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Happy World Environment Day Messages

happy world environment day messages

The best happy world environment day messages: We need to understand that there is life in Nature and nature breeds life. We all need to experience the nature, the love of God by giving us a beautiful environment. We also need to appreciate those that have continually and relentlessly put in processes to ensure the environment is safe.

It is high time we knew that conscious efforts must be put in place to protect the environment and nature. We need to continually work on saving the earth from extinction. We need to put our guards on and protect the environment as I wish you happy world environment day 2017.

Annually, world environment day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, and people drive up their celebration by posting messages, pictures and quotes on social media. From my end I will share happy world environment day messages with you that you may need to send to family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. It is the world environment day, let us be thankful for the gift of nature. Happy world environment day.

Happy world environment day messages

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1 We should to remember that there is the need to continually protect our environment. The world environment day is a day of reminder of a natural obligations to nature. Happy world environment day.

2 Please treat the water kindly, say not to pollution; air, environment and even yourself. Let us celebrate the world environment day together. Happy world environment day.

3 If you make a mess of this earth, our future unborn generation will never forgive us for it. It is time to be grateful for the gift of nature, and the only way to be thankful is to keep the earth safe from pollution. Happy world environment day.

4 Remember to keep the environment safe, keep the world sane and clean. Save the water, save the trees, save the lands, say no to deforestation. Keep the farms green and make the environment clean from dirt and degradation. Happy world environment day people.

5 We pray that all our lands will continue to bear good fruits, we may that our environment remain healthy and clean so that we can thrive and live in good health. Happy world environment day to you from me.

6 We all need to take proper care of our surroundings. Not only ourselves but our environment needs us. Happy world environment day to you.

7 Allow the tranquility that comes with nature affect your life positively. Let your day be peaceful on this world environment day. Happy world environment day.

8 Do not only reflect on your situation and that of your family. Also think of the environment that you live in. When you care for the environment, you increase the life span of yourself and your family. Happy world environment day to you.

9 This year we need to look into environment issues of flood and deforestation, this can be looked into by planting trees and managing solid wastes all around us. I pray we keep our environment safe. Happy world environment day to you.

10 The earth is not for you, the environment is not for me. It is for all of us, and so we need to protect the environment. Happy world environment day.

Happy world environment day SMS

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11 Everyone is desirous of change, but we have forgotten that change with you and me. Let us change our mentality about degrading the environment and we will live better and will be more healthy. Happy world environment day to you.

12 The environment is here for us to protect us and keep us healthy. The environment protects us as long as we protect it. It is our duty to protect nature. Happy world environment day.

13 We should not hurt or spoil our home. We should never degrade where we inhabit. We must love our environment and keep the earth clean. The choice is ours. Happy world environment day.

14 We must defend our environment by defending the resources therein. We must create an enabling law that will safeguard all the gift of nature. We must preserve all our natural resources before it goes into extinction. Happy world environment day.

15 When we protect the world, then we protect ourselves. If we must love ourselves then we need to love the world and all that is in it. Happy world environment day.

Happy world environment day slogans and themes

16 God has given us nature to nourish us every moment of our lives. We therefore have a collective responsibility to protect nature and the mother earth. On the world environmental day, let us re-assess how far we have gone in saving the earth and re-commit ourselves to this cause. Happy world environment day.

17 Let us stop damaging nature. Let us stop polluting the earth. It is time to come together and make a drive for change that is positive. It is time for us to make the earth brighter and healthier for all of us to live in. Happy world environment day.

18 The earth is a home to all of us and we therefore owe it a duty of care. It must tale all our collective efforts to keep the earth green. Today is another world environment day. How happy and contented are we regarding the situation of the earth? Let us keep the earth clean.

19 The world environment day is a day that reminds us once again of our duties to the earth and nature. We should come together once again with a promise to make the earth better, safer, cleaner for all of us to live in and thrive. happy world environment day to all of us.

20 We cannot live or survive without the earth. Imagine living a life without a safe environment, we would all be in serious trouble. No one can achieve success, prosperity, financial independence without a healthy environment. We must learn to prioritize what to keep safe, and the earth comes first in our list. If the earth fails then all of us fails and death is imminent. Happy world environment day to you!

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