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Lagos Sugar Mummies: What You Should Know

Lagos sugar mummies

It use to be an underground thing, unspoken of and a taboo, for Lagos sugar mummies; for a married woman or an older woman to be frolicking with a younger man, a boy that is. But we are living in a different time from our forefathers. Morals are much more relaxed, and honestly, there’s money to be made. (Can I get a hahaha? Thanks)

Well, there isn’t much, to be honest about in the whole moral thing these days because when you right down to it there are folks ready and rich enough to buy a boy’s honesty right off his hands and heart. As they say in Lagos, “money for hand”, honesty out the window.

Sugar mummy business is now a thing. And young guys are rushing, dropping their applications all over websites advertising for sugar boys. It became a mad dash around the turn of the last recession that saw a lot of youths left in the lurch financially when the meltdown began. Jobs lost, girlfriends lost, self-respect walks in on crutches. (Another hahaha, please?)

But I’d like to say that nothing is as it seems in Lagos. And for those who are looking to join the fray, these are the things you need to know about sugar mummies in Lagos.

Lagos sugar mummies are rich

Lagos sugar mummies

Yes most definitely. Lagos sugar mummies won’t be sugar mummies if they didn’t have the money to walk the talk. They own houses in the posh places all over the city. Sometimes these fine homes were left to them by their wealthy husband’s, or handed down as gifts by equally rich men whom they are probably still into. But like you’d already know, former connections don’t stand in the way of new ones.

So if you are wondering where they get those huge amounts of money they pay out to agents and those cute boys who satisfy them, they got themselves covered pretty much. You won’t believe where some of the work.

But of course, that’s none of our business, is it? Nope.

Lagos sugar mummies are big

Lagos sugar mummies

By big I mean, plus size. Have you seen the pictures? The plus size clothes because there is a lot of bodies to cover? The huge bosoms? Really big butts? We know you got the picture. Just so we don’t get indecent these women are really beautiful and comfortable in their skin, usually single and ready to mingle, but with younger prospects.

If you are into that sort of thing, sugar mummy stuff, and you also like the feel of bulk, then maybe you should try out one of those websites that advertise it.

Lagos sugar mummies can be jealous

Lagos sugar mummies

Isn’t jealousy a woman’s domain? Well, that’s what some people say. If it is more than stereotype and jealousy is a preoccupation of women then you better not mess with a Lagos sugar mommy. When you are with her, you are with her and nobody else. What, they are paying top naira (and sometimes dollars) to keep you in the spot, so it is just as well.

In Lagos, sugar mumming is getting to be something like a mafia. These women demand humility to their status and loyalty to the cause. It is not certain yet what happens if you want out from a contract but we doubt if these cute boys ever want out after tasting the good life that the women provide.

Can you keep a secret?

Lagos sugar mummies

Lagos sugar mummies don’t like blabbermouths. What happens in that hotel, stays in that hotel. There is no kissing and telling. If there be any telling to be done, you better be telling it to her while you rub some oil on her back. Capiche.

It goes with the territory that there would be some secrecy and these women put a big prize on it for real. Let’s say a boy is into one and he happens to have a girlfriend, which is expected, his expected to keep the girls name out of his mouth when he’s with a sugar mummy. And there is no taking of pictures for the Gram or Twitter. That’s for small game boys, Lagos sugar women are in the big leagues.

Lagos sugar mummies like their boys handsome

Lagos sugar mummies

It is a prerequisite. They like fine guys. If you are thinking not hooking up to one, take a quick look in the mirror or better still you’d know if the young girls always come after you. The thing is, even though these women may not get to show you off to the world it is still important to them that their gigolo is handsome.

Now beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. So is handsome. Some are fine facially but have bad looking physiques. A bad body shape puts you at a real disadvantage with these Lagos sugar mommies. But who knows, you just might land one who doesn’t care much about your face. What’s important to her is…

What you’re packing

Lagos sugar mummies

Oh yeah, guys. For some of these women you may be a fine boy, but how’s your plumbing? Are you really big and huge? Are you gully down there where it matters most? Lagos sugar mummies want guys who can rock their boat good.

From our findings, they’d take a big tool over a fine face. A fine face doesn’t make the engine crank, but a manly tool does. For them, that more than makes up for the lack of a fine face. And we heard it is also part of the first set of questions asked in the screening process.

Do you have an international passport?

You don’t? Get one. Who knows, you just might be on your way out of this country. We have it in good information that Lagos sugar mummies sometimes like to go on vacations in exotic destinations. And they love to go with their male escorts. Sometimes they go on business trips too. It’s an opportunity to get connected for a sugar boy.

No underage

Lagos sugar mummies

Lagos sugar mummies don’t roll with underage boys. They like them matured. They are law-abiding like that. There is a law against having sex with someone under the age of 18 in Nigeria. So if you are interested in one, be sure to enter your real age in the applications.

We think the bit about none smoking may not be applicable all the time, it may not be a general rule. However, there is a benefit in clean living – you don’t think having sex with someone who isn’t your wife is hypocritical, that is.

No Strings Attached

Lagos sugar mummies

Lagos sugar mummies are looking for casual fun. You must understand that this is part of the terms and conditions of the relationship. If she doesn’t call you for a week that maybe because she is busy with work, or a spouse if she has one, or with another sugar boy like you. Don’t get jealous, get busy with your own thing.

If you can run this shows with them without catching feelings, better for you. If you are soft in that department maybe this isn’t something you should be thinking about then.

Keep Your Drama to Yourself

These women don’t want to give you a shoulder to cry on. No. They want you to take care of them, pamper them, not talk about how your baby mama is breathing down your neck for child support. Or how your girlfriend is complaining about not having quality time with you anymore. Your problems are off-limits when you are with them. So be a good boy, shut up about your whining girlfriend and rub that back, will you?

Be a Complete Person

Curiously, Lagos sugar mummies like boys who are independent. This is probably because an independent person hardly constitutes unnecessary baggage. It goes well with the other requirements too. Of course, they want to pay a lot of money, and when they feel generous they can connect you with opportunities. Still, they want to see that you aren’t lazy before they met you. If the contract is going to end they don’t want you on their conscience.

So have a hobby or hobbies. Be someone who was enjoying himself to a reasonable degree. If you have a job be good at it. Do you have beards? Oh, keep trimmed and look eatable, you what I mean? Generally, just be your own man. That way you inspire confidence and trust.

Yes, there you have it. Some Lagos sugar mummies have so much money they will intimidate you. But you have to look beyond all of that wealth and focus on your job which is to satisfy them sexually, pamper that big body and take your money.

Keep your head down and don’t kiss and tell. Some boys disengage their girlfriends before entering these contracts. The downside to this life is not knowing when to opt-out and get your own life on track. But if you feel like this is something you want to do in the long term then it means you want to go all the way. It’s a free world, right? Right.

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