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Forgive Me Messages: Sincere I Forgive You Messages

i forgive you messages

There is no time where we don’t make mistakes in relationships and beg for forgiveness, as the one who was wronged, you may need to send I forgive you messages to your lover, to show that truly he/ she has been forgiven.

Sending I forgive you messages may usually come at a time when you may not want to receive the calls of the one who erred you, but rather send the forgiveness messages and clear your mind. When people wrong and apologize to us, we need to show forgiveness and send the I forgive you messages to the one who has done bad.

For a lot of us we trust too much and this is our major bone of contention, really! Hence the reason why it may be a little difficult to forgive. All you need to understand today is, if your love is pure and true, then it will be easy for you to forgive.

Sincere I forgive you messages

1. I am thinking about what transpired and I have realized that we are all human and are prone to loads of mistakes. I know I should be very angry right now, but I realize the earlier I forgive you, the better for me. I forgive you my love.

2. I have truly missed you, in all honesty. I know you wronged me and have begged enough. It would simply make no sense if I continue to wallow in abject misery darling. I forgive you.

3. I was carried away by what friends said, I should have just forgiven you right away. I guess I am not man enough to handle my relationship on my own. I forgive you darling from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much.

4. You know I love you I am very sure. My feeling for you is intense and now that you have wronged me, I feel so terrible and bad. But what choice do I have than to forgive you for all your wrongs. Even God forgives, how much more we humans. We should forgive as well! I forgive you darling.

5. What you did was terrible and sarcastic. But since you regret all your behaviour and have apologized, then I forgive you really.

6. You should not have jumped into conclusions when you did. You should have waited and heard me out, but then you had to behave the way you did and now you have apologized. It’s fine darling, I forgive you for all you have done.

7. You are very important to me. I am sure you know that, and it will be difficult for me to continue with you this way. I know you feel so terrible and bad for all you have done. I just want you to know that you are forgiven from the depths of my heart. I love you so much.

8. Why will you just allow jealousy carry you away? Why will you decide to create a scene that just does not make any sense in front of family and friends. You deserve every pound of what I have meted out to you. But then just because I love you, I have no choice than to forgive you. You remain special to me and I have truly forgiven you. I love you darling!

9. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I will have been the gladdest on earth; coz I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

10. If you can find somewhere in your heart to say I forgive you, I will be glad forever. You are my angel, so I can never live without you.

Forgive me Messages and SMS for girlfriend

11. For the rest of my life, I wish can stay with you forever. Please don’t let this issue to separate us. We have true love for each other, so no condition should depart us.

12. How much I have wanted to be yours and you finally gave me your heart. I wonder why I am still the same person who hurts you. I love you, please forgive.

13. When it rains it stops, when it is wet, it dies; when it is the day there is darkness and when it is dark it lights. Please forgive me and I will never hurt you again.

14. I swear by the Lord of the east and the west. I swear by the Creator of the moon and the sun, I will always be there for you. So forgive me, so that we will hold hands together some other days.

14. If I can tell you how I feel in my heart. If I can tell you how lonely I am now. You will be so sad for me; coz I am finished without in my life, so forgive me.

16. The heaven and earth are worshipping the Lord, the night and day forgive each other; so please just overlook everything that went by, and let us be once again sweet lovers.

17. In the valley of love, only your eyes I see. In the night and day, I dream of you and wish you could just be right here before me. Please forgive me and will be alright with you.

18. Loving you has been the joy in my life; thinking about you comes like the wave of the sea, if I can let you tear my heart, you will see the blood of passion boiling for you, so you need to forgive me.

19. There is no girl like you in my life, and as such have found the treasure of my heart it worth that I rejoice forever. You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with—please forgive me.

20. When the sun rises, it sets. When the moon appears, it vanishes, when the water boils, it cools. Please forgive me my love.

21. I never knew you will be so hurt like a tiger tears, I never knew you will be so sad like a mother cries when she lost her child. If you can find somewhere in your heart, please forgive.

22. I love you like never before, cherish you more than you think and always want to be with you forever. Don’t let this fight make us fright each other. Please forgive me.

23. If you leave, then how do I live? You are my heart and that’s why I am always happy to wear my hat. If you insist not to forgive me, how then will I live in this world?

24. I know it hurts, but it does not mean that you will hate me forever. Anytime I think of the day I hurt you, it only causes pains in my heart. Please forgive me.

Sincere Forgive me messages and SMS

25. The crying stars know how much I have missed the sound of the affection we share when we were together. The raining tears dropping from my eyes can testify how sorry I am.

26. Whenever the trees of passion cry, know that a flower is really missing you. He cannot grow without your love watering its roots. Forgive and forget my angel.

27. You are but a limb of Caesar, the leaves of your branches are stained with love and your root is firm on the floor like a rock of ages. If I live without you, I will have a miserable death. Forgive me.

28. Since the day you departed from me, the happy faces of the beautiful flowers are no longer there for me to see. Only your forgiveness can make the stone speak again.

29. The star among the branches shines around my face and the other fruits mourn because a seed is dropping away from the mother fruit. If you can’t forgive me, then I will be sad forever.

30. On your face, there used to be a garden of love but now, it seems everything has faded away. And this gives me much concern because a land will not grow a single seed without you in my life.

31. Before now, the whisper of the see could be heard a hundred miles away even in the presence of the loudest storm. However, since the ink poured on the white garment, we are now separated like the North and

Forgive me messages from the heart

32. The splatter of the passion that flows between you and me cannot let me rest until I find your mercy once again. Baby, there used to be a castle of love in your eyes, where has it gone?

33. I water, water everywhere just to see if the fire will be extinguished, instead, it grows aggressively in pain. I water; water everywhere but the condition remains the same. Please forgive me.

34. Love is like a red, a red rose flower that smiles at you whenever you look at it. You are like a blue light when it is no longer safe it turns black. If I have offended you in any way please forgive me.

35. I thought this life will be a pot of gold without you but was wrong. I never knew that the life of the key to my heart is right in your smile. How sad I am that I hurt you this much. I’m sorry.

36. The flowers are dead, and the doves are no longer singing, this is because the mother bird is hurt from the innermost part of her heart. if you can please forgive this gentleman, he would have been the gladdest.

37. Even though I leap like the brave tiger, it will not change anything because you were really offended. Let there be a rain of pleasure, it will not erase what has passed by. Please forgive and forget.

38. If I offended you, you will still need to call a spade a spade. If we can’t forgive each other, there will be nothing called true love. I am sorry.

39. She used to smile like a dancing rose but now, she is as thick as the bark of a mahogany. I am really sorry please overlook what has transpired between us.

40. The cloud of my love cannot be overshadowed for any reason. It accumulates passion, sympathy, and love to rain on you alone. Been in a separate mood cannot solve a problem.

41. How do I cope when the friend of my eyes is no longer interested in seeing me? If I rather die, I think the valley of love will not smile again. Please forgive my errors.

42. I know very well that I really have offended you but if you can even for once forgive me, I will turn a new leaf and never will I repeat such that hurts you again.

43. In your eyes are pearls that comfort the soul. But it seems this day I see red flames rather the light I used to see. Now, I realize how much you are hurt. I am sorry.

44. The thunder shook my heart and then sends a signal that someone special is hurt by me. I lifted my head and saw a beautiful flower crying in pain. It really hurts me too for I could not bear to see you cry.

45. Your presence is like a ray of sunshine in a dark room, but now your absence is like the hook of the porcupine piecing like a sharp knife. Please, forgive my wrongs.

46. I spread my tears in the sun to dry away my sorrow, but no matter how I try, the pain remains the same. If I can see your face once again, I think everything will be fine forever.

47. When the trees smile, it is a sign that the sun shines as it should, but when you hear the cry of a rose flower, it means two lovers are fighting. Only your forgiveness can bring me back to my senses.

48. Caring common careful lady, you move slowly like a walking star. You smile gently like a dropping honey. If my life is spent without you, then it means nothing.

49. I may cry like a baby, it does not really matter because my goal is to tie the bond that exists between us with another rope of passion that will not die again.

50. In your smile comes out a sensation. It smells nice and then spread fragrance on my body, soul, and spirit. Your beauty smiles at me because I am the luckiest guy in your world.

51. Spread the shade of your love on me once again; let me enjoy the taste of your smile for another time. Hold my hands and play with them like a baby boy.

52. The sunshine smiled at me because I was hoping to see the delight in your eyes, but then I saw something strange that gives me the signal that you are really hurt. Please forgive my sins.

53. Even the hands that typed this message shed tears when they realized that I was losing you already. If you can rescue my heart from drowning in tears, it will have been the best decision.

54. There is a castle in your eyes, light and soft like a diamond treasure. There is a mirror in your smile, cute and beautiful but there is something in your anger—pain and regret for me. I am sorry.

55. I saw a star holding my smile a mile away because I hurt an angel. I tried to beg but all fell on the deaf ear. If my whistle is heard, I will be glad forever.

56. Even when my tears leap like a tiger into the fight to bring us back again, it seems your lion never backs off to see us happily living ever after.

57. I met a lady called happiness but today I regret turning her into sadness. I have suffered the other phase of her mood but then I hope to see light in her eyes once again.

58. The spying tree makes a whisper that calms the storm, but the voice of the hurricane has injured the empathy too bad that it finds it difficult to forgive me. I am really sorry.

59. My tears are begging you; my pains are crying hoping that you may hear the sound of the death that walks slowly like a hunter tiger towards me. I am sorry.

60. Even my heart cannot sleep because I hurt you. The night cannot rest because an angel suffered pain from me. The morning cannot shine because a princess is angry at me.

61. When warning winds blow like a balloon in the air, they only find a way to rescue a dying soul. Your anger has really death with me, it is your mercy that I need right away.

62. Is it when my bones can no longer talk or my eyes can no longer walk that you will forgive me? Whatever it is that offended you about me please let it go.

63. My eyes cannot take it anymore, my breath no longer functions because I need to fight the shock of losing you to another flower in the garden of joy. Please forgive me.

64. The piecing pain in my heart can be heard under the loudest thunder. The shackles of regret that heat my mind will not let me forgive myself. I am sorry.

65. When my tears dropped on my lap, they burned like fire. This is a signal of the pain I feel in me having realized that you were hurt.

66. When I saw you, a star smiled at me, and then told me never to worry because there is always hope that two lovers have to forgive each other.

67. In my heart, a pain paints part of my heart silently. It kills like never before. You can still make me happy once again only if you wish.

68. Jovial and joyful, we joked together the last time we met but sadly and suddenly we find ourselves getting farther from each other. Please forgive me.

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