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How to Show Your Spouse You Miss Him

How to Show Your Spouse You Miss Him

How to Show Your Spouse You Miss Him: Guess what is the biggest and most popular mistake that couples make during the separation or being in a long distance relationship? They keep mum.

Surprised? But it’s no wonder, as it’s proven that communication is the key to building and maintaining strong and happy couple relationships. Especially, it’s essential to speak out and show your feelings when you and your spouse are apart.

Letting him know that you miss him is also important because most men have difficulties with verbal expression of their emotions. Thus, your cute and creative efforts to say “miss you, my husband” will surely encourage him sharing his feelings too, make your separation less painful and unbearable, and… it’s also the answer to “how to make my husband miss me during separation” kind of questions.

So, we decided to list nice ways of showing your spouse how much you miss him and spice up your relationship at the same time:

1. Text Him

Probably, the most obvious, simple, but effective way to demonstrate that you miss your husband is just to tell him about that. From trivial “I miss you, honey” during a phone call to sending messages with cute and caring ‘I miss you’ quotes – any way is perfect as long it’s sincere.

Also, to let him know you’re thinking about him and longing to see him, you can send a text. Even a short message saying that you can’t wait to video chat with him tonight will work great. Here are several ideas of thoughtful and uncomplicated miss you texts for husband:

  • I started missing u as soon as we said “Goodbye”.
  • Your arms around me feel at home. Currently, I’m homesick.
  • I wish you were here right now…
  • I’m so jealous of people who can see you every day.
  • I wanna hug you now.
  • You can’t even imagine how much I miss you, ‘cause missing you is much harder than missing me.
  • I miss you all the way to the moon and back.
  • I miss my hands in yours.
  • I couldn’t imagine it’s possible to miss someone this much.
  • Every piece of me misses you.

2. Leave Him a Sweet Little Gift

Asking ‘how to make my husband miss me during separation’? Leave him a personalized reminder of you. If your spouse is leaving for the job, pack it secretly in his suitcase or in the pockets of his clothing, if he stays at home and you go, hide it somewhere in your house. Finding sweet little reminders during separation is like discovering treasures. Consider hiding notes, small mementos of your affection, your perfume, his favorite sweets, or even knit a scarf – everything goes until it’s personalized and meaningful for you two.

3. Reminders

The first way to say ‘miss you, husband’ is to bring up some of your favorite memories when talking on the phone. Also, you can reinforce the effect by means of sending visual reminders like photos or videos of the happiest moments of your life. Besides sharing memories, you can also send the present-day pictures of you and saying that you wish he were there (at the supermarket, in the cinema, whatever) right now, and you feel lonely visiting those placed without him.

4. Happy Reunions

Remember, that it’s not only the time you say ‘Goodbye’ and the time you’re separated are the indicators of your missing’s. The moment you finally meet can show even more, so make your reunions happy and sincere. Avoid negative, make this time as enjoyable as possible, throw him a welcome home party, meet him at the airport with a welcome home banner… In other words, show him that he’s loved and always welcomed here.P.S. Don’t hide your emotions, speak out your feelings, and remember it’s better to do a little bit more for your relationship than not enough.

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    grace muthoni
    December 1, 2018 at 7:35 am

    yea that very true coz it really works especially wen you send a recent photo of a place you visited 2gether

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