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10 Formal Date Night Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

With the world opening back up, formal events and independent date nights are on the horizon again. And what better way to get ready for a fun night out than with a new hairstyle?

We’ve put together a list of our favorite formal date night weave hairstyles that are easy to do yourself.

Starting with freshly cleaned and conditioned hair is key to looking and feeling your best.

Date Night Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

1. Sleek and straight

Whether you have long or short hair, sleek and straight is always a classic chic look. To achieve this style, start by applying some heat protectant serum to your hair.

Then, using a straightener, smooth out your locks until they’re super sleek. If you want extra shine, you can finish off by running a flat brush through your hair coated in hairspray.

This look can even be pulled back into a low poney tail for extra glam. Leave one strand out to cover the elastic and secure with a bobby pin. Lightly spray with a light-hold hairspray.

2. Hollywood waves

Hollywood waves are glamorous and timeless, making them perfect for a formal date night. To achieve this style, start by applying some heat protectant serum to your hair.

Then, using a curling iron, curl your hair in 1-2 inch sections. Once you’ve curled all of your hair, brush through the curls with your fingers to create soft waves.

Finish off by spraying with texture spray and lift up your roots for more volume.

3. Half-up, half-down

This style is also super simple but looks a bit more polished than a messy bun. Just pull the top half of your hair back into a ponytail or clip and leave the bottom half down.

You can curl your hair beforehand for extra volume or texture.

4. High Ponytail

A ponytail is always a good option for a date night hairstyle. Spice things up with a high ponytail. If you want to add some extra style, keep a strand out from the elastic.

Section the strand into three sections and braid. Once the strands are fully braided, secure with a small clear elastic.

Lightly tug the braid to make it appear wider and wrap the braid around your ponytail elastic. Secure the braid with a bobby pin.

5. The Faux Bob

Start with wavy hair.  If your hair is straight, you can curl it with a 1-inch curling iron. Create a deep side part.

Section the bottom of your hair into 3 even sections and create a low, loose braid on the bottom of your hair.

Carefully, tuck the braid under your hair and begin to pin the braid to the bottom of your hairline.

Carefully separate the bottom of your hair outwards towards your shoulders until your hair resembles an elegant bob. Finish with hairspray.

6. Voluminous Ponytail

Start with day-old hair for this one! If you have time, curl your hair with a 1-inch curling iron to create loose waves. If you don’t have time, that’s okay – this style looks great with straight hair, too.

Create a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it.

Use a teasing brush to backcomb the ponytail for added volume. Finish with hairspray.

7. Modern Pin Curls

This style looks complicated, but it’s actually quite simple – and perfect for a formal occasion. You’ll need a little more time to complete this look.

Start with clean hair and section off your hair into a deep side part. Take 1-2 inch sections and carefully roll your hair around your finger into a coil.

Move towards the face with each section of hair. While holding the curl, gently flat iron the coil so that the heat locks the shape in place (3-5 seconds).

Pin coil against the scalp and continue with the rest of your hair. Once all of your hair has cooled and set (about 15 minutes) gently, remove the pins and allow the curls to fall into place.

With a paddle brush, carefully brush out your curls to create soft vintage modern waves.

8. French Twist

Nothing says glam like an elegant French Twist.  This style is perfect for a dressy occasion or even a night out on the town.

While it may look complicated, it’s actually quite simple to do. Start with day-old hair that has been textured with a sea salt spray.

Create a deep side part. Gather all of your hair to one side of the head, just above the ear. Start twisting your hair towards the back of the head, making sure to keep everything tight against the scalp.

Once you reach the crown of the head, start tucking your hair under itself and pinning it in place.

Finish by spraying with a strong hold hair spray. If you’d like for a messier look, pull a few strands out and tweeze the twist for an effortless look.

9. Ballerina Bun

For a sleek and polished look, try a ballerina bun. This hairstyle is perfect for date night, as it keeps your hair out of your face and looks chic and elegant.

To achieve this look, start with day-old hair that has been blown out smooth. Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail.

Secure the ponytail with an elastic band, then wrap the hair around itself to create a bun. Pin in place, then mist with a strong hold hairspray. If you have any flyaways, use a toothbrush to tame them.

10. Rope Braid Updo

First, separate your hair into four even sections. One on each side and two (one on top of the other) in the back.

Start with the topmost back section at the crown of your head. Secure in a ponytail with an elastic. Second, divide it in two and braid each section to create two braids.

Loosen each braid gently by tugging to create two larger braids. Lay the two braids opposite one another across your head and pin.

Braid the underlayer upwards and loop it up towards the other two braids and secure with bobby pins.

Finally, twist each side section across your head and secure it with bobby pins. Tip: leaving two face-framing strands out will look flattering and more effortless.

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