then add you on Messenger just for fun. She wants to initiate an intimacy that is away from the prying eyes of your virtual friends.

2. Constant  reaction on your Uploaded Pictures

Some not too smart guys like to delude themselves that it is preposterous to read meanings to mere Facebook reactions. But women keep using it to pass clue. Go and check your last five pictures. Profile pictures. If she uses the  reaction four out of the last five times, she’s showing you a remote green. The way to confirm and encourage her to show a clearer green is to communicate your awareness to her. Go under her comment on preferably a mutual friend’s post and reply. You don’t need to make sense. In fact, her comment doesn’t need to make sense. She will add hue to the green light once you follow up on the initial clue.

3. Inbox Waving

The difference between Inbox Waving and being added on Messenger is that the girl doing the former is probably already on your friends’ list. But basically, what they both seek is communication. That someone comes to your inbox to wave without going ahead with the chat does not mean she has nothing reasonable to say. She just might not know how best to proceed. I once encouraged such person only for her to confide in me when we got closer that it took her days before she summoned the courage to “wave” me inbox😆.

4. Calling You Pet names

This one is used by professional flirts. They do it serially with others in order to confuse you. You say to yourself, ‘but I’m not the only one she calls boo or tells I heart you’. Mumu. She’s a sporadic shooter not a sniper. That’s the faintest green you’d ever see. You think it is everyone she uses these pet names for?

5. Viewing and Replying Status

If she’s always reacting on your status, you know what’s up bro. Don’t dull it. If you don’t believe me, do not acknowledge her reaction five times in a roll and see if she won’t discontinue. She’s not laughing cos your shit is funny, she’s not loving cos they are lovable etc, she’s shopping for communication.

It is not all of you that will witness women coming inbox to tell you straight up they want to smash you. You’re not La, hence this small guide.

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