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Sample Love Letters For Him in Jail

Sample love letters for him in jail

Sample love letters for him in jail: When a person is in jail, it means he is not happy at all. There is no reason whether innocent or guilty, that will make him or her happy. Remember, a jail is a place where people are kept when they have been arrested and being punished for a crime. Sometimes, as predicament may bring it, you may find a loved one in the prison who was jail either for a crime intentionally or unintentionally committed. Just like the matter of love, sometimes it is crazy, despite you know the crime of your husband or a fiancé, and you may still like to show him some love and concern. If you fall into that category, here are some messages for you to send to them. They are written in form of letters.

Sample love letters for him in jail 1

Since the day you were jail, it baffles me that no one has been allowed to see you; I only see you in my imagination. This is the reason why I am writing this letter to you. I have been so miserable since the day you left. My heart is so sad because there is no one like you to make me happy again. I miss the love songs you sing for me, I miss the poems you write for me and the whole time we used to spend together. You are my happiness and I will never deny this fact. You took me to the land of love while we were together. Indeed, I am not lucky to have met you so shortly in life. How do I wish this did not happen? How I wish you didn’t commit the crime. I must confess that I love many things about you. Your handsome face, your generosity and good heart you used to have. I love you beyond the sky until you committed this crime. I know, it was out of control, but still, serve your jail time, I will never betray you until you are out once again, we shall continue our love story to the end. I love you my heartbeat.

Sample love letters for him in jail 2

If no one believes in you, I do. This is why it has become very important that I reach out to you through this letter. I know life is not easy there, so, there is no need to ask how you are. Keep being strong and matter of short time, everything will be fine again. Since the day you left, I have been so tired of life, only faith keeps me moving. If you understand how much you mean to me, you would have thought twice before committing the crime. Have we not being together in peace? Did I not promise that I will stay with you until your time reaches to shine? You have taken the joy I used to have away all of a sudden. Anyway, I am still with you every day and night praying for you to come out in good health. I am assuring you that you are still my best choice and will not marry any other man save you. Thank God your jail time shall elapse next month; I will welcome you with the best of hugs and kisses. You are still my fiancé; thank God dad and mom understood the reason for your jail and have decided to allow us together.

Sample love letters for him in jail 3

Don’t lose hope in life just because you are now in jail, who knows tomorrow when you are out, everything will be fine again? I have read and heard about many people who were condemned in the prison and then when finally released became one of the most celebrated people in the world. Nelson Mandela was a man of integrity that was jailed and rejected but when he was released, became a world’s symbol of leadership and credibility. You can do better than him. Don’t lose hope in life, soon or late, your success will be pronounced by those enemies who jailed you. I am still in love with you, still waiting for you to join me in peace and harmony. In sorrow, this letter is written, in tears my hand move around this paper. Loving you still remains part of my important priorities in life. I love you. I wish you a safe return.

Sample love letters for him in jail 4

If life looks odd and ugly to you, always remember that there is a master above your head. Call on Him, to bring comfort to your heart. Never give up your hope at any time, no matter what you go through in jail, take heart with faith. There is nothing that is permanent in life. You have been sentenced to life in prison, but to me, it is not the end of time. We all have the destiny written for us, that’s the one you chose, if you don’t die, you will live. The most important thing is to have in heaven and that God is pleased with you. God knows I am still in love with you. You are suffering from the crime you didn’t commit; you are serving a jail term for another man who is now moving freely in town as though, there is no God to judge him. Now, I am deprived of your kindness, your love, and the merciful face of yours that I love most about you. I am denied a prayer partner. I love you so much my dearest love. You mean everything to me. Please, be careful over there, and hope for the will of God. If there is life, there is hope.

Sample love letters for him in jail 5

The content of my heart is all about reaching out to you as the love of my life. I want to ensure that you understand that there is still hope for you in this world. I have not changed; I’m still the same girl you know. I love you so much and wish that you are here now. I love your way of life because it is one of the reasons why I am always happy. If there is still life, one day, we shall meet to depart no more. Many quarrel me to forget about you but I didn’t blame them because they don’t understand the power of the bond between us. I love you beyond their imagination so therefore, there is no condition that can make me be scared of you. I will always be yours forever. I care about you with all my heart, so even if you are to spend a hundred years in jail, I will be there taking care of your child. Thank God you are almost out.

Sample love letters for him in jail 6

Life goes on, no matter the condition; it will continue to favor some and then against others. So, I want you to understand that life will not favor everybody. You may be in the jail today; tomorrow you may be the one jailing others. Though, I miss your presence, your handsome face, your giggles and some other unique features you possess. I will never stop being the girl you know, if there is still destiny binding us together, surely, it will happen that we become a husband and a wife. I love you so much; this is the reason why tears never stop flowing in my eyes. You are my light, believe me, there is no doubt about it. Trust me; I can wait for any length in life until you finally get your freedom. People may blame or hate me, but my decision has been passed and there is no going back. I will love you with endless passion and the purpose of our relationship shall one day be fulfilled. The enemies that plotted against just to disrupt our love have failed. They will not enjoy me just like they denied you of my love for you. I will never let them go away with the atrocity they cost you. You will always be my number one, my heartbeat and the most beloved man of my life.

Sample love letters for him in jail 7

Things have gone bad since you left; truly, I tried never to let you know but I have no choice again. Dad is gone; mom is nowhere to be found. I am left with your child alone. Thank God I am rich enough to take care of your son but I am not a father enough to father him especially when he grows up to ask of you. Please baby, be strong. Serve your jail with patience and perseverance. Don’t even worry about me or your child. We will always send this kind of letter to you every month to update you that we are still alive. Endure your pains; I know there must be some inmates that will frustrate you even when you are not ready to mingle with them. Be devoted to God more and make sure you don’t stain your hands with an inmate’s blood no matter what. Don’t kill but don’t be killed. Don’t oppress and don’t be oppressed. Don’t cheat and don’t be cheated. I love you. You are the reason why my face glows like the sun.

Sample love letters for him in jail 8

My love for you will never end. It is a special love divinely installed in my heart for you alone. No matter the condition, I will always be yours. I will not forget your songs, your beautiful voice and the ways you make me feel whenever I am with you. In as much as life is there, there will always be your love in my heart. This is because; you are my joy, star, passion and the most adorable angel in my life. The predicament is one thing that no one can control, it will surely happen when it is due. This is the reason why I am using this opportunity to console you that you should take heart. You will get out of this mess God’s willing and you will be celebrated. I know you very well and believe you won’t do the crime but the government is more powerful and has taken its decision. May the Lord take you out of the problem; may He bless you abundantly and welcome you back to a good state of liberation. Your passion for human progress can never be defeated, now in your absence; I have been working towards achieving your dream and vision. Whether dead or alive, you shall see the dream already a reality. Thank you, my sweetheart, for the entire love you showed to me. I will forever love you. Until you are out my sweetheart.

Sample love letters for him in jail 9

The moment I heard that you were arrested and jailed, I collapsed and was in the coma for good three months. I never knew where I was, tears of my family members did not wake me up until I finally revived. I began to think of those moments we shared together, those stream bank we sat catching fingerlings together. I could not also forget those beautiful places we visited. How can pleasure just be cut off this way? I am not ready to lose you now. Please, come back to me. I know you are innocent. I am now a judge; I will reopen your case, and make sure you are out of jail for us to reunite again. I will never engage in any dirty game to remove you, the due process shall be followed suit and the real criminals shall be put to shame. They must serve their punishment and pay for damages. One thing I am happy about is that people now understand that you are innocent, so give thanks to God Almighty for preventing your image from being ridiculed. You are great and needed to be treated so. I love you, my dear love.

Sample love letters for him in jail 10

If I can’t reach out to you, it means there is no true love existing between us. If I can sleep on a day without remembering that you are in the prison, it means there is no sincerity in life again. I am so much in love with you and wish destiny did not write our line of love this way. You have been the only guy that supports me most whenever a shoulder is needed for me to lean my head. I am so much in love with you and pray that your service will be called off anytime soon. I love you more and more every day and wish you understand me. You should have been more lenient handling the challenge; perhaps, it will not lead to this greater problem. Anyway, I am still reassuring you that the special love I have for you is still there on my mind. I will never stop loving you until the end of time. I care for you, for this reason, and fact, I decided to build my heart to always wait for you until you are finally released for us to depart no more. I am sure, you will wipe away my tears with your beautiful hand soon. I love you.

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