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You should understand that there are different kinds of climax than the normal stories we hear everyday about you being a large size and all of the ‘KamaSutra’ type of manly figure to enable your woman have a mind blowing climax. It may even be that your lady may not even enjoy your ‘love’ making and decide to fake orgasm because you are trying too hard. Anyway, this is not dwell on the ‘How’ but the ‘Types’. . I was inspired to look at female orgasms and believe me I came up with five interesting types of female orgasms that I know.

There are different types of climax, however I am sure the five I would mention below are fairly more realistic and reasonable.

1. The ‘Clit’ Orgasm

This is the most common and usually balls down to a result of stimulation across a woman’s clitoris either orally or by the use of fingers. The feelings are intense sexual stimulation which sends ripples through the body to the brain and then coursing down like vibrations in form of shock waves and heavy spasms.

Clitorial orgasm can be less or pretty intense; less deep from one lady to another. Nonetheless, it is extremely pleasurable, and a stimulation of the clit can add more positively to your sex life. They are very fast and sharp because of the vibrations and stimulation which inadvertently cause ripples of fast spasms movement through the body.

A study published in the journal NeuroQuantology described clitorial stimulationas “localized, sharp, bursting, and short-lasting,” I quite agree, or would you not?

2. Vaginal Climax

This is usually slower than the Clit orgasm due to the fact that it usually builds up unlike from the Pelvic area. It takes quite longer to achieve because it really has to do with penetration. Continuous and rhythmical thrusting are the sure way to nick this type of organism in time. A guy must have the strength and capacity to keep going and build up the feeling in the woman.

It has been shown from research that this type of orgasm takes between 20-25 minutes to achieve. So as the guy, it is important that you understand your woman and look for ways to reduce the time span and get her to reach crescendo. Varginal orgasm are more lasting than the clitorial orgasm, and there is the possibility of a woman experiencing vaginal orgasms to ‘come’ again and again!

3.Surprise Party

There are some ladies with chemical reactions that would not even allow them to climax, whether through the clit or by deep thrusting. I tell you a lot of ladies have issues climaxing! However out of nowhere sometimes, the frictions align and then you find yourself hitting ‘Ohhhh!’by virtue of the fact that he is hitting the right place at the right time, in the right spot! Hello Love, you were not expecting that but all of a sudden you found yourself clinging to him and then GBAM! You have arrived and hitting cloud 9.

It is usually more sensual because you were not expecting it. Usually as high and as long lasting as the Vaginal Climax, expect a surprise anytime soon if you have never experienced orgasm in your active sexual life.

4. The Oga let’s get it over with Climax

Sex can be very fun if checked out by two mature individuals; individuals who have talked about it and what they really intend to achieve at the end of the engagement not by some some two naive individuals who feel sex should just be thrusting in and out.

Sometimes it is important that after discussing with your partner about the essence to reach that level of highness, you seem to realize that he is working too hard and just not hitting the spot and making you feel all crumpled up. You may just decide to put him out of his misery, hit the throttle yourself and get to the end of the race. You therefore fake it to make him feel good. Although this type of orgasm can feel good sometimes, however it is not as organic as one which you feel by the nerves and fibre of your body contracting so naturally and blowing up like that ‘December year end Banger’.

Apologies to the guys, when you see you woman just moaning when you have not even started the act itself.Just put yourself out of the misery or try to fashion something else out or you go with the flow. It’s better to try a bit harder and if you feel she is faking it, then it is either you opt out or go with the flow. Gorrit?

The Skin Orgasm

This is the one I and some ladies feel most times which usually comes when my body is being massaged sensually. Some of us have very sensitive skin that when touched with a mix of sensual oil sends all wetness down the G area and then we see ourselves coming spams and all form of tingles and tickles. Mind you these are not just ordinary spasms, they are orgasms. You don’t agree with me?

Here is another, there are certain tunes of music you listen to, maybe Classical, or certain slow songs with frequent switching of the chords and crescendo that you just feel the ‘goose bumps’ or ‘chills’, and then there is sudden vibration off your body down to the G spot coursing through your brain that you feel a deep sense of sexual satisfaction!

My Dear, this is orgasm. Some school define it as ‘Frisson’ by the way which is known to “a musically induced effect associated with a pleasant tingling feeling,” Not all orgasms are sexually induced. Got me?

So there it is, the 5 different types of orgasms I know that a woman can have. You can contribute by dropping other types of climax and orgasm that you know and I hope we all take this information to enable us have the best romantic life.

Yours in Love


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